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  1. To me, the key is and always has been the opener vs Minnesota next year. Win that, with the non con being what it is and there is a good chance you’re 4-0 with Michigan coming in. Imagine the hype if that happened! Recruiting this year is not that important, these year 0 classes are often scramble drills and it’s just that much harder for new coaches with the early signing period. I think there is a bit of a secret weapon here combining Trev’s media savvy with Rhule’s ability with a mic. I think they can sell players on the portal. Hit the portal hard, cobble together something to take advantage of a favorable schedule then use that advantage to execute your longer development strategy though recruiting prep players.
  2. I’m not a big fan, either, but I’m being somewhat unfair, tbh. I just think if you’re going to spend this kind of money then you need to aim high. If we are only looking to be bowl eligible every year, we could do it on a lot less than we spend. Rhule’s offenses in the past have just been ‘OK’. Now, he’s likely never going to light up the box score because of his relatively slow pace, but they can stand to be more efficient. His offenses have been more about controlling the game as an accompaniment to a strong defense rather than being a force in their own right. It reminds me a bit of Saban when he initially took over Bama. He found, despite all of his 5 star defensive talent, that he still needed to juice his own offense if he was going to survive playing so many explosive offenses every year. The offenses in today’s environment just have too many advantages to hope to shutdown all of them, all of the time. From this perspective, I think Rhule’s offensive coordinator means a lot. Is he going to be an 8-10 win guy that just beats those he should or is going to have the firepower to win against the better teams with better offenses. I think in terms of offensive talent he’s shown he can develop athletes and I think with the right staff he’ll be able to recruit enough weapons. What he needs is an offensive coordinator that can take his approach to offensive football and give it that little bit of juice.
  3. I think we will need to wait until some of these head coaching positions are filled. I believe Nebraska wants him, or this would have been resolved already. Just reading the tea leaves, I even think Nebraska is willing to pay a bit of a premium, but the assistant coaching pool is a fixed value and you obviously can't pay a position coach a head coach salary. I think if it gets to the point his offers are position coach vs position coach Nebraska will be very competitive, but if someone wants to throw a big promotion his way then that's that.
  4. Or they got some short fields against Clemson, which is what happened.
  5. If his offenses resemble what he did at Temple and Baylor, we are in no danger of becoming Iowa.
  6. Look at it from their perspective. You have a new coach with a history of slow starts who willingly admits he's developing for years 3 and 4. Do you want to suffer through that again or take your crack at the NFL. Personally, with the transfer portal flexibility Nebraska has and a pretty favorable opening schedule, I don't see a 1 or 2 win season like Rhule has had in the past. Given how close to winning practically every game Nebraska has been the last two years, a slow start could be a bowl in this scenario. If you're a player whose fate is now tied to a new staff, you may not want to take that gamble, though. I'd be concerned if a dozen guys entered the portal tomorrow, but if some fringe prospects want to take a stab at the league then more power to them.
  7. It's hard to compare Rhule to Fickell based on resume. In Fickell's corner you have more sustained success, but Rhule never stayed long enough to show that. In Rhule's corner he did it at two programs, but Fickell has yet to try it at a second program. Personally, I don't think an NFL or an Interim job is a great indicator given other evidence because they are very different situations. Both coaches have a big challenge ahead of them. Nebraska's is pretty obvious, but Wisconsin's is huge, too. This isn't another new coaching hire that is just going to be an iteration of what they have already done. They're looking to make pretty substantial changes. It could be as simple as what style of play each school is looking for. From interviews the past few days I think Rhule's Temple teams is very attractive to what Nebraska higher ups would like to see, whereas Fickell's big departure from what they've been doing is attractive to them.
  8. If you’re going to spend this much money on this operation, get a better OC.
  9. Mickey wasn’t signed on to be the head coach. He kinda got thrust into it and had to make the best of it. He was an amazing interim head coach. He kept everyone together and gave them something to play for. Anyone putting on the tape can see he’s not ready to be a game day head coach. That’s maybe something he can develop, but it’s not his skill set at the moment. But, if he and Ruhle can decide they can work together then you back the truck up for Mickey. There is so much money thrown at coaches in the name of hopes and dreams that often times doesn’t pan out. Mickey, as a position coach, recruiter, and just general people asset, is as wise of an investment as there is. You find the money to pay Mickey.
  10. There were maybe some names out there about equal to Rhule’s but hard to say there were many available that were clearly superior. It’s, imo, not a great year to be hiring a head coach and if dominos fall the way it is looking then this may be the hire of the season even if that may not mean much. Rhule’s biggest strengths are in building relationships and he is not afraid of making changes to match the available resources at his disposal. That’s what worked at both Temple and Baylor; he found out what didn’t work and adjusted until it did work. He’s not a big X’s and O’s type of head coach who is dogmatic to a particular style, but he understands what wins football games. Definitely a hire that can be seen as half empty or half full, but I go back to what I said when Frost was hired. There is always some degree of risk. You give him 3 years and if it isn’t working you fire him and try again.
  11. Right decision, wrong timing. I was as big of a fan of this hiring as anyone, but I said the below at the time and it’s no less true today than it was then. What Trev tried to do with this fifth year would have been a nearly unprecedented turnaround. I wish the best for Frost, but it didn’t work out and that has been apparent for years now. https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/84819-scott-frost-megathread-all-things-sf/page/1067/#comment-1947832 Is there an option out there as exciting as Frost was? No, this will be a difficult decision.
  12. My opinion was shared before he was ever hired, in the Scott Frost megathread. That’s based on statistics like the ones shared in this article, and we talked a lot about that stuff back then. There are examples of coaches that won at a certain level and then eventually improved by several wins to reach a new standard they just tended to be winning coaches. So, I’m not optimistic, but this is not a typical coaching profile, either.
  13. It's less important what you do than how you do it. There are loads of examples over the decades in college football of offenses, from extreme rushing to extreme passing, that take a fairly small number of concepts and practice those to a high level of mastery. The Husker offense these last several years has two huge problems that has put us in this position: redzone scoring and finishing halves. Those scenarios create constraints on an offense and without a high level of mastery in something it's hard to have confidence when you absolutely must convert. There are a lot of things we've seen Frost try, but I wouldn't say his Husker offense has ever mastered anything. The offense has done a pretty decent job every year moving the ball, and more consistently against better competition, but it's done a rather poor job converting yards to points. The challenge for the new staff will be in installing an offense that can get to a high level of mastery very quickly. Their job is to provide enough of a foundation that proves it is a better investment going forward that just wiping the whole slate clean.
  14. I haven’t posted in a few years, for a lot of reasons, but let’s face it, not a lot of positives the last few years to post about. This is just one game, and for all we know not significant in Frost’s career trajectory, but sometimes, often times, it just takes one game like this for everyone to believe. That’s what I learned tonight: there is still belief. That was a different game tonight, from field level to top row.
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