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  1. Do you think that this is all that there is? I'd be somewhat shocked if there isn't more to come. There might be more out there, but I doubt it gets released. If there's someone that people are more pissed at than Bo, it's the guy who leaked this.
  2. I agree, and I've had the same thought. This could light the fire under the program that was sorely lacking last Saturday. I sincerely hope that's what happens. I hope we keep Bo, but he's going to have to win. Last week, there may have been room for him to have a bad season and still have his job next year. I don't think that's the case anymore.
  3. Man, Sip went OFF.

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      We fire Bo for this reason, it sets us back. But even before this he was on a short leash with performance on the field. I'm good with Bo as the coach, but depending on how the AD and Perlman handle this, they might burn that bridge and no matter how Pelini performs the rest of the way he still might be gone.

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  4. Jesus, Dirk Chatelain is such an idiot. At least Tom Shatel has the good sense to stay out of it.
  5. I don't know, but a good start would have been at least getting in front of a microphone and a video camera to say it. Wait til after practice.
  6. I've been following Brian Rosenthal on twitter for two days and this is the second time he's made me reconsider. If Bo knew this was coming, he'd have to be the dumbest brick on the face of the earth not to get out in front of it. If he knew this was coming and did nothing pre-emptively, he should be fired, because there's no way somebody that dumb will ever win a conference championship.
  7. Anybody else more pissed off about him saying he was on his way out the door than about him cussing out the fans? Still think this damage can be managed by Bo. But he's got to apologize, and he's got to do it well, and then he's got to WIN.
  8. It's not interesting timing - it's ridiculously predictable timing. It's politics. Of course people who want Bo gone waited until the most opportune time to drop this bomb. It's obvious. It also doesn't change what Bo said, and it does nothing to help the notion that his football team is a reflection of himself - an out of control roller coaster.
  9. All Nebraska fans will understand the context of the tape. It doesn't change how unprofessional and ill-advised Bo's comments were. I don't think this necessarily means that Bo is gone. But he's got a hell of a lot of politickin to do if he's going to stay. Public apologies before the end of the day or something bad is going to happen.
  10. The hell we do. It's not like we've sold out every game since 1962.
  11. No. Not that. but kinda at the fact that he came crawling back when it didnt work out just in time to be the star predecessor to Frazier. He did a tremendous job as a qb, and was an incredible competitor, but as a person, I always had some question marks on him. I attended a high school that competed against Wood River in everything. As a kid, I saw plenty of Scott and his dad Larry between football and basketball games over the course of 3 years. Two words defined them-excessive arrogance Those last two words could not be more true!!! If we make changes fine. But if Scott Frost is a
  12. The only reason to bench Taylor is if he's hurt. I'm tired of the staff playing guys who aren't 100%.
  13. Wow, if it was SJB calling out the fans i wouldnt mind. Josh Mitchell was getting burned the entire game however He's not calling out the entire fan base. He's calling out all of the losers who decide to give the players a bunch of crap on twitter after a bad game. It's one thing to go onto a message board and bitch, it's another to do it directly to a player.
  14. What do you mean? Our coaches are not asking that dlineman to lose that one on one battle and allow himself to get hooked. At some point the players do have to put forth the effort to fight through some things. That's a one on one matchup and that guy got destroyed. Every defensive player isn't going to win every battle. The scheme has to work even when some players get beat. No scheme is going to work 100% when the players get beat. I do think that there are things they could adjust. If you have two defensive lineman pushed into the same gap, and the offensive play is
  15. I think there are probably some arguments against the current scheme as far as reducing the amount of man coverage we use. It was amazing when Gomes, Amukumara, Dennard and Hagg were flying around, and could blanket everyone on the field. But I don't think we have the personnel in the secondary right now to blanket everybody in man coverage, and I'm guessing that using more zone would be more effective in stopping the big play, and in stopping the run game. However, when it comes to playing the run in those pictures Foreman and Benning posted? That has nothing to do with scheme, because yo
  16. OK, but good luck finding a scheme that doesn't ask its defensive linemen to do something as basic as fitting the correct gap.
  17. In other words, using this diagram: We had two guys in the A gap, which left the B gap wide open.
  18. I'm no expert, so I could be wrong, but look at the photo Jay Foreman posted. See how the defensive tackles are in the same gap? One of them should be taking care of the gap that the RB is going through. The LB there did his job getting into the other gap, and the DE's are containing the play like they're supposed to. It's like Jay says - it's not scheme. It's mental, physical errors and it's just flat out getting beat by the guy across from you.
  19. That's what you get when you have an offense built on sand and your only hope to score against a real team is to trick them or throw one over the top. UCLA got serious and started running right at us hard. That was the turning point and they never stopped. An energizer like Imani in a ball-control offense ...if we had one...could've made it a game. This fluffy offense only works for intramural sports. You make a good point that it's not the play-calling....it's the entire offensive strategy. Beck wants to be like Oregon...he gets a hard on watching their offense...we don't have that kin
  20. Too bad we did but TO and Bo pulled the offer because he's a douche bag that we don't want associated with our program. I thought we offered him a lateral move with no play calling responsibilities...?
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