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  1. Yeah, just figured there'd be no reason for family member to lie to him.
  2. Except Sean Callahan said he spoke with a family member and thus the report about another broken bone. One can only assume it was a minor setback since he's practicing?
  3. Sean only commented after 2 other people reported it.
  4. Good discussion! Listening to players talk - it's not an issue with buying into the coaches or the new system but rather doing every single thing they are being asked to do. So its getting to class/meetings on time, working harder etc. Probably some entitled kids thinking they are bought in when they could give more.
  5. Go big red and thanks puppet! Thanks to everyone else ITT for many laughs.
  6. Just had to be a part of this thread - best ever! And to the all mighty Sock Puppet - a little Christmas gift. Enjoy. GBR Note - Having problems importing a graphic... will have to try this tonight when I am home.
  7. Don't have a subscription, any way someone could summarize? Thanks! He asked that interview be done by texting. Said he had a great time and he would have to discuss with his parents. It was his first official visit. Very positive but nothing earth shattering divulged.
  8. I made sure to share the history of our team driving to their first games (poor kids): Devaney, Osborne, Berringer so when they see the statues it is more meaningful. I tell them about the traditions of the balloons, the tunnel walk and how Nebraska fans NEVER leave early regardless of the weather (this worked out really well because they are afraid to ask to leave). Just like everyone mentioned - hit the north stadium area to see the trophies, weight room, waterfall. hit the east stadium entrance for more history. On the North side of the stadium is a track and next to it is a field that they allow kids to play in (I can't remember the name ) Usually there are games, balls to throw/kick and most important this is where you can pick up red balloons. Do this activity last so you don't have to carry the balloons for hours. I found the easiest way to get into the tunnel area is to go down to the field level from your seat and walk alongside the fence to the northwest corner (by the tunnel door) and underneath the stadium and you will see the red carpet. Get there early as there will be a line! Hopefully you'll see the players arriving at the north stadium doors and the band arriving about an hour before kickoff. No doubt they will have a blast. Enjoy and yes take lots of photos.
  9. Read the update on Deadspin this morning about the ESPN interview. They are following closely and noticed for some reason ESPN removed part of their original report early this morning... the part of the interview where Manti talked about meeting her the DAY of the championship game and how he still wasn't convinced this was a hoax until Wednesday of this week. SMH Still too many questions for me. I'm counting on Deadspin to keep digging at the truth. This ESPN interview was done under circumstances controlled by Manti's lawyers who sat in on it. No doubt they controlled the questions that were asked. The kids dad was upset that a local paper wrote a negative article after the NCG... wonder what he's thinking now? Wow. Just. Wow.
  10. Wow thanks for posting this. I am sitting in this section and didn't receive the notice. Can't wait! GBR
  11. I was at the Oklahoma game that was Tom's 250th win. After the game there were fireworks and a nice video tribute. They might do something like that. The guy deserves a send off but I agree he won't want to detract from the seniors. I also went to the Orange Bowl NC game that was Tom's last game as HC. We painted our rental cars with tempera paint and one of our slogans was "Tom's Last Dance - the Tennessee Waltz". It was hysterical as TN fans asked if they could have their pictures taken in front of our car. Man those teams were good.
  12. Seriously injured on way to a team meal and in hospital. Lets send out some big red prayers to him. http://www.ocvarsity.com/sports/valley-34325-fountain-friday.html
  13. I'm reading that the tickets are now selling for $20. I bet by game day you can grab one for free... worth a try!!! Good luck.
  14. Well he gave them out tonight in the locker room. Saw photos on twitter - for real. Great game D!
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