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  1. It was good while it lasted. 

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    2. BigRedBuster


      @jaws I wouldn't be surprised if the NCAA thinks they are in an uncomfortable spot.  However, they shouldn't be.  At the time he took the money, it was against the rules.  Thousands of other athletes abided by the rules and didn't take money.  If he gets caught...unfortunately for your team, it should be punished appropriately.  

    3. jaws


      @BigRedBuster I agree. I don't know how many athletes have stayed 100% clean but the rules are the rules. I just hope the punishment fits the "crime". 

    4. Xmas32


      Tricky spot for Chase Young...does he decide to come back?  Outside of the opportunity to play for a national title there is absolutely no reason for him to come back.  He's a top 5 pick guaranteed.  If I were him, I'd need to explore what the insurance market looks like in case he pulls a Jaylon Smith.  I remember when Ifo Ekpre-Olomu from Oregon got hurt before the Rose Bowl his senior year (he came back despite having a 1st round grade) and he cost himself tens of millions. 

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