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  1. I think if we are to get him, that this would definetly be the top DB class in the nation. Can you imagine having Jackson, Mithcel, and Lyons in the same class.
  2. I'm glad you brought Brion Carnes up because I he is someone that will have an extra year of practice over Jamal Truner and Bubba Starling (If he makes it here), he also looks like someone that has the it factor in him. The future looks bright for Nebraska at the Quarteback position.
  3. Welcome , really nice addition to the . I know we are setting up pretty good on the defensive backfield but it would be really nice if we could somehow get Wayne Lions to commit as well. GO BIG RED
  4. This is so true, I just hope it is not an 11:30 kick off.
  5. Charles Jackson would be my guess as the next commit. Also, the tight end visiting this weekend my commit as well. After that we need to concentrate on the D-line more than any other position.
  6. Tyler Moore is a beast and with the rest of the guys we have coming in to play in the o-line you can expect great things from the Huskers in the coming years. The one missing piece for the o-line right now is Hobbi.
  7. He commited to the Cyclones on Thursday, I didn't see it posted so I figure I would fill you guys in. Hope everything goes well for him at Iowa State.
  8. beat me to it, I believe we did cool down on him. It sounds like a Iowa State commit to me.
  9. the kid has moved on, I say we do the same. Congratulation Dylan on finding a great school to go to. Now let go get Cyrus Hobbi and get him
  10. nice get, looks like he will be a really good one. Welcome
  11. there is a teaser on the UCLA rivals website about him doing an interview. Does anybody know what he said on that interview?
  12. Personally I think he deserves to be a top 10 guy. We are talking about a future first rounder and yet they have him listed at # 46. WTF? Here is the link from rivals http://collegefootball.rivals.com/photofeature.asp?fid=33125
  13. I bet this commitment don't stick out until signing day. Does not sound like he knows what he wants.
  14. I agree, if he has already seen UCLA but still considers us a strong second than I really like our chances of him joining D-line U.
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