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  1. You can say used car about 99% of transfers, this situation is not that. It’s a huge get because you are getting a 4 star recruit to essentially walk on and use a scholly on a different position this year. You are pulling a kid out of Iowa who was the #2 player in the state when he was recruited. You are getting a kid who many experts have said is a p5 starter and NFL upside talent to come in for no risk at all. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in the future you see Miller-Corcoran-Jurgens-Piper-Benhart as the OL of the future.
  2. 1. His upside is leagues above Mbow 2. He is a walk-on so there is 0 risk. 3. He is coming from our “rival” and was a kid who was basically all Iowa. 4. It has been confirmed it was a mental break he needed. Lot of stuff happened to this kid in a short amount of time. 5. #1 kid in Iowa who was a Hawkeye fan and shut it down early = no posting of other offers
  3. What? Wiltfong says recent years. Not in history.
  4. CB from Clint Brewster. Confidence 7.
  5. 2021 ratings are really odd as a whole.
  6. Need to get him here for a visit. I think we can win with one with Washington possibly not having room for him.
  7. 247 rankings are all pretty bad this year.
  8. The only thing I got out of this is that there is a grown a$$ man who thought it would be funny to make a fake Bob Barker account to tweet at 'croots.
  9. But how will he know that we didn't need him and that he can't handle competition if I don't tweet at him?
  10. Per Iowa 247 writer, Iowa is most likely out.
  11. 247 article from Fong says just as much. Loves the staff and their approach. Knows the players that we have coming in and the talent, names Manning, that we have coming in as well.
  12. As long as we are bowling I will be content. Anything more and I will be doing back flips.
  13. We will get better WR's in this class. I am sure the door will be open, but I think we will have those spots filled by the time the season starts.
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/despite-22-years-leading-iowa-kirk-ferentz-claims-ignorance-of-player-mistreatment-within-program/
  15. Agreed. He does not fit the mold of ILB we have recruited lately.
  16. 2021 PWO offer for Jackson Burkhalter. Brother of Christian Burkhalter.
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