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  1. Penn State and Florida State are now heavily involved. I expect him to be to not be N.
  2. I agree, but Wisconsin instead of Iowa for Riley.
  3. I think it’s because ND has been a better program.
  4. Pushed deadline and continued pressure by Frost and co. N.
  5. And now we wait to see which players transfer out to play elsewhere.
  6. My fear is the players transferring which I think happens soon
  7. Cause it’s funny? Maybe lighten up a bit chief.
  8. Frost just crushed that presser. So glad he is our coach.
  9. I think you need to sit down and rewatch last season and you are putting words in my mouth. By the end of last season the WRs were losing us games because of their inability to make plays and stay on the field. That hurts the play calling, the quarterbacks confidence, the tempo, and the defensive time on field. Spielman and Wandale were great, but they were injured frequently. No one else stepped up. For a team with a high tempo offense that leads to losses and it shows on the scoreboard and on the stat sheet. There’s a reason Walters got replaced.
  10. Hence why I said WR group. By the end of the season the OL wasn’t losing us games. There was no confidence in any WR not named JD or Wandale. When they were banged up there was almost 0 WR production.
  11. OL was not the biggest issue. We trotted out one of the worst WR groups in recent memory and didn't have the RB depth we needed once Mo was out. UCF pace of play was because they had weapons that Frost could count on at every position and their defense could get turnovers which allowed the offense to really cruise. There were a lot of factors as to why the offensive tempo looked slow.
  12. Better than having Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota to end the year.
  13. Was here on an unofficial visit this past weekend it appears.
  14. Is that your proposal picture? Tiffany diamond, wow Mav you shouldn't have.
  15. EMC certainly looks the part of an ILB already.
  16. Sticking with my LSU pick on this one.
  17. Nobody is saying they need a Clemson or Bama offer to be considered a good talent. There comes a point in time where you have to stop taking lower players and labeling them diamonds in the rough because 9/10 they just aren't. It is the reality of it. People piss and moan to not look at stars and rankings and then show a handful of players who were successful despite their ranking, but the majority flame out.
  18. Agreed. Need players pushing for positions in order to be successful. Don't need any more Tony Butler-esque players.
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