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  1. From what I've read they'd have a 15 team conference at the moment if all 4 offers were accepted...are they going to have a contingent reaction based off of if ND accepts or not?
  2. While I think it's probably a good idea to keep that concern in mind. Bo's worked really hard at waiting to accept commits until players are sure. Yeah it's probably going to happen now and then, but I think it's going to be minimized given our tactics. Plus I think JG's sold. GBR
  3. Think of it as a high level of optimism without saying it as a certainty.
  4. I know that no one identified any Husker friendly bars in the area, but I figured I'd check if there was any specific bars in the Kalamazoo area that people gathered at. There's a large contingency of Husker fans in the WMU psychology grad program and I figured it would be fun to find a common gathering place for next season.
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