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  1. This might be the best post I’ve seen on husker board
  2. IDK... Lovie Smith even now might make a run at Frost in his prime. lol. Nah, Scott wins duh.
  3. Cornfed

    Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

    Only thing that's better here...well, and the mountains I suppose.
  4. Cornfed

    May as well get hypothetical today..

    Our national perception is changing, regardless of our record. People are recognizing the direction we are trending and some of the pieces we have in place. If we finish strong this season I would be surprised if we weren't preseason 20-25.
  5. Cornfed

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Not related but If someone doesn’t stop Bama.. our 95 team will be dethroned.
  6. Cornfed

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Case in point. You want to all of a sudden be a team that wins top ten matchups on the road? It’s about progress and we made a huge step in the right direction today. Do you not recognize this?
  7. Cornfed

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    It really is absurd.
  8. Cornfed

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Proud of this team. I know a loss is a loss but to go into the horseshoe and only lose by 5 to a team that has continually rolled us is as close to a win as you can get. Future is bright!
  9. Lol - Matt Vrzal.
  10. Cornfed

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    I wish Ohio st would have won in a close one though.. would have exposed some weaknesses but not made them hungrier.
  11. Cornfed

    Has Owen left the building?

    ✌️For good
  12. Cornfed

    Could this be the week? Talking Skers vs Cats

    I believe that we are a better team than we were when we played troy...
  13. Cornfed

    Nebraska is ranked 9th.

    Who cares