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  1. Nebraska doesnt get players like him. It is what it is.
  2. My point is that national writers picked CO yesterday, including Wiltfong. He doesnt usually pick a team and then change the very next day. Which is why my original post said something must have happened last night, maybe a surprise in home by Rhule. Not sure why everyone is thinking Im coming after Coleman by my posts. Just that something definetly happened last night, hence Rhules mysterious tweet that Coleman responded to.
  3. Weird in the fact everyone was thinking CO yesterday and then Neb today. Not anything Coleman did.
  4. This is a really weird recruitment. Seemed like he was all set to commit tk CU last night and then Rhule makes a mystery tweet and Coleman responds to it. Then crystal balls start rolling in for N today. Maybe Rhule made a surprise in home last night and played some ping pong with him. Or a certain QB from AZ let him know his plans and that turned things around. Who knows but hope hes N.
  5. Nope im good buddy. We will see in a few years. Hope im wrong.
  6. Yes, I am. They have an excitement at their university since this hire was made. They already have players flocking to go there. Nobody is flocking to come here. They already had a few 5 stars commit with more transfer portal players, including an Alabama RB that was ranked highly wanting to go to CU. Coach P is also going out and hiring people hes not buddies with. Trying to get an Alabama asst to come be the new DC. They will pass us with ease in the next few years.
  7. South Carlolina fans pretty happy about this. Some saying he didnt call the plays the last two games, that Beamer did. Dont know how accurate that is.
  8. You know the deal, Ratt Mhule it is
  9. If I knew how to post gifs on my phone, Id post the joker saying hi gif.
  10. His interview are the games. And playing Chubba Purdy over Logan Smothers should be disqualifying.
  11. If we get Fickell, Im not going to squeal as loudly as I would with Urban, but its still going to be a pretty decent squeal. Enough to turn heads.
  12. Yeah, but what are his sources telling him?
  13. Wouldnt even waste my time. Ill just change it to Mire Fendenhall and change it again in 3 years.
  14. Hiring Mendenhall would be the equivalent of Nebraska football raising the white flag and surrending to our fate of being a dumpster fire. My opinion of course
  15. If its Urban, I will scream like a little school girl.
  16. Not sure why money is an issue now. They stand to lose a lot more if they dont get this hire right. You think Lance Leipold or Monken will get butts in the seats next year? Fans will stop showing up as we should.
  17. What a joke. Pay the extra $7.5 million to fire Frost and then get outbid by f#&%ing Kentucky and others. This program is a complete joke. Get your phones ready to google the next failure of a coach.
  18. Hiring Lance Leipold, my username would be Lance Leipold. Thats not fun. I dont want him.
  19. Now Im seeing that Rhule flew out of Lincoln today and no announcement lol. I love rumor season. Prob hated the cold and said screw this.
  20. So what time is the announcement being made?
  21. Still waiting on that red wave. Whos the guy who said republicans would hold the senate, house and presidency for the next decade? Hows that working out. Thank you young people! Republicans are done unless they get young people on their side and they wont, which is great for America!
  22. Start lowering your expectations folks. We all know how this will turn out. This is a very quiet search and the last very quiet search we had we ended up with Mike Riley. Im preparing myself for a google search when the next coach is announced because it will be someone we have never heard of. Sorry to be party pooper but Ive lost all faith.
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