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  1. I see Yant as being a guy that gets a few short yardage touches in the 1st half and then is used heavily in the 3rd quarter to wear down the defense.
  2. The fall camp roster number will be 116. The 6 "super seniors" won't count towards the 110.
  3. 3* .87 on 24/7. I expect he will rise up to a 4* over the next year with a strong 2021 season.
  4. Dylan Riola is probably our best bet. I think Frost is building a solid foundation with area or under recruited kids in this class. He's had some splash/high 4 star kids in previous classes. This class is in an interesting spot with the number of freshman and rs freshman on the roster.
  5. Nebraska is going to have some arms next season! Perry, Shanaman, Frank, Olson, and Bunz return. Also, don't forget about Colby Gomes coming back from tommy john. Add to that Christo, Hood, and now Ornelas! Should have a strong competition for weekend starters and the backend of the bullpen should be stout.
  6. Based on absolutely nothing, the timing makes it seem as Schwartz was the back-up plan to Jalen Marshall and now has the green light to commit.
  7. Wynne is going to sign. I'd bet Hallmark will likely be gone as well, but hope I'm wrong.
  8. I think Povich leaves, 60% chance Wynne comes back, and 50/50 on Hallmark.
  9. Now in the 6th and Christo and Mason still on the board. Christo is almost a lock to be in Lincoln next year. If Mason still on the board after the 8th, I'd have to think he will be in Lincoln as well.
  10. Exactly. The Twins pick him there because they know he will sign and that they (likely)get him to sign below what the spot is worth (and use left over money in higher slots).
  11. Povich to the Twins at 98! Good for him!
  12. Almost through the Competitive Balance B (compensatory after 2nd Round) and Christo has not been taken. Signing bonuses about to drop below $1 million are a good thing for those of us rooting for Christo to come to play college ball.
  13. Losing to Illinois and Michigan State but beating Iowa... Not sure how that happens.
  14. I'd say not likely. I'm sure they have people in mind on a short list - but how would Green justify paying a search firm when he already had the hire in place? Especially with the budget cuts due to COVID.
  15. I heard he would only order Pizza Hut for office pizza parties over Valentino's.
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