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  1. Whistlebritches

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    It's all hearsay but there are other reports that the Kaep story is fake.
  2. Whistlebritches

    The Democrat Utopia

    All those lucky poor folks that don't make enough money in a year to have a tax burden.
  3. Whistlebritches

    Green New Deal

    Calling for a vote on the GND probably isn't the masterstroke by McConnell that people are thinking it is. The polling for it is pretty positive and even more so when the individual items of the GND are broken out. Obviously it's not going to pass right now but the environment is big issue that's only growing in support.
  4. Whistlebritches

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    She's going to have a hard time distancing herself from the anti-LGBTQ messaging in her past. I don't think the people that got duped by Trump when he held up a rainbow flag are going to fall for that trick a second time but who knows.
  5. Whistlebritches

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    If Schultz really wants to do everything possible to remove Trump from office then he will join a party and go through the primary process. I understand that he doesn't line up real well with either party right now but if he truly thinks that running as an independent is going to remove Trump from office he's not smart enough for the job. HOWARD SCHULTZ, FMR. STARBUCKS CEO, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: I've spent the last almost 40 years building the kind of company which we serve people, 100 million customers a week. We employ almost 400,000 people. I’ve spent my entire career building consensus, creating imagination and innovation and working well with people on both sides of the aisle. President Trump to me is not the litmus test for the presidency and not the litmus test for what I'm going to try and do. What I will say is I'm going to do everything I can to remove President Trump from office.
  6. Whistlebritches

    The Republican Utopia

    I realize that McConnell is largely hiding but every time Graham sticks his face in front of a camera someone should be there asking him if he understands the idea of coequal branches of government.
  7. Whistlebritches

    Trump and the Press

    Trumps television address didn't have much of an impact.
  8. Whistlebritches

    The Republican Utopia

    Maybe it's been happening for far longer than I realize...but when did it become the job of congress to shield the president from legislation he may not like? The senate passed a CR (unanimously I believe) that would have almost certainly passed the house if not for Paul Ryan refusing to put it to a vote. It probably would have been veto-proof. Congress, instead of doing their job, are shielding POTUS. Pass legislation that your constituents want and let the President veto it.
  9. Whistlebritches

    *** Official Michigan State Game Thread ***

    Play to win the game. That drive was playing to not lose.
  10. Whistlebritches

    The Angry Violent Left

    This thread really delivered it for me. I've been on vacation so I was a couple pages behind on the thread. As I get to the end of page 11 I think to myself that the only thing missing here is Bnill bringing Obama into the conversation. It's his signature; it always happened back before he got his name changed when he posted here more frequently. And then it happened. Part way down page 12 and he posted the video about Obama and Fox. I seriously laughed out loud. I don't know how you guys continue to argue with him.
  11. Whistlebritches

    Incendiary topic titles

    I'm not trying to get all tin-foil hat conspiracy theory here or even necessarily suggest that it happened but I'm VERY skeptical that the government would tell us if votes had been changed by hackers, Russian or otherwise. Can you imagine if that was announced? If there was evidence of it occurring in one city why couldn't it happen elsewhere? How could we as citizens trust the outcomes of anything on that ballot?
  12. Whistlebritches

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Four thoughts about what I heard yesterday. 1. I didn't really believe his explanation about 'boofing' but kids are weird and come up with inside jokes all the time. 2. I didn't at all believe his devil's triangle explanation. I really wish someone would have asked for a couple rules of the supposed drinking game. 3. There's no way in hell that guy hasn't drank to excess in his college years. 4. His attacks on Democrats in his prepared statement really bothered me when it's supposed to be an apolitical position. Kavanaugh probably lied under oath yesterday and it's not going to matter because the R's are playing to win. A couple Senators and Reps will lose their seats this fall but that's just collateral damage for locking up a SC Justice for the next 30 years.
  13. Whistlebritches

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    It was 75 and sunny outside while there was a terrible game of football on the TV. I turned it off and took my older kid to the golf course for an hour and then took the younger one to the park. There are too many fun things to do on such a beautiful day that don't involve watching a bad game. I suppose that makes me a bad fan but if DONU wants four hours of my attention on the weekend they need to put out an entertaining product.
  14. Whistlebritches

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    That sworn declaration is quite a read, wow.I wish it had come from someone other than Avenatti but I guess he delivered. At this point Kavanaugh has to keep denying and fighting against this because he's got a lot more to lose than becoming a Supreme Court Justice.