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  1. Mizzou fans make so many excuses for last year, I just want a dominant game against them I look forward to this game as much as I do the K-state game, because day in and day out Mizzou fans are in my ear making an excuse about something or saying how Nebraska is scared to be in the Big 12. It gets annoying so hopefully this year can shut them up! :bonez
  2. I think the run defense by then will be solid and it will be one of the worst statistical games for DT.
  3. Living in missouri I can tell you, Mizzou fans are fairweather fans. As soon as it comes close to the end of the season they will jump ship and root for whoever is 1 or 2 in the polls. I saw more alabama and Texas shirts than ever last year. Even my friends were buying texass crap. It is pretty shocking to hear that a missouri station talked well about Nebraska. If you don't mind me asking what was the station?
  4. It gets real old after awhile seriously we keep these teams in with stupid mistakes
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_orbW1y1to Bo is screaming this right now
  6. offense is already having chances to open this game up
  7. I just wanna see domination on both sides of the ball. More pounding the rock, more offensive effectiveness, T-mart showing he can pass effectively
  8. Idk I watched the game I was impressed with KSU running game, but now to the point where I'm worried.
  9. Ill take a 39 point lead in a cobweb game( for those of you who don't know what it means, its what it sounds like a game where a team can shake the cobwebs out and get focused.)
  10. It's a cobweb game people don't make a judgement till washington game where we will get our feet wet in competition. Don't over analyze it's a glimpse of what we should expect. Can I please get a Husker Power?!?
  11. Hey it's the first game but I saw alot of team unity which is always great a 49-10 win is solid I expect to see more of concrete d and o next games and then we will see but overall I'm proud to raise a beer to the huskers tonight and I hope everyone will raise one with me
  12. Husker power!! Is it wrong to be the only in a baryelling the husker prayer yes I'm on mobile at bar but this is worth it a husker victory deserves praise
  13. Even though it's wku I'm all in for t-magic
  14. Hahaha hopefully that was a joke huskertrout cause I feel like a dick for laughing at it
  15. Anyone know any websites streaming it?
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