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  1. That’s a lot of titles with no duties!
  2. I love the oline coach hire. The fact he’s an unproven commodity, I think that causes an uneasiness. They aren’t worried about qb or wr but freaking out about ol.
  3. Oh snap! That sounds like some koolaid
  4. I mean are we just going to ignore the two that were already brought in? Do they not matter?
  5. I have a feeling more comments are moving to the woodshed
  6. Supposedly he was here this weekend
  7. That’s a solid pick up too. What a weekend
  8. I don’t believe he’s enrolled on Oklahoma.
  9. I really like that kid. Kinda sad but we don’t have room for him.
  10. Yupp he’s already in the directory.
  11. Isn’t he already enrolled at Nebraska?
  12. Oh I don’t think he was a good coach! Im just sick of losing
  13. True but the hope is he’d have had better options to choose from. Man lee was bad
  14. Truth! I would have loved to see what his offense could do with his style qb. wonder what bo would have been like if he could have gotten a better qb for his abysmal offense years and fantastic defenses.
  15. I agree. Dunno why qb keeps auto correcting to an. I think the days of making a qb fit a system are gone. The portal makes it easier to find a guy that fits.
  16. We’ve been down the road of making a an fit our system way to many times….. I don’t want us to do that anymore.
  17. He seems to be a hot commodity though.
  18. True. I apologize for the foul language.
  19. Well fiddlesticks. Was hoping we were a dark horse
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