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  1. SkerLover95

    DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Need to add Auburn to the poll.
  2. SkerLover95

    WR Jamire Calvin [Washington State - Signed LOI]

    He is very talented, but just go to WAzzu already! Go play for crazy coach and maybe you can make it to a decent bowl game. We are looking for individuals that want to win championships. We are not looking to be mediocre like WAzzu is every year.
  3. SkerLover95

    SIGNED - WR Tyjon Lindsey

    Can you add Ole Miss to list? I see they offered which means they offered Tyjon a ton of money.
  4. SkerLover95

    WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    So long story short, we don't get any the these highly touted recruits. I hope the coaches have some serious back-up plan figured out.
  5. SkerLover95

    WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    Sorry, can't close. Nice typing by me.
  6. SkerLover95

    WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    Keeps looking like we are a great place to visit, but must not be to play for. We get the high recruits here, but we and close. Sound like the football team, can't close the season.
  7. SkerLover95

    CB Darnay Holmes [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Anywhere except tOSU, Michigan, or Texas. Don't think I can root for a kid if he chooses any of these schools.
  8. SkerLover95

    CB Darnay Holmes [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    CB after CB now showing him going to tOSU?!?!?!? You gotta be pooping me!!!
  9. SkerLover95

    DE Robert Porcher IV [Virginia Tech - Signed LOI]

    Its all about the $$$$$ and we don't pay. He just went from a 3/4 star prospect to a 4/5 star just because he decommitted from DONU.
  10. SkerLover95

    WR Isaiah Hodgins [Oregon State - Signed LOI]

    Please add Oregon State to poll please.