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  1. “Fickell isn’t leaving Cinci for any job other than OSU” “Oh Deion isn’t going to take a cold weather job” both turned out to be not true.
  2. I sure hope missing out of Fickell and Deion doesn’t come back to bite us in the a$$. Really hoping Rhule is the right choice…can’t help but have my doubts.
  3. Can you IMAGINE if he had won some more games, got the HC job and did the same thing!? What a s#!t show that would’ve been. What a bummer for him and his fam though.
  4. Boo…underwhelming, mediocre.
  5. Hope you’re right. No reason we can’t do better.
  6. At this point in their careers Fickell > Urban. …sure would be happy with either tho.
  7. Don't be fickle...hire Fickell. Not even a dad.
  8. Lol. That 1-7 conference record really gets you moist huh?
  9. We are THE most creative team in finding ways to lose. Unbelievable.. honestly, wish I wouldn’t have turned the game on. I’ve never felt that way.
  10. This is annoying. I want something to substantiate! I am impressed with the way it’s being handled tho.. and believe that there has never been a more methodical, strategic hire. Hope it works out well.. whoever it is.
  11. Boo if it’s Rhule. Just accepting mediocrity. Can’t wait to watch him add to his ranked wins.. ugh.
  12. I’ve heard a lot of people say stupid ish like this. A. Money talks B. DS cares deeply about his legacy. What better way to cement that then waking the sleeping giant that is Nebraska Please tell my why the hell this would be so outlandish? I’ll wait. Hop on twitter my friend.
  13. There’s a lot of smoke about DS. Fingers crossed.
  14. How can your top choice be a coach who is 0-10 vs ranked opponents!? Baffles me.
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