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  1. Yes, but will you take him to foggy Londontown because hes your little gentleman?
  2. Is this even a question? If this game is anything other than a blowout by 35+ I will be shocked. The team and coaches have quit and have nothing to play for. But we will hear how this was the best week of practice until the blowout then it will be we didnt give full effort in practice.
  3. Your Sundays will be so much better now.
  4. Next headline: Southlake Texas school purchases Mein Kampf for some light reading for their students.
  5. Husker x has made probably made more people atheist/agnostic than BigRedN has brought to Jesus. Husker x was always polite, made his points in a respectful manner and never made me feel bad for my beliefs. His logic made me start to question things and here I am today.
  6. When did I say I wish death? Never. I said its a choice they make and it they happen to die Im not going to care. Thats not the same thing as wishing death.
  7. People who have had covid are part of the group that would move us closer to herd immunity. Which is the end goal to end this thing.
  8. So easy to out the people that arent vaccinated lol. They cry and complain the most…
  9. You can try and make me feel bad all you want, thats fine. Ive lost my patience for these people months ago and anyone who looks at the data and doesnt think gee maybe I should get vaccinated needs a brain scan to see if its even functioning properly.
  10. Yup. Ive already stated how I feel about the unvaccinated and how they are 100% the reason we are in the mess we are now. Whatever happens to them if they get covid, its a choice they made and they will have to live…or die with. Oh well…
  11. Its pretty sad that people are unvaccinated in general. I feel bad for anyone who is that stupid.
  12. They…can…quit…. That is a choice they can make if they dont want the vaccine. Its okay, I wouldnt want to out myself as an anti-vaxxer in the middle of a pandemic either. It reflects poorly on those who dont understand science.
  13. Yes it is. Like I said, nobody is going to hold them down. They have a choice. Their employer is requiring it. Just like hospitals around the country. I take it youre unvaccinated by how much you are fighting this. What a shame.
  14. That is the equivalent of hospitals around the country requiring the covid vaccine. These people work for the govt. its their employer. They can quit and find new work. Nobody is going to hold them down.
  15. Doesnt have to be govt. schools/work mandating it would be just fine with me. Just like they do now with MMR, varicella, hep B, tdap, polio, etc.
  16. I look forward to that day. It will be a great day in history. Just like when the polio vaccine was made mandatory. And now polio is no longer an issue.
  17. You can take the vaccine OR OR OR be tested weekly. That is not mandatory when yoi have the option to be tested also.
  18. That still doesnt answer my question about the vaccine being mandatory?
  19. Im sorry, I must have missed something, when were vaccines made mandatory? I believe there is another choice someone can choose if they dont want the vaccine. Thats not mandatory.
  20. Youre wrong. The way things are going, by Christmas my guess is 90%+ of US Hospitals will have covid vaccine requirements. Not a day goes by that I dont get hundreds of emails from hospitals that changed their compliance requirements to require covid vaccine.
  21. I manage the compliance unit for a healthcare staffing firm and TX and FL hospitals, as well as every other state in the US, have covid vaccine requirements also. There are very few that dont at this point.
  22. Someone posted something not too long ago that vaccine cards are being forged, so how do we determine the vaccinated people in the ER/ICU from the ones that “claim” they got the vaccine? We cant. We can only go off what pretty much every hospital is telling us, that 90-95% of the people in the ICUs are unvaccinated. So is that other 5-10% people who forged their card and got into the system or are they actually vaccinated people? Either way, the data is overwhelmingly in favor of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. So chamrocks drivel of the vaccine not being effective is as wrong as you can get.
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