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  1. Wandale to Nebraska

    Goldschmidt to Cardinals

    What a glorious day!

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    2. Waldo


      As a D-backs fan, it seems like STL fleeced the D-backs. 

    3. wiuhusker


      @STL Husker at this point Weaver really was caught in the middle without a spot. Wasn't going to make the rotation with Mikolas, Waino, Wacha, Flaherty, Gomber, and potentially Reyes battling for spots. And I think Hudson, Poncedeleon, and Hicks all get bullpen rolls before he does. 

    4. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      Yeah, we had to deal one of those arms, I just hope we will be able to re-sign Goldschmidt.