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  1. A lot of the same…. They can’t come out flat and expect to win…… So much to play for, so much to be amped for!!!! They need to play for their coach’s jobs They need to play to turn the ship around They need to play for a bowl game. They need to play for chin and his dad!!!! Yet they came out flat. What the heck!!?!??
  2. That kid is just a bitter boy who thinks this turn around is easy. I go back to the hiring of Frost…. Everyone, and I mean everyone, said give him time it isn’t an easy flip. Year 4 are we staring down a losing season possibly? Yes!!! Year 4 are we looking at a different team then we’ve had on any of our previous 3 coaches? Yes!!!!! A suh lead team was the last time I had this much excitement watching a game. Our defense is playing hard, our offense is finding ways to make plays, our special teams were terrible but have pulled it together. This team has improved in every faucet of the game (except the final winning drive like every time). frost is improving this team and it saddens me that haters can’t see it. I guess I’m quoting you to tell you, ignore haters like that child. He’s an angry little leprechaun.
  3. IMO frost was hired for the long haul and he had growing up to do as well. He’s shown some of that this year.
  4. Baby steps. Titles don’t come day one. Culture change is hard. This team doesn’t quit like it did 4/5 years ago
  5. Jeeeesh what do you mean by that? Wow…… I mean wow
  6. But they will throw that last minute taunting to make it look fair…. That kid got a severe slapping of the hand. I bet he just felt terrible.
  7. Not even sure I can take moral victory anymore. Leaving the stadium in Norman, I was thinking ok this is a moral victory…… the two Michigan games are just travesty for cripes sake
  8. That’s how we lose every damn game. We don’t get blown out much anymore, they are all close but they are all almost always a loss
  9. If you can’t see improvement in this team you’re wrong. They are losing yes…. But this team is the best looking team we’ve had in damn near a decade.
  10. Read the nExt post and yea I do…. I just don’t watch much Iowa because I dispose them
  11. In all fairness. I REALLY hate Iowa so my hatred is showing
  12. 3 today….. and that was an int at the 24
  13. And their offense can’t capitalize on said turnovers. Stop the run….
  14. How do toy figure Iowa is better than Michigan? We truly do match up well strength for strength against those losers
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