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  1. Now a 4 star and #1 player in Kansas.
  2. Add in Martin - who I think is in for a big season with a lot of catches. Wouldn't be surprised to see Toure lead in yards but Martin in catches.
  3. Thanks. I had not heard that about Diedrich.
  4. Bolt confirmed today that Nebraska has put in a bid to host a regional as the sites are predetermined this year.
  5. With the number of freshman running backs, I wouldn't be surprised to see 1 (or maybe 2) leave after the spring (or get pushed out). I'm not giving up on him but I wouldn't be surprised to see Rahmir Johnson explore other options depending on his spot on the depth chart.
  6. I'd agree with 1-4 but I don't see Black making an impact this year or even next year. I'd slot in Alante Brown or Will Nixon in the 5th spot.
  7. The Athletic's mock draft released today has Jaimes going 123 overall to the Philadelphia Eagles (4th round).
  8. A more important question - where can I get that script Nebraska sweatshirt Cam was wearing in his interview? That is straight !
  9. Normally happy with a series win - but would love to see a sweep this week which should be the goal against Penn State.
  10. Bunz has been extremely clutch in relief this year. In 3 games series if we can get to the 7th with a lead I feel pretty comfortable with handing the ball the Bunz and Schwelly to close it out. Still needing another reliever to step up in the 4 game sets. Is Diederich on the self with an injury? I was fairly impressed with him in relief at the beginning of the season but haven't seen him since.
  11. Yes, it is a good thing we have some depth at safety with Farmer/NPG/Gifford pushing for playing time. I don't think its a matter of 'if' Dismuke or Williams get ejected for targeting but 'when'.
  12. Likely be the 3rd linebacker and major special teams contributor/starter. Between him and Henrich for the 3rd linebacker spot.
  13. Me too! Next years team could be very good with him back. But good for him.
  14. Bolt believes this will be Schwelly’s last year. What a year he is having!
  15. Isn't that a Frost quote? Or at least I know I've heard Frost utter it. Its always a good thing when your leaders/players are using the same quotes as the coaches.
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