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  1. You're only partially correct. Mo - Being charged with (not found guilty of yet) revenge porn and child porn. That is to say he's distributing the video. He's not charged with sexual assault. The three students in the video were all expelled is my understanding. Mo's ex only recently stated that it was a rape rather than consensual. However, this issue is separate from Mo.
  2. I again want to encourage you to read some of the data on false accusations. The numbers are small. However, I'm curious about this. Do you feel like these same rights should be given to people charged with other crimes? Lets look at other crimes that involve 2 people regularly, murder. So if someone is accused of murder and the claims have at least some weight (so like in this case, we have a video showing a sexual act....lets say there's a video of the murdered person and someone accused of murder recently arguing and it's known that the person accused has access to a weapon) sh
  3. Knapp, that's certainly not what I said. Additionally, you clearly didn't read what I put out there. Yes, there are false allegations. However, those numbers are extremely low with the most generous of numbers putting it at 5% of reported rapes which are thought to be (generously again) at 17% of all rapes. But I will say it here. Yes people should be believed and yes people should be given due process. And yes, we as a society are awful about blaming the victim in rape situations. And yes, we will get it wrong once in awhile, the same way we do with any other crime.
  4. First, thank you for framing this as an opinion. No. Just no. This isn't how the world works, there's no evidence this is how the world works. None of the literature supports this notion. In fact, the literature says that the reason people don't report rape is for exactly what has been going on in this thread. People are arguing about semantics, questioning if she just wants to save face or not, saying that oral sex can't be forced. We are all the problem here and we use it as further justification to discredit the victim. https://link.springer.com/c
  5. I'm gonna go ahead and step in here as a psychologist. Behavior only changes when there are consequences. There are two variables in play here that the conversation is going back and forth on. The first is, do we know for sure he did it (and what is the context of him doing it)? The second is, if he did it should there be consequences and if so, what should the consequences be? Your comment is mushing it all together and spinning peoples comments. The nice thing here is if we're patient, we will know number 1. Unless they used an encrypted sof
  6. I think this is the problem Landlord. You're saying it's normal so nothing should be done about it. Rather than saying it's normal and that's messed up. This stuff does harm to people and there's evidence that the culture we're living in increases the likelihood of more severe downstream behaviors. So while it is normal, I'd also say we need to take it seriously and provide consequences to make it understood it's not acceptable. It's not that sexuality in and of its self is bad. However, when you talk to those girls getting dick pics, how many of them do you think the women want to see? How ma
  7. This loss stings, but remember that the transfer portal is also going to change things up.
  8. Fiesta Nueces checking in.
  9. Well humph. Wife didn't get the number 1 job we were aiming for. Might be another year of living apart. 

    1. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      Well, that sucks. But, i firmly believe all things happen for a reason.  Something wonderful will arise.

    2. krc1995


      That’s hard. How far apart? Hubby and I lived apart for the first 4-5 years and while it was difficult, it was like being on vacation when we were together. 

    3. Huskerzoo


      Last year it was about 8 hours of flying and 2 time zones. This year it's a 4 hour drive. Next year we might be back to flying unless something else pans out. It's just exhausting and we're talking about kids and whatnot. 

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  10. I'm not convinced that he didn't sign. HCSF said on his signing day show that there were 2 more players they were waitiing for. In my mind that was the Pola boys. If they waited until the end of the early signing period, all the heat would be off of them, it's low odds of getting leaked, they could still announce at the game. Additionally, when we saw other offers going out, we were not sending out offers to secondary players which is still a position of need. This is all just a hunch, but it seems more likely than 2 players that weren't on our collective radar signing.
  11. Winter break is a magical time of the year. 

    1. Huskerzoo


      I'm at a university. We're closed for the next three weeks. Just enough time to enjoy downtime without getting bored. 

    2. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      I own a landscaping company. Winter time is for yard clean-ups and landscape/tree trimming.... I always try and give the guys a significant amount of time off around Christmas, because work is slower anyways, and selfishly, it's my favorite time of year. haha.

    3. huKSer


      College finals are graded. HS finals are this week. Then I can start Christmas shopping.

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  12. These girls can dig deep. Good match. 

  13. Also, for anyone that thinks Russia was not involved with anything. Butina just pled guilty. If you think that she was the only one doing anything, you need to read a bit more about international politics.
  14. It seems that there are two possibilities here. One is there's more going on than we can see. The second is SF is ruthless when it comes to recruiting. We will see how this plays out. That said, we may not ever get the whole picture.
  15. Absolutely. Though right now, I would not bet against this staff when they identify their top target. It's pretty fun to watch them work.
  16. Re-evaluation in January. I think it's just that they don't update in an ongoing basis.
  17. From my understanding, the game plan is to get Nash and it's possible he'll be your starter from day one in 2020.
  18. I've seen this a few places. Who introduced the idea he might transfer in?
  19. I read Fair hit his enrollment marks. I imagine this has more to do with getting a grad transfer/him being a Juco and some communication issues.
  20. I like this for the most part, but I'm anti-top 12 ccg winners only. I think maybe the caveat should be that they are either in the top 12 or beat a top 12 team. We all love the double digit seed going into the elite eight in March. As long as they can prove they beat top talent I think they should be in. I also think that the G5 winner needs an auto in (would also need to figure out what to do with ND) no matter what. Otherwise, you're gonna find suddenly that G5s won't ever be in the top 12.
  21. Our ability to defend the paintis not great. 

    1. ZRod


      Hate us cuz they aintis?

  22. I think most of us have been sitting here pressing refresh. We're all junkies here.
  23. I'm already way over the eyeball test nonsense that leads to the CFP. The way I view it, the division is the first round of the playoffs, the CCG the second, then you get two more rounds to crown a champion. The system is already perverted and it's now going down to the conferences (see the big 12).
  24. Was just going to ask that. This may be an artifact of our line play this year. It could also be what the defenses were giving us.
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