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  1. Did you notice who he got by to block that?
  2. Is this like a Thunderdome situation?
  3. I went with: Corcoran OT Betts WR Greene ILB Manning WR Francois S Morrison RB If I could expand it to eight, I'd include: Fleming WR Scott III RB
  4. I'm late to the live stream. Was there ever a Nebraska hat? Is that what they're trying to track down now?
  5. Picked up a Switch on Black Friday for my 7 year old boy. He turns 8 on the 26th. Going to get Minecraft and Mario Odyssey to get him started. Went back and forth on getting a Switch or PS4, but ultimately figured at his age he'll have a lot more fun with the Switch.
  6. In the process of making a shirt that reads "I Survived The Great Huskerboard Software Conversion Scare of 2019." 

    1. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      We are truly through the looking glass.

  7. Going to put the TV in the garage and fire the smoker up for some ribs. Watch the game and play some yard games with the family.
  8. I went with: Mills Bland Gates Starks Jordan Mao
  9. I'm not saying KU's facilities are better or on par with Nebraska's, as I haven't seen either in person, but they are newer. I watched a walk through that Ben Leber (former KSU player) did at KU's new facilities and he even mentioned how much better they were than KSU's, which I believe are also newer than Nebraska's.
  10. Enjoy it Iowa, won't be getting many more of those.

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