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  1. bugeater17

    Chinander Defense

    I think Tannor can be a game changer. Give him a few years in the S&C and familiarity in the defense and I think he will be a stud come his Junior year if not sooner (which we will need).
  2. bugeater17

    DB Quinton Newsome [Nebraska Commit]

    Impressive film. Has great break on the ball in coverage and flies to the ball to fill holes in run support. Definitely optimizes the 'no fear of failure' that Frost is looking for. Hopefully we can hang on as the SEC schools are getting interested.
  3. bugeater17

    JUCO OT Bamidele Olaseni

    Yeah - not impressed either. Looks slow, tentative and lacking the desire/motor to block in the run game (it may be he is a step slow but seems to be searching for a guy to block).
  4. bugeater17

    Chinander Defense

    I'm leery to be too critical of Chin this year. Dedrick Young is killing us in run fits and inability to fill the hole he's responsible for. Young often overruns the flow which results in him getting kicked out by the lead blocker. Chin also currently lacks CBs he trusts which necessitates the need to keep the safetys back. The only thing I am critical of is the lack of creativity in getting pressure to the QB. We saw it in the Colorado game but it has completely disappeared as of late.
  5. bugeater17

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    Yes, while Washington is special I would have liked to have seen Zig get more than 1 touch in the first half.
  6. bugeater17

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Agreed - 1- Zig 2-Washington 3-Mazour Is what I'm saying.
  7. bugeater17

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Based on PT in the Michigan game I'd say Mazour is 3rd string over Wilbon.
  8. bugeater17

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Yes - it still does apply (Edit).
  9. bugeater17

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Just because 1 non-Riley recruit leaves does not do away with (or is even relevant) to the ice cream narrative that does exist.
  10. bugeater17

    Tyjon Lindsey No Longer a Husker

    Are we able to give his scholarship to another player immediately or do we have to wait until Semester? or next school year?
  11. bugeater17

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Ha - ok. Typical St. Paul... I didn’t firgure you’d be able to support your position/statement so I’m not surprised.
  12. bugeater17

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Agreed - I don’t think anyone is saying that nor could they. Most of the starters that are recruits of Riley are not weak. However, we have no depth at a lot of key positions. Oline and CB are the most apparent.
  13. bugeater17

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Lamar Jackson. Now answer the question to the statement you made and not change the subject.
  14. bugeater17

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Really? How so?
  15. bugeater17

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Wrong - both were committed and Riley had work to do to keep them.