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  1. And incredibly underrated. That was an amazing move
  2. Henry kicked the fg, didn’t blow any kisses to the other team..... kunalic just kicked it out.... something he never did. It’s time to turn it off and go back to work. I can’t watch the ending lol
  3. I love a good low scoring game. I know that’s not the average... that offense was terrible though!
  4. While having lunch, I’m watching an ESPNU throw back Thursday... it’s Nebraska vs Texas in the infamous big 12 championship game. Just watching some of the defensive (not offensive on that team) players just makes me miss that dominance. I often forget just how good that defense as a whole was and chalk it up to Suh carrying that team. Gomes, Hagg, Dennard, prince.... man I would love to have a def niece dominate team like that again. So fun to watch.
  5. The wind was atrocious. There kicker would kick to the back of the end zone on one side and 5 yard line on the other
  6. Mccaffrey wasn’t suited up. Vedral misses the open receivers too. Just stop
  7. I think there’s a body of work to judge by.... no one is looking at just one game here. At least they shouldn’t be.
  8. Lol i think maybe he earned a little more respect tonight. Look how much he masked a completely inept oline
  9. There is no controversy. End of story.
  10. I’d agree with this. I do do the husker 5k which then allows my family and I to go watch a “practice” which is just a pregame warm up. Watching him walk around like he’s disabled after dropping a pass is disheartening.... but watching him act a fool and act like he just doesn’t care, all while facing these impending issues, is a major concern. I don’t think he’s very mentally mature. Meanwhile, Mills kept his nose down, did the work he needed to do, and was all business. I understand this is a small snap shot but it really left a nasty taste in my mouth.... my honest opinion, if you have these charges (and at the time the weed charge).... you act grateful and happy and keep your nose clean.
  11. Oh look, you’ve made 2 total posts on this board. Both are clearly very relevant and don’t seem trolling at all!!! GO AWAY
  12. I didn’t mean you were... my apologies. Those comments are more in reference to the morons saying he should go. You are level headed and I apologize for only quoting you... that’s just laziness on my part.
  13. I’m all for criticism, and it was a pathetic second half. I just don’t think saying any second year coaches seat is warm is good practice. If we start to pressure a second year coach like that, we are no better than Tennessee. Do you guys want to be Tennessee? I sure as hell don’t.
  14. My god, are people this dumb. Go away
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