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  1. Why on earth does it take this long to offer top talent in the 200 mile radius?
  2. Interesting since her brother was just here visiting. I'd rather get him than keep NPG.
  3. BGR is a new one… At least he didn’t call us the Huskies.
  4. What do people do before and after the spring game? Bringing my family from out of state and trying to make it a great experience and have only been to two home games in my life. Will be the first one for my kids 4, 6 and 10. Any fan zones or tailgates or places that are a must-do? Thanks for any advice!
  5. I’m bringing my boys (4,6 & 10) down from Minnesota for their first Husker experience. Any tips for out of staters?
  6. Alabama played 75 games in its stretch. Nebraska played 63. We’ll keep seeing more as they keep playing more. Would be curious how many games the averages team played in the mid 1900s.
  7. Not sure if good or bad but that looks like what I would have thought to be the second unit.
  8. He saw Adrian with his Steak ‘n Shake cup walking into the stadium and knew it was steak inside.
  9. It appears that .04 players transferred to D2? Man that portal keeps getting weirder.
  10. Is no one going to address the fact that there's a P5 school wearing New Balance? Boston College just signed a 10 year agreement. New Balance is based on Boston. There better be some NIL attached to that. BUT STILL!
  11. They already have 22 guys signed, so I'd say its more of a nubbed middle finger.
  12. Is he foreshadowing the transfer portal is in his future?
  13. I understand this is a re-offer from the staff but if Malik is treating it like he just got offered and doesn’t remember us doing so a year ago, I can’t imagine he thinks all that highly of us.
  14. Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern & Rutgers's permanent games in this scenario... It'd be like the Legends and Leaders again.
  15. Perhaps he's a good coach? Someone who showed good things in his interview? Frost needs to win now, not hope for an in on a 2024 recruit that could start four years from now.
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