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  1. If you don't like what the media is writing, stop reading it. There's no excuse for letting it affect your program.

  2. Let's be real. The truly big news on Twitter today was that Bo has seen that picture with the cat.

    1. zoogs


      What'd he think?

    2. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      He's trying to figure out who leaked it.


    3. CornHOLIO


      the dog did..mistook the cat for

      a fire hydrant

  3. We have a long snapper on scholarship, right? Maybe we need to offer a designated punt returner...

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    2. Hercules


      2010 we were 14th, but that was helped by Eric Hagg's 95 yard return for a TD against Texas.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Special teams have been subpar for two years. KR has been unimpressive, PR has been downright bad, and punting has been erratic. Only good thing is most kickoffs are unreturnable.

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Wester's muff was not the only problem. The 69 yarder into the wind that was not even attempted to be fielded. Newby was way too shallow even considering the wind. ST does need some attention.

  4. Time to fantasize about what our offense would have done to UCLA had we hired Scott Frost 3 years ago...

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    2. beanman


      Time to fantasize about a threesome

    3. Count 'Bility
    4. Count 'Bility

      Count 'Bility

      Of course had it been Oregon, it'd be 8-0, so we'd a have that going for us.

  5. Zach Zenner rushed for 4 yards on 8 carries against NDSU today.

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    2. huskerhill


      Only 8 carries because SDSU knew they couldn't run it

    3. Fuzzy


      SDSU played Craig Bohl and the NDSU Bisons. They moved to 4 - 0.

    4. Chaddyboxer


      f#*k it...let NDSU have Bama

  6. Man, Sip went OFF.

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    2. whateveritis1224


      We fire Bo for this reason, it sets us back. But even before this he was on a short leash with performance on the field. I'm good with Bo as the coach, but depending on how the AD and Perlman handle this, they might burn that bridge and no matter how Pelini performs the rest of the way he still might be gone.

    3. walksalone
    4. whateveritis1224
  7. Devin Gardner threw 2 interceptions in the first half? Hmm...

    1. Michiganball


      Yea, that makes me a bit nervous, though he's been gold in the second.

  8. Holy. Crap. #breakingbad

    1. OH HSKR FAN


      A showdown with Walt and Jesse is imminent.

  9. Anybody else listen to the Husker Prayer talk on Benning/Sharp Friday morning?

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    2. Hercules


      Since the Callahan era, the team has been saying "until we can't be beat, won't be beat." I guess the correct version is "the team that can't be beat, won't be beat." Benning and Foreman were pissed.

    3. tschu


      I always thought huskerboard was doing it wrong based on our high school coach, who played for NU, said "the team" and I figured he of anyone would know the prayer. "Until" just sounds awful

    4. iowahusker09


      Benning seemed more pissed that the public knew the prayer. He seemed to think it was for husker ears only

  10. Any article that includes the phrase, "Tom Osborne was the balls," is worth a read. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/6/17/4425452/nebraska-football-dynasty-sec-record

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    2. ShawnWatson


      No, Ron Burgandy is the Tom Osborne of broadcasters.

    3. The Dude
    4. NUance


      Just got around to reading the article. Great read!

  11. Discovered "Firefly" about a year ago. Since, then, I've gotten hooked on "Buffy," "Angel," and "Dollhouse." They should let Joss Whedon write all the television.

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    2. Hercules


      Yup, seen it. It was excellent.

    3. husker07


      Never seen Firefly. I've heard it's awesome. Used to love Angel.

    4. SECHusker


      Firefly is great!

  12. Completely overshadowed by Kenny Bell's block was the fact that Jamal Turner split 3 defenders to get into the endzone. I love our skill position players.

    1. HuskerFowler


      I told my buddy sitting next to me in the stadium it just ruined Jamals breakout play

    2. EZ-E


      Paul Crewe opened my eyes to a few things tonight as he told me that the Wide Receivers play this year masked our problems pass blocking along the OL.

    3. zoogs


      That's a great point EZ.

  13. Getting completely outcoached. Nothing surprising about what Nebraska has done so far, and Wisconsin has shocked Nebraska in about 10 different ways. Why is it that every single game, Nebraska comes out looking confused while the other team goes on the offensive?

    1. knapplc


      Crazy, isn't it? The movie about Limbaugh's life will be a comedy. The man is a caricature these days. He puts Stephen Colbert to shame.


    2. NUance


      When you read Rush's quotes, do you hear it in Rush-voice? I do. The more idiotic the text, the stronger I hear it in Rush-voice. lol.

  14. We gotta get Bo on this Pebble Beach Pro-Am next year. Stoops has actually got some game!

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    2. Marf


      Andddd here comes the putter throw.

    3. huKSer


      I can see a "Happy Gilmore" remake with Bo in the title role

    4. NUance


      Except Bo would kick Bob Barker's ass.

  15. Just watched "Moneyball" for the first time. GREAT movie.

    1. zoogs


      Yeah, it was very well done! Really gives you the itch to go and manage your own sports roster. .

    2. krc1995


      I wonder if Jeremy Giambi liked it?

    3. Nebula


      The book was great...I gotta make time to watch the movie.

  16. Aww come on. NEBRASKA wasn't playing for the natty in 1992... can't you let us off the hook for that shutout, espn?

    1. Animal_Mother


      With ESPN, Herby and the rest...never. If it doesn't involve invented words like 'trickeration' or the SEC its crap.

    2. JOEY


      I really wish that we could win a National title. I hope Nebraska wins one in my lifetime. I'm 21 hope I live long enough to see one.

    3. broganreynik


      Already won 3 in your lifetime....

  17. Jefferson looks terrible, and Miles is leaving him. Makes me respect how Osborne handled Frazier and Berringer even more.

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    2. Hercules



    3. PaulCrewe


      He's wondering why there is no grass on this field to chew

    4. Animal_Mother


      Man he runs that option so horribly. Just jogs down the line...doesn't really make the end commit and then just pitches

  18. Geesh... For everyone who thought Nebraska was bad running the option, watch LSU... yikes.

    1. Treand3


      This and field goals are about the only thing we do better than them.

  19. Congrats to Wisconsin, 2012 Leaders Division champs!

    1. Excel


      haha I thought the same thing

    2. knapplc


      What, Bo Pelini's Nittany Lions can't compete?

  20. The Heisman finally got it right.

    1. beanman


      Great speech by RGIII. Very likeable guy. Also impressed that SEC country got their vote correct.

    2. Hoosker


      Great speech indeed. Very humble and loves mentioning his University. Class act.

    3. HuskerfaninOkieland


      Cannot argue with RGIII winning. He's a great young man and a great player. Congrats to him!


  21. Omaha kid Daryle Hawkins just scored for Oregon in the PAC 12 Championship game. Why isn't he playing for Nebraska?

    1. PaulCrewe


      Because Scott Frost wanted him

    2. huskerscott


      What Scott wants, Scott gets. I should know.

    3. Chaddyboxer


      2-star dual threat out of Central Highschool. good for him!

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