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  1. I thought he was removed from the team
  2. He was brought here to be a safety net if frost couldn’t get a QB. He’s now gotten 3 highly rated qbs in 3 classes..... basically his need was met and it’s time for him to move on. He is a great kid and a gifted athlete, there are just 3 better guys ahead of him. I wish him nothing but the best.
  3. Is this bad boy going to get legs? I miss the rumorville so much!!!!
  4. I’m pretty happy with the hire. He’s a great coach!
  5. A double negative makes a positive so u guess we will know????
  6. I don’t think people Realized just how close to the drain we were spiraling. This is a huge undertaking and will take lots of time.
  7. And incredibly underrated. That was an amazing move
  8. Henry kicked the fg, didn’t blow any kisses to the other team..... kunalic just kicked it out.... something he never did. It’s time to turn it off and go back to work. I can’t watch the ending lol
  9. I love a good low scoring game. I know that’s not the average... that offense was terrible though!
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