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  1. MinnwiscowaSker

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    Was curious to look up how many SC kids are committed to Clemson. Just one. A three star LB who's #11 in the state. Crazy.
  2. MinnwiscowaSker

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    I challenge anyone to read this in a non-Herm Edwards voice.
  3. MinnwiscowaSker

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    When they visit recruits does Verdu ask for an ash tray and Frost a plastic bottle?
  4. MinnwiscowaSker

    DE Ty Robinson

    I hear ya and I don’t mean to bring up an exhausting thread. Just pumpin a little sunshine for the future. I think we will compete down the road. Moving on from this discussion...
  5. MinnwiscowaSker

    DE Ty Robinson

    All I’m saying is if we always settled for second that will be our ceiling. I’d love to see us build to the point that we compete for their plan A players and get some.
  6. MinnwiscowaSker

    DE Ty Robinson

    For now.
  7. MinnwiscowaSker


    Happens on my iPhone. Also tweets load after text so the screen jumps around before settling on next read post. Annoying as all getup. Happens on phone and desktop.
  8. MinnwiscowaSker

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    ESPN says we have a 98% chance of winning. I feel like I've heard that from them before...
  9. MinnwiscowaSker

    CB Shilo Sanders

    JD’s dad Rick Spielman never played in the NFL. His uncle did.
  10. MinnwiscowaSker

    DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska Commit]

    On ESPN right now. Just threw the bones. Had an INT earlier.
  11. MinnwiscowaSker

    WR Zavier Betts

    fry them in lard
  12. MinnwiscowaSker

    TO to Frost- Frost to ?

    And this QB who hasn’t taken a snap is the heir apparent... coach?
  13. MinnwiscowaSker

    Cleanest Programs

    Urb received votes!
  14. MinnwiscowaSker

    JUCO LB Will Honas [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    This guy’s a real piece of work. If we’re really looking for cultural fit, I don’t know that we’d really want kids tainted by him for two years.
  15. MinnwiscowaSker

    RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Even if he’s a bit out of shape, with the new rules he can redshirt, get in shape, and play in the final four games of the year. Happy for the kid. And us.