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  1. The most important stat in terms of gauging where he's at: yards per attempt. He's at 7.9 ypa, which isn't bad, good for about 40th, but when this thing is really going that should be in the 10+ range.
  2. brophog

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    I'm happy with that final 3. I really didn't want to see him at Purdue, but at Ohio St he's just another top talent...they can't play them all.
  3. brophog

    The Running Back Room

    It is certainly true the system helps give opportunities. But when talking about Ozigbo, specifically, it's equally important to realize he has no choice in whom the coach is or what system they run. He easily, and understandably, could have been the guy that transferred based on fit. He didn't. He made a very noticeable effort to better fit this scheme. He wasn't the only scholarship back returning this year, but he's the one we are talking about, and he deserves the accolades for putting himself in this conversation.
  4. brophog

    The Running Back Room

    2018 Ozigbo 7 games, 85 Attempts - 8 carries of 20+ 2015-2017 Ozigbo 26 games, 265 carries - 6 carries of 20+
  5. brophog

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    The rule has always been written poorly. You can actually intentionally throw the ball into the ground and not be called for it, but sail a ball and can be called for it, and by definition of how the rule is written both could be correct. It's never been a question of if the player was intentionally grounding a ball but rather how good the player is in skirting the rule.
  6. brophog

    The Running Back Room

    Ozigbo is having a great game against Minnesota and a great year and I couldn't be prouder. In a year where a lot of guys didn't want to stick it out, he came in this season focusing on what he needed to improve and has done a fantastic job. He wouldn't have made some of these big runs in years past but he got slimmed down to make it happen and it's paying off huge for him.
  7. brophog

    What Did We Learn? Purdue

    Coming into the season, an outside pass rusher was extremely high on our list of concerns, and, unfortunately, that's still the case. Admittedly, I'm more than a little concerned that Chin can get it done, whereas I feel the offense eventually will, but *any defense* will struggle if you can't generate pressure without sending the house. You simply have to have dudes on that side of the ball.
  8. brophog

    What Did We Learn? Purdue

    I've learned that a season can go from most anticipated to least fun quicker than I imagined.
  9. brophog

    Big 10 West

    Every defense has rules to handle specific motions, and one reason to use motion is to test those rules. Our guys, for whatever reason, are not getting the calls right in those situations. It it was the same on the offense with formation penalties. Between the errors we see, the limited number of players seeing time, and the limited playbook we're seeing, there's a great deal of evidence on both sides of the ball that there is a breakdown in understanding. That's probably my number 1 concern at the moment.
  10. The best rushing team in the Big Ten year on year, and it's not even remotely close, is Ohio St since Meyer arrived. They don't exactly run with 3 tight ends and 2 fullbacks. Its not what you run, it's what you can teach and what you can execute. I'm not happy with a lot of coaching decisions right now, either, but trying to change scheme for the sake of it is folly. Most of what we see are growing pains, by players and coaches, but these offensive principles work. I strongly suspect once they get a win or two under their belts and get some confidence that things will improve sharply.
  11. brophog

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Explain it however you want, but I've never seen a worse first half of Nebraska football.
  12. brophog

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Explain it however you want, but I've never seen a worse first half of Nebraska football.
  13. brophog

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    I recommend using notepad, saves time. Don't worry, nobody will recognize your post from 15 years ago.
  14. This is why I have a high opinion of Colorado coming out of this game. It's not like they weren't in position to make plays, they just got beat by good athletes. I thought they were well prepared. It's also why I have a high opinion of Nebraska. That yardage wasn't rolled up on a team that was constantly making mental errors. There wasn't much for free plays out there.
  15. brophog

    Some encouraging numbers (and some not)

    Absolutely. Any handoff takes time that a QB sneak doesn't, and any pass has an inherent risk that runs don't. Also, relevant to the OP, Nebraska ranks 63rd in passing yards per attempt (7.0).