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  1. I think Logan will be fine. Did anyone else notice Nebraska taking up another 5-7 seconds in the play clock last weekend? They even found a nice rhythm doing so. I'm glad they're using the Big ten strategy for once. It benefitted them well against Wisconsin. All three facets should be playing inspired football. The defense should dominate, and that alone should give us a good chance. The key as we all know is special teams. We need to kick it in the end zone every time. Make them earn it. Also, Frost needs to take the points. 3 will feel like 7, as it usually does in this conference. I know we have been far from automatic, but we have to kick. Start Marvin Scott. He is steady and is a natural between the tackles. We need that desperately. Sprinkle in more option and get Betts involved. I'm calling my shot: Cam Taylor Britt or Marquel Dismuke is going to get a very important interception that will swing this game if Nebraska is ready to seize a victory. It will be had.
  2. If there is one thing that I like about Logan over Adrian is that he makes quick decisions. I imagine Frost will call this game like he did at UCF.
  3. Alright. I just went back and watched his HS tape and then compared it to some of his playing tape here. I will pull back a little on what I said earlier. And that's my mistake. He still is what he is NOW, but dang he looks very unsure of himself at Nebraska. He was much more smooth and had way more agility and balance. What a shame. Good riddance Held.
  4. Ah man, these stats don't say anything to me. I get it, but turn the tape and watch it. Also, those guys provided a lot more on special teams too. Sevion isn't that good as of right now. He's not horrible, but he was not trending towards that kind of career. I was trying to be nice, because I do not think Ryan Held can develop at all.
  5. I know a lot of people wanted Sevion Morrison to work, but it has been everything but smooth since he got there. From academics, weight gain, injuries, and the lack of development, he needed to be wired a little differently for it all to work out. I think he came in a little overrated but I don't think he lacked talent. What he is right now is a choppy, upright, and unnatural looking running back. For his own sake, it's best he gets a fresh start somewhere else.
  6. Ameer as a freshman was head and shoulders above the guys we have now. A lot of that has to do with development.
  7. I do think he would have benefitted from a new coach, as I believe all our running backs will. I will say though, we needed someone to leave from that room. There is a guy who deserves to play and that's Marvin Scott. I have been consistent in promoting him because he just does what's asked of him. He is steady and capable. Give me the non flashy 4 to 5 yards a run over the hope that one guy explodes onto the scene. And if you have that guy, he can't be sloppy and tripping all over himself.
  8. I hear you but I wholeheartedly disagree. Ameer and Rex were the real deal right away. So much so that they scared off 5 star talent.
  9. I figured he'd be the one to leave. I'll be honest, I was never impressed with him once he got here. I hate his running style, bad hips, choppy footwork, and body type. They tried to get him going through experience but he lacked a lot of things to be good. I also never understood why so many fans thought he was the best RB on deck. He was 4th to 5th at best. Sorry to rail on the kid but since he's gone, I wanted to share that. He wasn't going to last.
  10. Maybe my thinking is a bit wishful, but I do hate them. I hate them more than Iowa.
  11. I understand but they’re starting to dip. They’ve been pretty irrelevant from the national stage and now they’ve been outshined by the likes of Iowa and northwestern. I think they’re closer to the middle of the pack than they are to national relevancy.
  12. With a ceiling of division champs and a 14 point loss in the conference championship. As consistent as Wisconsin or Iowa is, they will never sniff a natty and will almost never win the conference.
  13. He has been hurt most of the time but got healthy towards the middle of the season. He actually has played a lot but the ball doesn’t get thrown to him. They’re trying to teach him the nuances of playing receiver, which I understand, but they do not do a good job of utilizing his speed. He plays mostly on the outside. I’m actually expecting to see more of him these next two weeks. I think he’s ready to assert himself.
  14. I agree but Payne, Tannor, Thomas, and Honas are not players you kick off. All are productive and can still develop further. All four get pressure too. We can’t afford to get rid of any of them. Clements plays on special teams and is moving up the depth chart. It’s the offensive line for me that needs to start letting guys go.
  15. I don’t care who it is lol just give me competency and development.
  16. I agree. We have to play with an edge and smart at that position.
  17. I'd have to imagine Helfrich is in the top three. I wouldn't hate that at all. The guy is suited to be a life long OC, and a damn good one.
  18. I saw this list and couldn't believe it myself. Many of those guys are really good and in the plans for next year. I will say this though. We need to trim the fat off our roster and especially at offensive line. There are too many non-contributors and 1AA talents.
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