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  1. I think theres a chance that any one of them could come back. We could use him as a back up but for his future, I hope he finds somewhere to go honestly
  2. He likes his new glasses and mustachio?
  3. Haven’t seen a lot of information since the visit. Is that a concern?
  4. I’m willing to bet each one of the parents in line made a comment about him coming here to him…. They take recruitment into their own hands lol
  5. I don’t think Scott gives two flying fudgecicles about money ever again. He’s set.
  6. Really???? I felt the oline play was better…. He was given a turd and turned it into something.
  7. Last year people in here wanted to keep only him. Man alive it’s a what have you done for me lately.
  8. I learned that this team isn’t fired up! I remember going to games and watching warm ups, we had kids bouncing around like crazy. We watched mosh pits in the end zone and kids jumping up and over teammates. The kids wanted to play they were fired up to play. satueday I watched them warm up…and just go through the motions. There wasn’t any jumping around. There wasn’t any excitement. The tunnel wall seemed like they were just there, the warm up they just were there. Half trike they were just there. Heads down… I did see Nelson walking around trying to pump people up but this team just doesn’t have that fire. That burn to win. They seem almost clinical
  9. Word on the street is Ashley decommitted because we were all in on someone else’s. I think mr decked is saying this is the one we are all in on. edit because I have fat fingers
  10. I mean…. Great for recruiting
  11. I don’t think he’d be out a year on the Devil lettuce….. either super hard stuff or roids I’d assume
  12. I mean it says he’s frustrated clearly!
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