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  1. THe fact that 247 is capitalizing on this shows this has gotten a bit crazy. Glad they did. Just crazy.
  2. and we might not know for a few months with grad transfers
  3. You can make these guesses in the game at the top of the page.
  4. Their average ranking over five years is 13.7. Would be interesting to see how many teams are ahead of that for a five year average. Might not be as lowly ranked as they appear.
  5. Yes, 247. That’s what Waldo was using in the initial post.
  6. I'd love to see statistics on how many 100% committed prospects sign vs. how many >100% committed prospects sign. I'm guessing the 100% crowd is much more committed.
  7. We're always going to be grabbing local guys with lower ratings (overlooked, don't go to camps, development, whatever), so having a class of 22 or so, with five being localish three stars, and getting top ten is a pipe dream. Doesn't mean a bad class though! Even in a large class of 27, #9 Clemson has 1 five star, 12 fours and 14 threes. We are at 0-6-20.
  8. And neither did Bryce. Sorry, it was there for the taking.
  9. You certainly don't send three people to tell him you're not interested when a phone call will do.
  10. Interesting edit showing the adidas logo in the bottom left next to the N, then leaving two of his high school UA logos in there.
  11. Pelini in the pic is one thing, but the parenthesis around the n? Just say "an"
  12. I’m guessing it is more about Tate thinking he won’t be the starter and not OSUs thoughts at this point. I would imagine Ohio State wants both of them there.
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