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  1. Dangit!!! I fell for it and accidentally clicked on a “sell out streak ending” thread. Ugh you got me.
  2. This is the only thread on here that really matters tonight. Thank god this young man is ok!
  3. Are you guys even watching the game against northwestern? not saying they wouldn’t beat us but it’s not a 50+ indication.
  4. Luke can not throw an accurate ball. Luke has no deep ball. adrian must have really made someone mad. Wan’Dale has a TON of heart Defense still can’t get off the field, it’s been what 18 years of that? no discipline, especially o line and the entire punt return team. I dunno where we go from here. I’ve been a true fan of frosty but I’m concerned. Does chin need to go? Almost instantly?
  5. That’s what I want to know! I thought he was being pro team but clearly something is up. How does he not see the field today?
  6. Already been said like 3 times in here.
  7. Serious question. is Adrian handling this bench horribly?!?! Why hasn’t he come in yet. For all intense purposes... Luke had RileyEd the bed today
  8. You keep saying this... who are you putting in his place.
  9. Lol 1 game in and he’s the real deal! Lord help some of you guys. You’re insane.
  10. Why not? Sets us up for so many options later.
  11. Notice that he didn’t throw it. Is his arm questionable
  12. He had one bad pass and you want to bench him?!?!? Good lord.
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