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  1. Nebraska football hasn't been as enjoyable since we left the Big 12. Not cause we sucked, cause we sucked in the Big 12 for a bit as well. I personally don't care about any "rival" or conference opponent in the Big 10. We just feel out of place.
  2. I mean I thought the video was awesome.
  3. Competition for kicker is forsure going to be a lot better than these past two seasons.
  4. Kid would be such a solid de or OLB but doesn’t want to budge. Want to only play offense. Miami is saying he was recruited over due to this.
  5. In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.
  6. He is in my top 5 of Frost's recruits at Nebraska with the most potential.
  7. Frost and Ruud are hosting him on a virtual tour today. Projects as inside LB but can play OLB as well.
  8. Yup. Tuioti’s recruiting is non existent at this point. Had high hopes for his west coast connections but it ain’t panning out.
  9. The football may suck but it’s never lacking for fireworks.
  10. And thank you for that. My post was to quell the " we lost a recruit to Toledo" comments.
  11. I don't care how many seats they add or take away. Just update the damn bathrooms.
  12. Well....yeah he doesn't have a ranking yet.
  13. Yeah he should be our #1 DL on the board. Kid is a monster.
  14. You also have to realize in-state kids here a lot more of the bad news than kids from other states do. Nebraska football is the biggest thing in Nebraska, that is a fact. So imagine how much you would hear about the state of the program being a top in-state kid with ties to said program. I can see why kids want to go somewhere else in-state until we can actually win. We win the games that we choked and I can guarantee Johnson's narrative is different. The program is on a losing plateau, it needs to change this next season or we are going to not have a chance with a couple 2022 in-state kids who are program changers at their position.
  15. I mean all those concerns go away if Frost doesn't lose to teams we should beat. We left 3 games on the field last year due to bad coaching. 4 if you count choking against Iowa. We win those games like we should and we are sitting real pretty with recruits, not just local, this year. It is going to be a tough recruiting climb this year because they have to have a winning season in order to keep these recruiting classes up. 5-7 like I predict is going to to make it real ugly for recruiting. Specifically with the talent in state for 2022.
  16. I am tired of that as well. I am also tired of the guy who posts "Here comes the he wasn't good enough crowd" just so they can feel superior when someone does it. Just my two cents.
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