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  1. Anyone have insight into the weekend starters/top 3 in rotation? Will it be as straightforward as Perry, Schanaman, and Olson? Bolt should have some interesting choices to make in the OF as well.
  2. Style and throwing motion reminds me of a young Vince Young.
  3. Wow... this post is littered with so many self-contradictory items it makes my head spin. The bolded portion is the only thing worth value here folks.
  4. A healthy Prochazka (allows Corcoran to slide to his natural guard position) and the transfer portal will help.
  5. The current oline is horrendous and weakest link on this team.
  6. Agreed. And apply some pressure with different blitz packages will do wonders.
  7. Top 3 1. Urban Meyer 2. Luke Fickle 3. Mark Stoops
  8. Any insight on why we haven’t seen Jack Steil this series? Is he injured? Hopefully the Bunz injury isn’t of the tommy John nature and just early spring stiffness. That would be a big loss.
  9. If Benhart uses this benching to his advantage and motivates him to figure it out, can you imagine an oline in the future of: LT - Prochazka LG- Nouili C- Jurgens RG - Corcoran RT - Benhart Not sure if Corcoran would be happy sliding to guard but he did well at the All-American game at that spot.
  10. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the Big XII to poach the top AAC teams?? Maybe that’s just me.
  11. The leverage is the TV contract money. If SEC isn't able to schedule big name out of conference opponents (from the Big Ten, ACC, and Pac 12) that brings down the value of the SEC TV deal in negotiating. I'm sure there will be exceptions for existing rivalries (Florida v FSU and Clemson v S. Car), but its a good strategic move to combat the increased value the SEC will now have with addition of Texas and OU in the SEC TV package.
  12. I'd actually like to see the Big 12 live (for at least 4 more years) to make Texas and OU either have to stay for 4 years or pay a huge buyout.
  13. Did I get drunk last night and make a post under a new account? In all seriousness, I feel the same way brother.
  14. Beau's father said one of the big reasons for picking Nebraska is we told him he could pitch and hit. Mentioned that while other schools have said the same thing, Nebraska is notorious for allowing two-way players. #thanksSchwelly!
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