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  1. What does this mean for scholarship numbers? Another for a walk-on? Another for a transfer?
  2. You can’t say Samson is better because tOSU is “interested.” They haven’t offered and his HS teammate is the top recruit in the country and already verballed to them. I’d say Page has a better offer list and if the coaches want them both then so do I.
  3. Says the guy with “93-97” in his name. I know, I’ve got a kid with a blowup for a pic, so take that with a grain of salt.
  4. Are these guys listed in order you think we rank them or any other particular order?
  5. Why does Ruud have such a low salary? He’s way below the next lowest.
  6. Something tells me this guy may not be all about the team.
  7. We need the rustle of cornfields to start callin his name.
  8. Does anyone get run out in a year when there’s no real scholarship limit with all the old guys staying?
  9. The theory is great: any college kid can transfer to any other college or university that accepts them, with no penalty, so the same should be for an athlete. A college student should find and be accepted at the university before officially leaving the current one. The practice is bad: any college athlete can opt transfer out of a college or university, but there may not be a college or university that accepts them and has a football team that wants them. College students are forced to officially announce they're looking elsewhere before they're confident a university will accept t
  10. It’s simple math, man. He has two three-star ratings. Find the average. It’s obviously two.
  11. Team notsurewhat’shappeninghere.
  12. My gut says if he decommitted while visiting another school that he probably decommitted to join said school.
  13. I live here. This is true most years but it’s going to be 38 today. This ain’t no regular below zero year.
  14. Let's say he goes for two earlier, like statistics said he should have, misses, then scores later and misses again. Not that he was going for it, but: What's the legacy? The legacy is two bonehead calls when he should have kicked the extra point. Now the legacy is: cojones.
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