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  1. It's likely the staff encouraged him to go visit Minnesota. My guess is that he doesn't have a committable offer at the moment.
  2. Things have developed quite well for the good guys here. Multiple predictions have changed to him becoming N.
  3. What are we potentially apologizing for?!
  4. I just think the timing is really bad, and outweighs what fans should or should not do. In an isolated situation, I would say there's no reason to get all worked up. Context matters.
  5. Sometimes I don't think coaches realize how much of them is under the microscope, especially at Nebraska. In this case, coach Knighton has to be smarter than that. The timing is really bad and the washing out of a bio on X, along with changing the Nebraska based avatar are moves that are associated with decommitting recruits and players leaving for the portal. It's such a college football thing to do. I don't blame fans one bit for freaking out. It comes with the territory.
  6. I am sure there will be some clarity on this today or tomorrow morning.
  7. Yeah there were some hints for sure, but I never knew exactly what it was.
  8. Back in March I was told something very cryptic and it essentially read: "Someone needs to reel in that DB coach" in reference to Nebraska. I thought it was because of his arrogance and "crowning" by Rhule.
  9. They'll test his movement after a camp and then situate him accordingly. I would put him on offense first if I had to pick.
  10. He's a baller. Now it's about finding the right spot so he can grow.
  11. Yeah but neither of those guys are coming to Nebraska. They are also all over the place with their recruiting. He needs to be peer recruiting Dawson, Loftin, and Jones. He probably doesn't even know who they are.
  12. Dammit lol. I thought I deleted it in time...
  13. He's N and has officially joined the team. Announcement on twitter will be between now and tomorrow.
  14. Munson over at On3 put a prediction for us to land him. There was some smoke leading to this visit that it was trending that way. I hope it happens.
  15. I know and others were confident about Nebraska as well. Something changed on Tuesday. The season cannot come soon enough.
  16. Crickets at this point. I asked Tim Verghese over at Rivals about him and he said Isaiah has gone silent
  17. I think Rhule was really selling him hard for a potential destination in the future.
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