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  1. I bet he’s popular at all the parties.
  2. I mean... we have amazing recruits in this class but ok
  3. We found what the haters are going to latch onto guys! Dude writes a heartfelt reasoning but a reporter uses a tag line to get readers and that’s what we latch onto! Pathetic as usual.
  4. So is he declaring for the draft after their bowl game? It’s 3 years in....
  5. This team never quit!!!! Atrocious season, rough game and lots of turnovers.... never stopped trying, gave all the effort they could. Fought for a game that truly didn’t mean anything..... That is something I couldn’t say about this team 3 years ago....
  6. This team never quit!!!!! For all the coach hate, that’s also on the coaches. There is a lot more heart on this team in comparison to 3 years ago.... End. Of. Story.
  7. That’s what 4 turnovers and 3 more fumbles do to ya..... crazy to think with those stats we are still in this!
  8. Rutgers dline is actually really impressive this year. Very deep too
  9. I think you do. What do you have to lose here.
  10. It’s inevitable but I do like seeing all the new faces play right now
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