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  1. I tried the Cal for Nebraska group but they didn't have any information. Still looking for Central CA Huskers! I know we have to be out there!
  2. Hello all, My husband and I are soon relocating to the Fresno area. We have not been able to find any info on Husker groups in that area of California. Any other Huskers out there that live in Fresno or the surrounding area?
  3. Thanks for the helpful replies....I'll love the Huskers until I die and I'm proud of where I'm from so I love this for a tattoo. It's better than the random tattoo I had to have when I was 18. It has meaning and thought...I only needed help with some artistry. Thanks for trying though
  4. Hello all, my husband and I were both born and raised in Nebraska but moved about 6 years ago. I will always be a Nebraskan and a Husker. We work for the Federal Bureau of Prison's and unfortunately there are none in Nebraska. So until we retire, we're never going to live in Nebraska Basically I want to get a tattoo signifying my love for my home state and the Huskers. I'm trying to come up with something more creative than just the N with Huskers through it but that would be ok if I can't come up with anything. SO I need all of your creative thoughts. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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