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  1. Any news on if he is in Lincoln to begin winter conditioning??
  2. I think your post supports my point in that recruiting has improved with Frost over Pelini. In 7 years of Pelini recruiting he had a rating over .88 once. In just three (soon to be four) years Frost has done that twice. You stated its been substantially worse but the evidence does not support that.
  3. You are missing the point of the post. It has nothing to do with player retention - which I agree with you was bad under Riley. Perhaps go back and read the post I was responding to so you have more context concerning my post.
  4. Sure... players left (but that happened under Pelini as well). The purpose of the post and figures was to evidence recruiting didn't significantly dip after Pelini as stated; instead, recruiting (not necessarily player retention) has gotten better.
  5. Both of the bolded are misleading and false. Every fanbase will have fans that claim better athletes are on the bench but I don't think the outcry was more disproportionate under Pelini then it is say now. In fact, I think fans under Frost have been worse about Frost not playing better athletes (see McCaffrey before this season and the WR position). Also, I would not agree recruiting got significantly worse after Pelini left. Instead, there has been an uptick (barely), see 247 Avg Rating: Pelini 2012: .8791 2013: .8675 2014: .8495 Pelini/Riley 2015: .8616
  6. The most important stat line @ Rutgers: 2 ints; 3 fumbles, 2 lost for a total of 4 turnovers. If he does that against a good team not playing their 2nd and 3rd string QBs the outlook on Martinez going into the offseason is much different.
  7. Not to beat a dead horse, but Mike Riley's recruiting on the O-line was subpar. 2015 produced no starters (big get was Jalin Barrett out of Oklahoma who never sniffed the field). To produce 2 starters out of 3 classes (15, 16, 17) might be worse the subpar.
  8. Its hard to believe Zatecha was just extended a PWO offer now. Perhaps there's more to the offer than we know as speculated in other threads?
  9. Visibly... as in worst looking? My wife would disagree with you.
  10. If we add Dickerson we'd jump up to 225.2 points on 247 and the No. 19 class, just ahead of Ole Miss at 224.5 (with 24 commits).
  11. Nelson and Tannor will get the most snaps - but I think Payne will see increase reps this year. Depending on his spring and fall camp, Cooper may get some reps on 3rd down/situational pass rush. Gunnerson is a year or two away.
  12. I like the thought... but if my understanding of eligibility is right Henrich will be a senior in 2024.
  13. I think the potential is there but he will need a couple years to first get healthy from his hip injury and develop the strength/speed needed at this level.
  14. No the Duck-R position is not dead in Frost's offense. Woodyard and Williams were never recruited to play that position (just look at Williams complaints on twitter he didn't get to play in the slot enough). Alante Brown and Will Nixon will compete for the role this year. The transfer of Robinson was unexpected and likely why no recruit in the class of 21. I think we will see a dip in the positions usage this year and more of an H back with Fidone and Hickmon.
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