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  1. jnkyrdoff6

    Alex Henery - Blackshirt

    Yeah. They've been a real key to our defense.
  2. jnkyrdoff6

    No. 5 Nebraska

    Hey thanks for your input saunders45. Next time I'll post a paragraph and link it since you're intimidated by long articles. I'll see if I can find some pictures to go with it too just to make it easy on you. I can tell you're joking, but I would really enjoy that.
  3. jnkyrdoff6

    Why I am an Agnostic

    This really was a pretty good read. Prior to this, I'd always clicked on the link, seen the length of the article and clicked BckSpce. I'm glad I finally read it though. I've been told Thomas Paine wasn't considered to be a very bright man in his time. I think his writing style reflects that of American culture more so than a lot of other 17-1800 American writers I've read. Maybe he was just a trendsetter
  4. jnkyrdoff6

    Oikophobia - WSJ

    ---Excerpt--- This isn't on topic, but what exactly do you do?
  5. jnkyrdoff6

    Seattle Mariners hosting Nebraska Night

    That sounds really cool. I used to love the Mariners when I was a kid. I think everyone my age was. I wish I could go.
  6. jnkyrdoff6

    The Problem with Religious Moderates

    I said the same thing as Knap a few months ago. The violence will always exist in humanity. This might be a logical fallacy, but here goes. A=B, B=C Therefore, A=C By that same logic Humans are responsible for creating all religions Religions are the cause of some human conflicts Therefore, Humans are the cause of all religious conflicts Once you've said that, there's really nothing left. That's the way I look at it anyhow. If you were to completely remove religion it might make a difference in our lifetimes and the lifetimes of the next few generations, but in the grand scheme of things it won't make a difference. If you could take a look at the issue from earth's lifetime the amount of violence in the world wouldn't change. That's because religion is just one excuse used by humans to commit atrocities, and if it weren't religion it'd be something else. Nothing. It's a sad reality, but all of the actions you can take to try and change the world are worthless. I could sit here forever and try to convince people to believe what I believe all day, and to some degree I do, but it's pointless. The world seems to do an eternal balancing act. If you eliminated religion, something would replace it. The most prominent candidate to me is naturalism, or something like that. I know I always feel spiritually rejuvenated when I go to the zoo, golfing, walking, etc. Eventually, people would create a doctrine and follow it to the T. It would be a religion of sorts and people would go to war on both sides. It's fun to debate things like this, and it has certainly altered my life in some way, but it's pointless on an even larger scale. It's like thorns crackling in a fire. It doesn't mean a thing.
  7. This looks exactly like my list, but I don't know what WKRP is. Edit: I'd probably replace it with The Twilight Zone.
  8. jnkyrdoff6

    Big12 Football Tour

    ...my dad.
  9. jnkyrdoff6

    Big 10 expansion talk heating up

    You sure about this? I could swear CG and Burkhead were 4*s. Look up their names here if you want... Yes, CG & RB are already included in those 4* figures. Sorry I misread it.
  10. jnkyrdoff6

    Big 10 expansion talk heating up

  11. You're all wrong. All the shows listed on here so far SUCK, except for The Simpsons.
  12. jnkyrdoff6

    DT Jeff Worthy

    Crick went to Cozad right? That's C-2 if memory serves.
  13. jnkyrdoff6

    conference expansion sub forum

    I love it. I was getting so tired of seeing all of those topics in Husker Football.
  14. jnkyrdoff6

    Organic Food Myths

    I'd definitely place environmentalism in a religious category. It seems so strange because most of the dogma has little to no scientific backing. It's just like a religion to some.
  15. jnkyrdoff6

    The Funny Picture Thread

    @ Husker_x I think this one will always be my favorite (from when I first read this). It just cracked me up that he'd actually send this in. LOL