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  1. HUSKERherc

    Predict the Rest of the Husker Signees

    I went with: Mills Bland Gates Starks Jordan Mao
  2. HUSKERherc

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    I'm not saying KU's facilities are better or on par with Nebraska's, as I haven't seen either in person, but they are newer. I watched a walk through that Ben Leber (former KSU player) did at KU's new facilities and he even mentioned how much better they were than KSU's, which I believe are also newer than Nebraska's.
  3. Enjoy it Iowa, won't be getting many more of those.

  4. I Like Chicken

    1. ColoradoHusk


      George Dunham and Gordon Keith for Raising Canes.

  5. Is the SF27 shirt that was being worn on the sidelines for players only, or can that be purchased somewhere? Been looking for it, but can't seem to find it anywhere.

    1. NUance


      Haven't seen it in any of the online stores. :shrug:

    2. darkhorse85


      My guess is Adidas rolled it out to the team only for now. You might try emailing them and asking.

  6. Set up a Playstation Vue account last night just in time for football. Finally will have BTN also.

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    2. HUSKERherc


      I did the middle tier. I thought about doing the top tier, but didn't think there were enough channels I would watch to pay the extra $10/month. I had sling tv for a little over a year, but this looks like it offers much more initially.

    3. ZRod


      Yeah, even the lowest tier is pretty sufficient for a sports guys. You just don't get your local Fox sports channels and some other garbage I would usually never watch. I would recommend it to anyone interested.


      Did you use you playstation?

    4. HUSKERherc


      I've got it running on my Roku and phone.

  7. HUSKERherc

    Gerry hit

    The next play, when Kalu intercepted the ball, the receiver running into Kalu was more targeting than Gerry'so hit.
  8. Never been to Omaha. Planning on taking the wife and kids there in a month or so to visit the zoo. Where is a good (reasonable) place to stay? Any where in particular I should try to stay away from?

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    2. strigori


      La Vista is not far from anything. Its actually a quick Interstate run to the zoo from there even. The places to not go, you won't have a reason to think about. You're fine anywhere as far as entertainment and food go.

    3. knapplc


      With the 680 beltway, just about everywhere in Omaha is close. Omaha's a pretty easy town to get around in, actually.

    4. Lyons in the Sea of Red.

      Lyons in the Sea of Red.

      The last 20 hotels I've booked I have used Travelocity top-secret hotels, never have been disappointed and always pleasantly surprised.

  9. I think this also shows the difference between recruiting and drafting. So many times schools just try to recruit talent. In the NFL, while talent is obviously important, they also look more at whether or not the individual fits in their system.
  10. Has Riley met with Nobler yet? I'm worried about that fallout.