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  1. Mayor Pete needs to start polling above 0% in the African-American demographic before he can be taken as a serious contender.
  2. I don't think Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw thought this tweet all the way through. He's apparently loaning out handguns to people who can't be troubled with going through the proper steps to obtain one legally.
  3. There's a kind of interesting second part to this story. The only thing here that is actually illegal is the off-duty firefighter using his ccw handgun to hold this person at gun point. Under current laws in Missouri the guy with the rifle, ammo, and body armor had done nothing wrong and should not have been detained by a civilian. What do you do if you're the firefighter? It's an impossible position.
  4. But what if next time it's the Saudi's providing info to the Trump campaign specifically so they can get their hands on more nuclear tech? Or the Iranians offering whatever they could find from Trump's kids phished personal email account to the Dem candidate so the US doesn't bomb the s#!t out of them. I'm not so naive as to believe it doesn't already happen to some extent but I'm really bothered by the idea of it happening so freely.
  5. What an interesting question. I'm an Xer and my first thought is that no, I wouldn't trade. The crap kids have to put up with today on social media isn't worth it. Thanks for giving me something to think about tonight while I walk the dog.
  6. The majority leader in both houses of congress have way too much power in regards to what makes it to the floor to get voted on. I realize they need a way to not spend all their time on BS bills but something needs to change. Maybe something like....if a bill passes one house the other has to address it. Take HR1 for example which was designed to address voting right, campaign finance, and lobbying. It passed the House and then the Senate leader simply squashed it without it ever making it to the floor.
  7. If they had actually found NOTHING the full report minus grand jury information would have been released to the congressional judicial committees 10 days ago and we wouldn't be having this dog and pony show this morning.
  8. Following this line of thinking we can assume that Republicans in the near future will: Let every industry self-regulate like what is proposed with pork. Reduce the corporate tax rate to 0%. Kick everyone off health insurance that doesn't turn a profit.
  9. How can you tell when you look at a page on the internet if it's controlled by Hydra the Uni-party?
  10. At every town hall and every debate the Dem candidate in the general election of 2020 needs to remind voters that Donald Trump wants to eliminate the ACA. They cannot let voters forget.
  11. Pence either doesn't trust himself around a woman in a 1-on-1 situation or he doesn't trust her to not make false accusations. I'm not sure which is worse.
  12. Surely you took some pictures with your phone. Please share.
  13. People have been asking for Trump supporters to join this part of the board to have some back and forth. Well, here it is.
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