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  1. I don’t think he’d be out a year on the Devil lettuce….. either super hard stuff or roids I’d assume
  2. I mean it says he’s frustrated clearly!
  3. What the heck did you want him to say!?!?! Well they aren’t as good as Nebraska but it’ll do? I mean… he’s a team player and wants his guys to rally behind him.
  4. You should!! I think he’s going to be pretty damn good
  5. I think it’s a non issue as I think we will see a bowl game. That being said, I do think he’s bought a lot of good will being willing to take constructive criticism and grow. We all said it when he came in… he’s a young coach with a lot to learn… he’s learning infront of us and took some major strides this off-season. I truly believe we are seeing the makings of a good coach infront of us.
  6. Everything is pure speculation. You and I don’t get to decide. I speculate that he’s bought himself time. You don’t, no need to argue about it… in a few months we will see how it unfolds
  7. Seeing what the parents are saying… seeing who he hired… seeing all in the works. I don’t believe he will be fired next year pending an 0-7 start. I think he’s bought a few more years
  8. Are they counting guys that got scholarships last year that were previously walk ons. I think they are year to year
  9. I think they’d have been paid there as well. Yes they will get more at Nebraska but isn’t that the same narrative (in a different way) we’ve pushed for years? Come to Nebraska… you are the only show in town so you’ll be a celebrity. they had to believe in frost even a little to come here… they aren’t going to “get paid” and get their faces smashed in. To get to this level…. You have to be a competitor.. these kids want to win too!!
  10. Geeesh I bet your fun at parties! I’m not sure it will work but it sure as heck works better than bringing back what we had! I think there’s a damn good shot it works!
  11. That dline went from scary to pretty decent pretty quick. Hoping the offensive line additions help too
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