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  1. Based on what I've read and heard the last couple days I think the WR depth chart shakes out as follows: X: Warner/ Falck / Liewer Y: Brown / Betts or Fleming R: Robinson/ Hickman / Belt TE: Stoll / Vokolek or Allen Very possible we see Warner and Falck on the field at the same time - including in 4 WR sets. Also expect to see Hickman in both the slot and outside (when we go to trips).
  2. Nebraska will have a nurse with them on the plane to do the COVID-19 testing upon arrival. The Big Ten also just approved that if a player tests positive on the antigen test, they are allowed to do a more thorough PCR lab test on the result to make sure it’s not a false positive. If the PCR test comes back negative they are allowed to play. Also reports that no new cases on the team since the Big Ten testing began on Sept 30 - some speculation there were a couple false positives which were later overturned by the PCR lab test.
  3. Nebraska is as likely to go 0-8 as they are 8-0. Neither are happening.
  4. Sounds like we might be on the outside looking in. I thought we were in better position than it sounds like we are for Nwankpa. “Iowa, Texas, Mizzou are all schools I check in with weekly,” Nwankpa said. “Penn State, also, and I check in with LSU every couple weeks.” https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/several-schools-strong-with-four-star-db-xavier-nwankpa?ga_source=cm
  5. Answer to first Question: Covid and the "free year" of eligibility this year. I think we are going to see a lot of this because there is a numbers crunch and uncertainty with how this free year will effect numbers down the road. I'm not sure if all recruits will state they have been "dropped" (due to ego) but I anticipate we will see decommits due to the numbers crunch after being informed their spot is no longer committable. Answer to Second Question: No. Like Mav stated, I think we are good were we at at - especially considering how many o-linemen we have as true fresh and redsh
  6. I completely forgot about Hickman! I think the WR position is the most wide open and toughest to get a read on where guys stack up.
  7. Since Frosty is not releasing a depth chart this week I figured it would be fun to predict now that Fall camp is closed: Offense QB: Martinez or McCaffrey RB: Mills / R Johnson or R Thompkins R: W Robinson/ Fleming WR: Warner / Falck / Leiwer WR: Brown / Manning or Betts TE: Stoll or Vokolek/ Allen T: Jaimes / Corcoran or Banks G: Wilson / Bando C: Jurgens / Farniok G: Farniok / Piper T: Benhart / Gaylord Defense E: Stille / Green or Rogers NT: Daniels / Riley or Green E: Thomas or Robinson
  8. I agree. I see us only losing to PSU and OSU this year (1 of them twice). Wisc will be a toss up but I think we finally exercise our special teams demons against them and Iowa to pull off close wins.
  9. This game is on Fox. If you don't already have an antenna they are pretty cheap to pick-up at Wal-Mart or off of Amazon.
  10. While most plays are designed to score TDs, every OC has plays designed to pick up certain yardages - especially 3rd plays/packages. For instance all curls, ins, and/or scissors/pick-plays aren't "designed" to score tds.
  11. You mean BIG Sam? (man did hearing that on Saturday get old).
  12. I'd prefer all whites (white jersey and white pants). Not a big fan of the black pants/white jersey combo.
  13. Completely agree, but what makes it difficult is when the fan base immediately calls for the starter to be pulled after the first 3 and out. At least we won't have fans in the stands and such calls will be confined to Huskerboard this year.
  14. Anyone hear what body part is injured and whether season ending (which is likely due to the abbreviated season)?
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