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  1. Go away. 4-8 to 4-2 so far. yeah, you’re right.. no sign of progress here
  2. There’a just no winning with some of these folks.
  3. Lol. Give it a minute. We don’t know exactly where things are at in planning/development. These details are probably still being refined.
  4. Who all is visiting next weekend?
  5. Uh what? Common opponents and the eye test is a large factor in how you are viewed and ranked. And you missed my main point.. that this is a better team than USA and we are performing better against said team.
  6. Regardless. I’m just iterating the fact that they’re not a pushover. A much better team than South Alabama.. which indicates improvement.
  7. Cool. Yeah, a dominating win against a team that put up a fight against #13 - Utah.. thanks for your input.
  8. 369 yards in the first half.. that’s more like it
  9. Agreed. We are not going to find a better coach and he needs time. I’m confident he will get it done and that year after year we will continue to get better.
  10. I knew you'd come around
  11. Well, that's not exactly my shtick but neither is whining about how we're "so bad" after one game. P.S. i've survived this board a little longer than you my man
  12. oh so this board is only for the defeatists. I see.
  13. Like how Ohio State was going to destroy us last year.. the same team that lost to Troy. You pessimistic whiners are annoying.
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