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  1. Frosty better have a portal QB lined up cause Smothers ain’t gonna cut it next year.
  2. Buffalo 35 Nebraska 28 Rush 190 Pass 235
  3. Illinois is not a better team than we thought. It’s that we are a worse team than we thought.
  4. Oh so do I, I just have no faith in Frost and friends with road games.
  5. Illinois 28 Nebraska 21 ground- 175 Air- 285
  6. Biggest game of Frosty’s tenure here.
  7. Sounds like we aren’t even the top 2. Truly remarkable how this continues to lower the bar.
  8. Without an improvement on the record is the death sentence. People are over the improvement with no results gimmick.
  9. Man this is going to be an extremely underwhelming class
  10. It’s alright we have Nixon who didn’t have major surgery or anything as hasn’t played a snap of college ball. Let’s put all our chips on him and downplay how valuable Wan’dale is to this team.
  11. I mean it makes a whole lot more sense than the nonsense you are spewing.
  12. Well considering he is the majority of our offense and Frost and co can’t seem to keep their best playmakers happy 3 years in a row. When they trot Wan’dale as the face of the program and he bolts cause he isn’t happy that is not a good look, no matter how you want to spin it. This is a kid they had at the revealing of the plans for the new facilities and he just leaves? You’re a dolt if you don’t think it’s a bad look for Frost and this program. And what’s going to be the excuse when he doesn’t go to Kentucky and chooses somewhere else?
  13. Clown is the one who is leading this program. Guy is about to lose the face of the program and focal point of offense and people think that is just ok. We are not getting better, we are continually getting worse and worse. It’s a joke that people can even defend this crap.
  14. Frost can not be fired soon enough.
  15. Getting worried Wandale may be showing up in the portal.
  16. Austin needs to go. His recruiting is great, but his development is non existent. I still believe Chins needs to be gone as well as the 3-4. It’s not working.
  17. Frost hasn’t beat any good teams and loses to bad teams plus gets blown out all the time. Frost is worse than Riley at this point and it’s not close
  18. We are stuck with him. This is truly the lowest I have ever been on this program. I truly think a Riley led team would outcoach these bums. All talk and nothing to show.
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