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  1. brophog

    Pass Rush... Who's "The Guy"

    I think we will, for a few reasons: Better play in the middle of the line, with fewer guys asked to play out of position. More ability to play man coverage. Ben Stille will have a big year. Stille may or may not be the guy that gets 10 sacks, but he’s the wildcard up front. He can rush from the interior, but still drop into coverage to bring all sorts of exotic blitzes. He’s the one guy that can be very effective up and down the line. He’s a very unique player that can give you looks out of many fronts. I think Tuioti will have a major impact on him.
  2. brophog

    Pass Rush... Who's "The Guy"

    He has to, because he hasn’t shown the ability to do anything else. He showed an aptitude there in the spring that gives me great hope. Some of that I feel is because I don’t think we have really very good tackles vs athletic edge guys, but I liked a lot of his technique. One of the things these lighter rushers struggle against, and something that was a huge problem last year, is getting sucked into the blocker. Once that happens, you’re giving up 80-100 pounds and that’s a losing battle. These big tackles these days have a lot of range, but poor quickness and they can easily get out leveraged. So technique, maintaining the right distance and using your hands well, is vitally important from this position. Across the board, that part was better, but Davis stood out this spring.
  3. brophog

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    My answer is “I don’t know” and the reason for that is this scenario never happens. For a guy in the same offense with the same high volume to improve this much, essentially doubling or better in raw and efficiency stats, just doesn’t happen. If one is looking for optimism in regards to this question, I’d look at Milton year 2 vs year 3. Yes, his stats fell, but only Oklahoma’s recent run can compare to Frost/Oregon. (Those two offenses combine for the last 5 national leaders in Adjusted Yards per Attempt). Even though he was in a different offense, he still put up very good numbers, again far surpassing his freshman stats. That shows it wasn’t just coincidence or a lucky year, but real development. I don’t either, but that’s because we don’t have nearly as far to go as they did. Take away four games, Michigan and the three where Martinez and Spielman weren’t both present, and that offense only failed to break 500 yards three times...one of which was because we pulled the starters at halftime. UCF broke 500 yards only once in 2016...501 against FIU (Nebraska broke 600 twice). If we made the kind of turnaround they did, not only are we undefeated but our backup wins the Heisman.
  4. brophog

    JD Spielman Concussion

    Some people’s brains already have inertial dampeners.
  5. brophog

    B1G Printing Money

    I don’t know about a year from now, but when the current CBS contract expires, no conference will catch them. That contract, due to its age, is massively underpaying the SEC. Unless we see a massive paradigm shift in the next five years, and population trends and such don’t suggest it, the SEC will still be the dominant recruiting area. Not only will we see broadcast and cable networks bidding in the next round, but we’re entering the “streaming wars”. The various networks know that cable’s biggest advantage is live sports broadcasting and they also know people are becoming apprehensive at buying so many small packages. The Big Ten should be proud to be in the position it’s in, based on those same factors. The other conferences (and teams like Texas) have shown it’s not easy to build and maintain a network.
  6. brophog

    The Running Back Room

    If some of these situations don’t turnaround, those R guys may see a lot more carries.
  7. brophog

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    It may be over the course of all of Northwestern’s games. Nobody wins as many close games as they do, nor plays in as many. Below are two articles, written 3 years apart, that could be talking about the same season. It’s absolutely uncanny that their win totals keep so drastically misaligning with their performance. That’s the product of so many coin flip games, obviously, but for it to go on for so long is statistically incredible. https://www.insidenu.com/2015/11/17/9748068/northwestern-football-luck-advanced-stats-second-order-wins-win-expectancy https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/11/13/18090448/northwestern-big-ten-championship-west-division
  8. brophog

    The Running Back Room

    Without knowing how well Rahmir will be as a receiving threat, I’d strongly disagree. Robinson and Washington amplify each other because they both can run routes you simply don’t see out of the backfield, and they can do it out of two back. Together they require teams to either substitute LBs or play mostly zone. Given we play in a LB dominant division, that’s a big deal. This offense with all of the screens, floods, and quads is extremely difficult to zone. That’s why if we can put more threats on the field, even if none are as good as Stan, we’ll be far more dangerous. Teams could play a lot of man last year.
  9. brophog

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    If there is any game I’m confident in, it’s Northwestern. That was a win we turned into a loss. Very motivated to beat a team that plays in too many close games.
  10. brophog

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    But, generally speaking, 11 AM games are those not expected to have a great atmosphere.
  11. brophog

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    Not to mention CBS with the SEC. Hugely contentious time slots. I think it’s a very good move for FOX. I do agree with the recruiting angle, too. We tend to have to fly in so many kids from the coasts, early kickoffs can have a bigger impact in regards to travel plans. Night games give more flexibility.
  12. While it’s true Martinez needs slightly fewer runs, it’s not because of the number of carries by the other backs. The difference in last year’s offense and it’s historical success was in the number of big passing plays generated.
  13. brophog

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    Byron Marshall, their hybrid RB/WR, had 74 catches for 1003 yards that year (2014). The next highest reception total was 43. The point isn’t as much how many you target a specific guy, but how many total threats does the defense have to account. Mariota clearly had a favorite target that year, but they also had 7 guys with more than 20 catches. Nebraska had 2 guys with more than 24 last year, with third and fourth being Mo and Ozigbo. That’s a big problem regardless of whom those two guys are.
  14. brophog

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    To put that number in perspective, of players with 10 or more catches for Nebraska last year, that was just over 3 yards per catch less than the next lowest player and the only non-RB in that set with less than 10 ypc.
  15. They’re very creative, open minded, and willing to take risks. They don’t all work for them, either. RPO’s give them a huge advantage, though. Just the ability to compartmentalize different concepts into one play makes the teaching side of it so much easier.