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  1. This program really struggles to piece a complimentary roster together. Rhule is going to have to hitch his strategy to the portal just a little bit every year. They need a dynamic running back and good pass first QB. Then two lineman who can start. Anything beyond that will be gravy.
  2. He's a stud. He moves so effortlessly and at that size it is very impressive.
  3. HS tape should look like this from a production standpoint. Other than that, Rex is good. His fundamentals are sound and he has natural fitting instincts. I would take.
  4. In complete agreement here too. Sky is the limit in some cases if they start off hot.
  5. I completely agree. With this roster, the expectation should be a bowl game and the chance to win 7-8 games.
  6. Yes but that one is hard to overcome because it is true.
  7. Other schools are telling recruits that our staff is filled with coaches who have little to no experience, causing players to take a wait and see approach or just commit elsewhere. I think if we start off well or have a good season, they will flip.
  8. oh my. Impressive stature and presence in the pocket. The ball flies out beautifully and he is still so young. Expect him to blow up and if I am Nebraska, this is my guy.
  9. The former for sure. He has room to be reshaped a bit. He reminds me of how Maliek Collins looked coming in as a freshman. He has really good hands and coordination with his feet. He has to fix that arch in his back in his stance. Guys will just take him down with his own momentum if they were to play head up.
  10. Physically, he is very developed.
  11. I did and one of the parts I hated the most are his spin moves on punt returns. That will get him killed in a Nebraska practice against the third team.
  12. Nebraska has no issue attracting WR's and I don't think this staff is going to whiff there.
  13. There's always that possibility. I won't be mad if I am wrong. I genuinely want these kids to be successful no matter what. With that said, I just don't see it.
  14. I am going to get killed for this but here we go. This is a very overrated prospect. His track prowess does not carry over. He can only play in a straight line and he doesn't demonstrate burning ability in that. He lacks suddenness which is much more important. Fast guys on the field have spring like ability. He runs choppy and takes too long to get going. He has good size and could eventually develop into a good receiver but it won't be because of his track times. Considering that he's a two year to wait, I wouldn't even bother.
  15. I have spent the last two weeks going through everything that I could for this incoming class. I tried to be as objective as possible watching the tape of these guys. I am willing to stick my neck out here and say that Rhule hit a home run with this transition class. I would go through all the guys but I think I see why they were not pushing too hard for portal dudes this second time around. I have no clue as to how Kwinton Ives got lost in the recruiting cycle. He is a natural running back with freakish ability. I fully expect Dylan Rogers to fit into that room immediately and position himself to have dibs on playing in 2024. Jeremiah Charles and Ismael Smith-Flores are not raw, and I think we're going to find out very quickly. Demetrious Bell might work his way into the 5 deep by the end of fall camp. He plays sudden and is very refined already. Gottulia is already showing he belongs. Ethan Nation is going to find himself in spot duty or not even redshirting and playing a lot on special teams. Eric Fields is going to play a lot. Riley Van Poppel is going to play and get it figured out by the middle to end of the season. We know about Lendhardt and Princewill. I think this class is going to make up a significant amount of starters next year and the very least will provide us with significant and highly productive depth.
  16. This is my theory on him. I think he is an excellent practice player. I know guys in sports who can really look good in practice because they're good in simulated scenarios. Gabe Ervin really struggles to make a good first step and go. Aside from a few mis direction carries against OU two years ago, he looked really bad. Then scrawny Rahmir comes in and breaks off 17 yard gains while carrying guys. He needs to be a gamer and he hasn't proven he can be yet.
  17. When the bullets are flying, Gabe Ervin cannot see the hole. He has about as bad of vision that I have seen from our Rb's in a long time. If this staff doesn't get in their own way, it's Ajay and Rahmir. If Grant gets his stuff together, then throw him in obviously. The biggest mistake will be not finding a role for Rahmir. I've seen enough from Gabe. Trust me, I like his build the most and would love for him to be a guy but I dont see it.
  18. At this point, I am over him being apart of the class. Based on my experience with kids, he is looking for reasons to leave the state.
  19. Nebraska should take all three if they can. The system allows for that. If this D is going to be attacking or have a fourth down lineman, you can have three speed rushers for LBs.
  20. He is sudden and well put together for being a tad under 5ft 11in. I like him a lot.
  21. Fongbomb of him recommitting to the guys in scarlet and cream. Did I mention he would be an elite MLB?
  22. Out of all the hires so far, this is the one I'd say get excited about. He is going to get some dudes now that he's here.
  23. He is in that top tier of young coordinators who were going to get a job anywhere in the country.
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