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  1. Exactly. Its possible we go 7-0 to start the year. I think a healthy Purdue team at the start of the year will be our toughest game before Oct 31st. We will hear Nebraska is back and finally turned around - - but I'm going to try and wait until after November whether to buy into the hype (most likely unsuccessfully).
  2. Direction - absolutely no. Disappointment in where we are at is probably a better question.
  3. Did Florida State come calling??
  4. It also validates the voice he will bring in the locker room - including the example he sets of expectations. Sprinting in between drills and on and off the field is something he'll instill in other players as well.
  5. At rb, did Thompkins sustain another injury or whats the story with him? Early in the season I recall Held stating in a presser that they were trying to get him ready to contribute later in the season.
  6. That first play... yes please!
  7. Or where I can pick up one of the script "Huskers" hat:
  8. Completely agree. Extra D-linemen will be needed and its not like the OLBs are generating much of a pass rush anyway.
  9. Man, if I was Rudd and Chin I would be on a plane to Georgia this morning considering it is our bye week. Might even bring Beckton along.
  10. Adrian is still the starter. However, I think we will see Frost will design a couple packages (or implement already designed packages) with McCaffrey for the Wisconsin game.
  11. Agree - I think Jackson actually had a pretty good day on Saturday. Was much more aggressive in coming up to stop the run on a couple plays that I noticed.
  12. If we could get him here as an analyst but pay him the same as a coach - would be best case scenario as I don't see Frost getting rid of DeWitt.
  13. So you're telling me all my hoping has been for naught!! I just thought I was believing wrong... thanks for ruining Christmas!
  14. This x 100. Great take and completely agree.
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