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  1. Yes, they've won more games than us in the last two seasons.ACCAn ACC team won the national championship in 2014 and made the playoff this year. Clemson also beat OSU last year. Not a very valid argument. Clemson beat OSU? What planet did that game happen? Va Tech beat them.
  2. He did NOT make it...100%. Couldn't get travel finalized. Said he is coming in June but I'll believe it when I see it. Has more offers than any LB in the country. Loving the attention.
  3. Yeah um it says next to his name...
  4. Not true at all. He's going to OSU....let him and frost go people.
  5. Pretty surprised at the lack of votes for our scout team MVP Wilbon. He or Taylor are going to be our best backs by the end of the year. I think Newby will start game one but will end up in more of a utility role lining up on the outside a lot and moving around the field. The reviews on Wilbon are impressive...feel like he is going to be a thousand yard rusher next year.
  6. I'm going to say they are greatly exaggerating the cold for 5 months...we are not Michigan or Minnesota cold. I've played golf in December and have worn shorts on Thanksgiving many, many times. December, January and Feb can get pretty cold but the rest of the year it's not bad. Summer can get hot and humid but coming from Orleans you might laugh at that comment. Welcome to the Family!!!
  7. Weird...looks like he deleted his response to Kendall. Hmmm
  8. The only reason I could see even a somewhat highly touted recruit going to Colorado at this point is for reasons other than football and will probably end up in trouble and never heard from again. Hahaha did you really just write that? I hate the Buffs but that is one of if not the most beautiful campuses in the world with great academics. If you think the law they passed has changed anything with college kids you are watching too much Fox News.
  9. You folks need to watch some Scott frost highlights. Tough as nails... Oh then he played safety in the NFL. No big deal Also surprised at the lack of Eric Crouch votes...his run on that poor Iowa defender is still one my favorites of all time.
  10. I heard we cooled on him big time...most likely due to Stanton
  11. Bummer...something that Nebraska seems to have an issue grasping. Being last when selling a product or service is much better than being first.
  12. Where did you read this? Just read his update from the Spurrier visit and he listed his top 4 with us included.
  13. Wow this topic is embarrassing. Bo is the best thing to happen to NE since Osborne. He has won a National Championship at LSU, a Super Bowl for the 49ers and turned our team around from the worst teams since the 60's to a top ten defense, and two back to back conference championship games while at the same time re-building the culture that Callahan destroyed. I'm not going to waste the time to look but whoever started this topic and agreed are clueless fair weather fans that should move to Boulder or Columbia. And yes I still would be posting this had we lost to Ohio State and Michigan State. We are a young team transitioning to a new conference with different styles than we have been recruiting/preparing for. GBR and Go Merica
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