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  1. I was a bit annoyed that ND did not really try to hire Fickell.
  2. I have the same response to those who tear down statues and shred the Constitution.
  3. Putin got a warrant that said Zelensky had overdue books from the Moscow library.
  4. You trusted them when they said Trump was a Russian agent too. A pretext is optional in post-constitutional America. It is enough that you know he is an enemy of the state.
  5. This conflict is between the Leftists and the Americans. Everything you have said indicates which side you are on.
  6. No it's not an honest question. It's diagnosis of the mind of the liberal who apparently projects what he does. You persecute advisors to your political enemy on any pretense; conservatives do not. You harass Supreme Court Justices when Constitution is read plainly; conservative do not. You raided a former President's home; conservatives do no such thing. We have met the enemy and it is you.
  7. It does not apply to the Presidency as the statutes cannot overrule the Constitution, although apparently, the DOJ can. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2650328
  8. And I have to vote for him a 3rd and 4th time before the Left finishes turning the USA into a 3rd world autocracy, which you most likely voted for and want.
  9. Dodd may not be totally in the loop but at least he is not a click bait machine.
  10. Comments said that Bama had the most appearances being the other team 8 times. Michigan/ND/Nebraska had 5,4,3. Also from comments: WahDizzy 2 weeks ago That Texas vs. USC game is one of the greatest B1G vs. SEC games I've ever watched live.
  11. Johnny Rodgers Punt return against Oklahoma.
  12. There was some youtube video displaying the most famous play for every program. For the University of Pittsburgh, which claims the 1976 national title, they selected Kenny Picket scoring a TD off of the fake slide.
  13. This reminds me of the last days of the Big East. They pretended to be loyal to each other but would not speak out against the ACC as they desperately wanted an invite.
  14. The 2010 Huskers were mentioned on Better Call Saul this week. I forgot that at the time you thought you were joining an exclusive club that only admitted someone once every 20 years.
  15. Those paychecks make you want crap you don't need.
  16. I thought that was because the news schools had to 'buy' stock in the BTN out of their media distribution.
  17. Scratch one of those now that Darth Swarbrick ended our tradition of playing only FBS teams. Although losing one to an FCS would garner national attention.
  18. Maybe they will vote in the NIL salary cap.
  19. Your conference improves its historical record through expansion. Although this one actually weakens the conference record against ND. We have an edge in the rivalry despite a slight talent deficiency.
  20. That would mean the PAC killed the negotiations because their biggest remaining players think they will get promoted. Kind of like how Pitt made sure the Big East did not accept an offer from ESPN because they knew the Panthers were jumping away to the ACC soon. To the contrary, we will start buying games from the FCS soon. Where is the outrage over the end of 50 years of precedent?
  21. When a competitor lowers prices and sells at a loss it is the start of an anti-trust case. Now what happens when that competitor buys up product, likely at a loss, to corner the market? No, Notre Dame vs Toledo is not worth that much. And I have my doubts about Disney buying up the rest of everything beyond that no one can consume entertainment without paying the Mouse.
  22. Dang I misread that as CBS. 1. I want ND on CBS and 2. it would mean that Dodd of CBS was reporting on a rumor about CBS.
  23. THere will be tension in the middle east.
  24. You have to protect that Hoosier rivalry with IU. For competitive balance in your next conference iteration, what do you think of a Red/Maroon division vs other colors? SC vs UCLA Ohio State vs Mich Wisc vs MSU NU vs PSU Minn vs Iowa IU vs NW Rutgers vs Ill Maryland vs Purdue
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