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  1. I don’t think people do. How many other teams can add a 5 star QB transfer after winning a division and be completely forgotten.
  2. brophog

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    The lesson is CBS doesn’t know how to write.
  3. Because turnovers carry such weight in the outcome, it’s a trivial response. It’s the next closest thing to suggesting you’d win more if you just scored more points than the other team.
  4. brophog

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    Martinez eclipses 4000 yards passing No 1000 yard rusher, but more than 200 yards rushing per game Less than 3.75 yards rushing allowed Big Ten West decided before Nebraska - Iowa game. Lamar Jackson 2nd round selection.
  5. brophog

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    They lose credibility beating around the bush.
  6. brophog

    Cam Jurgens Great News

    It’s easy to see how he’s a game changer, as Frost puts it. If you have a center that can pull, and get to the second level quickly off a combo block, those are exceptional advantages in this style of offense. Those are not easy things to do from the center position. On the other hand, it’s also one of the most difficult positions to learn to play, and that’s tough to do if you can’t practice.
  7. Penalties gained are a non-intuitive win correlation stat. We all know it’s a fundamentally bad idea to lose yardage, and other lost yardage stats are positive win correlation stats as one would assume, but penalties are inconclusive. It all goes back to how much advantage can I get sticking my hand in that cookie jar if I’m only going to get caught a few times.
  8. brophog

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    This is far bolder than it looks at first glance.
  9. It’s not a strategy to be consistently outgained. It’s not like they’re trying to shorten the game or apply some other playing field leveling effort. They’re coached to be a sound football team just like every other coach endeavors to be. From their perspective, they’re “lucky”, and eventually that will catch up with them.
  10. brophog

    Huskers in 2019....

    One could (and some have) say there is no reason for him to use such language at all with such a player. When it comes to Jurgens at center, “leaving it at that” has not been his MO. I’m desperately hoping whatever it is he sees that makes him continually say these things does materialize this year because if the line can gel in these first few games the sky is the limit for this offense. We have the surrounding talent to be one of the highest scoring offenses in the country if we can block people.
  11. brophog

    New "No Blind Blocking" Rule

    No. The hits they are attempting to eliminate don’t come up that often. That’s, of course, assuming the ones that get a flag are indeed because the fall under the spirit of the rule and not the sketchy wording.
  12. brophog

    New "No Blind Blocking" Rule

    It’s a problematic rule, imo. It comes down to what the official deems forcible contact, and that’s a very difficult call on the field of play. You can get in the way, you can even initiate contact, but you can’t blow the guy up.
  13. brophog

    Huskers in 2019....

    I said as much in the spring. But if we are questioning why someone with no center experience and so little practice time leaps over others, it’s an obvious potential reason.
  14. brophog

    Fall Camp Notes

    Walters himself last year stated they were for the fans and media, and more specifically at one point stated he put one out simply because he had to. Chinander last year had many “ORs” and “Ands” in the opening depth chart because he stated the evaluations weren’t done. Frost, just today, warned the media about making too big of a deal about the depth chart. I made this same comment this time last year, and got the same response. A year into this, with the coaches making these statements, coaches wanting to rotate tons of players, it should be more obvious....the depth chart is for fans and media.
  15. brophog

    Huskers in 2019....

    Or, and I hate to say it, the rest aren’t cutting it.