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  1. The design is to act much like a mask - it really isn't intended to help you the wearer. It is intended to prevent/block a non-symptomatic carrier from spreading to others.
  2. I think the studies are showing that indoor gatherings are the most pervasive cause of the spread as it is an airborne virus. In the Midwest the most likely places to contract are at work, restaurant/bar or church. Hopefully the businesses and churches will continue to implement social distancing and mask wearing. The restaurant/bar is tough but continued social distancing and reduced capacity should help.
  3. It looks like they will only be down a coach for recruiting on the road when the dead period ends. Not that big of a deal imo.
  4. If this goes forward with only conference games (versus no games at all) expect litigation over the force majeure language. I think it will be difficult to defend if you are able to play some games but not others - ie how can you claim inability to play SDSU at home over traveling to New Jersey/Rutgers. There is really no precedent for this that I'm aware of so it will be interesting on the legal end.
  5. A little surprised to not see Jaimes make at least 3rd team. Also, thought Mills might make the list with the 2nd half of the season he had last year.
  6. It's laughable some media outlets would put Frost on the hot seat after year 2. Shows a lack of pulse/knowledge of the rebuild and workings of the current AD administration.
  7. I'm hopeful the reports on Cerni are true as well; however, he hasn't been around the game of football that long and I think it might take a year of adjustment. I know he's "just a punter" but there is still a bit of feel for the game at the position (including catching the snap and getting punt off with a live rush coming at you) and nerves at this level.
  8. Really good article and read. Very informative of Hoiberg's evaluation of last year and how he intends to move forward.
  9. Interesting choice. I'm not convinced Cerni will even be the starting punter (or make it to the States) this year over Przystup.
  10. Good news and hope you are right! A broken arm is much easier to get back to 100% than a leg - which may never be as strong as before.
  11. Braxton Clark is in line for a big year with a bunch of PT as the 3rd CB. Big future for this kid.
  12. I think it is starting to look bleak. The Ivy League is expected to announce moving the season until Spring 2021. Could be the first to set off a chain reaction like they (the Ivy League) did with conference championships in basketball. https://theathletic.com/1911122/2020/07/06/will-college-football-season-actually-happen-this-fall-ivy-league/
  13. I don’t see any need to rush a guy back who is the 3/4 corner but a special teams starter. Would like to see a conservative approach and give the kid a redshirt - and possibly contribute in the last 4 games to preserve the rs.
  14. Latrell Neville on the 4th seems to be the next one up.
  15. Odd that they would have Gunnerson on this list over Keem Green (or even some of the redshirt freshman on defense). I'm thinking Gunnerson is headed for a redshirt year as he is a tweener and will likely take a year to figure out how he best fits.
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