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  1. Bingo. There are assistants approaching what Tucker made at CU and the gap between the PAC and others will only grow substantially after the next round of tv contracts are negotiated. The SEC, in particular, is soon to see a substantial increase in revenue when their current CBS deal expires. They’ll be able pay more for coordinators than Colorado can a head coach. As we’ve seen now with multiple schools, the Big Ten has the cash to both pay promising coaches and improve the infrastructure and staffing. He certainly wasn’t going to get that at a school like Colorado and unlikely to build the kind of resume there to get a job outside the SEC/BIG10 that can offer this kind of opportunity.
  2. Some defensive stats improved slightly, some decreased slightly. No real significant change from year 1 to 2. There is a lack of real improvement on areas they strongly focused on, such as rush defense and red zone defense. In the preseason I discussed the importance of stopping the run on first down, citing specifically how teams can really open their playbook on 2nd and 5 and shorter. An offense is deemed “successful” by statisticians if held to 50% of the needed yards on first down. We certainly saw with our offense how impactful it is on playcalling when you can’t reach that level consistently running on first down. The result: A change from 5.63 rushing yards per carry to 5.22. Red zone defense is another area of emphasis, and largely related to run defense. T121st in the country at 91% conversion rate allowed. Even worse in conference play where teams converted 32 of 34 attempts. Only 7 of those were field goals. This was not a good area last year, and actually got worse.
  3. Culture building is hugely important, but a coach has to survive long enough to use that culture he built. There is always a balance there, because football is not a sport of choir boys who always do the right thing. Sometimes you just gotta get what you can out of a player, even if his practice habits aren’t everything you want them to be. I know some disagree, but it’s hugely concerning that not only have so many Frost offensive recruits not produced, but how many are already not with the program.
  4. There is no doubt through two years kickers (of all kinds) have been an issue. It’s so much harder to manage a game when you can’t trust your kickers, as we’ve all seen. On kickoffs, a touchback percentage of 80% is very high in college football, and not a trivial matter to achieve. 70% is a good goal to shoot for and will, year on year, put you near the tops in the nation amongst teams with a high number of attempts. Nebraska is not near either number, so certainly more recruiting focus here would greatly improve matters. On the Iowa return: That’s a good kick, all things considered. The reason that’s not a tackle inside the 25 is poor lane discipline costing contain. I realize the purpose of this thread is to suggest more touchback consistency eliminates opportunities for such mistakes, but I can’t really question the decision given that sort of talent doesn’t seem to be available. With all of the coaching loopholes being exploited these days, perhaps a “graduate assistant” that specializes in kicking technique isn’t a bad idea. It’s a hole in most coaching staffs at this level.
  5. After hearing Frost, yet again, talk about needing more weapons on offense, I’m amazed at your position on this. I’m clearly wasting my time typing anything.
  6. I think they’re very passionate fans, that’s why they’re upset. It’s not unjustified in this era to want to see better results than this when the costs so much to support a program. A bowl game in the first two years is hardly an unrealistic expectation. If you think it is, go back to media days and see Frost’s reaction when told Moos’ 6-6 expectation this year. What is unrealistic is thinking he could be fired. That contract, as posted here at the time, is heavily favored towards Frost. It’s very design was to offset any potential knee jerk type reactions, even if the results through 2 years are far less than anyone expected.
  7. And it’s a quality, well developed post, that while I disagree with its underlying premise, I’m upvoting. Seems to be a rarity this season, not that I blame anyone.
  8. They’re roughly equivalent through two years, imo. Frost has shown the potential for a higher ceiling, and overall is more competitive but has a terrible record of turning winnable games into losses. Riley won more of those games that he should have, but showed a very low ceiling. As disappointing as I’ve been in Frost, and as much as not wanting to talk bad about him has kept me away, I still think we are better heading to Year 3 under him than Riley.
  9. Dont play off man coverage with a LB against a split TE.
  10. We were playing tight ends and QBs at receiver last week and we had to play a walk-on RB today because we have so much developed depth at those positions.
  11. The biggest mystery of the two years here for Frost is why this offense’s biggest selling point, explosive plays by the backs and receivers, has generated almost no developed talent at those positions. Has hugely affected playcalling.
  12. Even Frost would agree with that. This is in no way how it’s supposed to go, and the scary thing is coaches tend to emulate their 2nd year progress throughout their tenure. If you’re not making significant progress in Year 2 it’s very hard to jump start it later on. The momentum just stalls, and while there is some hope in this 2019 class largely redshirting the realities of what’s left of 2017/2018 and the current 2020 class don’t suggest we will suddenly solve this through better talent than our opponents. Frost’s momentum from 2017 UCF is simply gone and he’s unfortunately done nothing at Nebraska to convince anyone outside the state that he’s anything but a failure.
  13. This team doesn’t make a bowl. There will be an open QB competition next spring.
  14. Board is crashing. Can’t keep up with 5 people posting. 

  15. brophog

    Scott Frost

    Has been for two games. No real running game is significant here, but no screen game hurts, too. We played out of trips a considerable amount today and they didn’t need to respect it. Really unsure why the screen game is AWOL through 2 weeks.
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