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  1. Nebraska 48 Idaho 9 Passing yards: 230 Rushing yards: 270
  2. By far the best part of this article. Out of everyone on the team, it's absolutely gotta be the QB who possesses this quality. Take the competitiveness away from Frazier or Frost, and our teams in the 90s aren't nearly as dangerous or successful...and maybe not even national champs. IMO "hate to lose and work to make sure they don't" was the one thing Crouch didn't possess, at least not to the level of Frazier or Frost. If Martinez plays with the same firey competitiveness as them, we're golden. Disagree. Crouch didn't have 50% of the talent on his teams as Frazier & Frost
  3. Teddy Greenstein, T'magic in his own right, was gushing over Taylor. Both guests said he was the real deal. I believe Teddy said it is nice that NU has a QB faster than Eric Crouch. schuhbdoo magic Faster than Eric Crouch? Do they have anything to back this up? I'm not saying they're wrong or proclaiming they're idiotic, but Crouch was ridiculously fast and not just against the WKU's of the world. Seems like lofty praise for one game.. Faster than Crouch.......I seriously doubt it. T-Magic is fast, man. To give you a reference point, he's somewhere between a
  4. http://cfn.scout.com/2/1000186.html I agree about the pash rush getting better this game. I highly doubt they will score 20 points. Im going to guess around 10-15 pts.
  5. I concur, I can't believe this thread got as far as it did. Cody will be a great QB, he is developing well and will see significant play time in his career. Maybe not as a starter but a contributor either way. It's not that I think that he's not a good QB, and it's not that I think he doesn't fit the part. I do think he's a good QB, I thought he looked very good the other night. However, you always want to try to get your best players on the field. Bobby Newcombe was a QB, but was too valuable of an athlete to sit on the sideline, so they moved him to WR (Both Solich AND Osborne di
  6. I've thought about this too... If Martinez becomes the guy, which I think he could, and we can maintain a lot of depth at QB without Green, I'd definitely be open to it. If for no other reason than the fact that McNeil, Paul, and Kinnie are all gone after this year... It's gonna be like 2009 all over again, when we lost Swift and Pederson... Not looking forward to that, especially with the schedule we have next year. Green's athletic, and he's got the frame. I'd be at least intrigued by a move to WR, though certainly right now it seems he should be at QB. Edit: My bad, Kinnie's actuall
  7. Eh, he's really only saying that our opponent was so bad that we still really don't know anything about our team... Which I generally agree with.
  8. After re-watching the game, I thought Yoshi looked fine. Obviously he's not as familiar with the offense, but I thought he played well, and there were several plays where he knocked his guy into oblivion. On the other hand, Ricky Henry made a LOT of mistakes. Hope to see that improve this weekend, he was perhaps our best OL at the end of last season.
  9. I think by the end of the year, the Big 12 is going to be glad they don't have to deal with him anymore.
  10. Oh, BROTHER. Martinez gets his FIRST start, looks admittedly very good, and this is how Huskerboard reacts: 1/3 of the board deems Martinez the next Eric Crouch. 1/3 of the board whines about Zac Lee getting the bench. 1/3 of the board starts anointing Brion Carnes the next Frazier at QB. Not only is this insane (and hilarious), but it also kind of feels like when we compare modern QBs to legends of the past, race is pretty much the deciding factor... How come Martinez can't be the next Frazier, or Carnes the next Crouch? .... FYI, I'm just kidding around... sorta..
  11. 1. Improved linebacker play 2. 0 blown coverages in the secondary 3. Fewer missed blocking assignments from the O-line 4. More pressure on the QB from the defensive line 5. Better takeaway-turnover ratio
  12. Boise State either needs to join a real conference, or become an independent and play a real schedule. Nebraska might lose to Boise State if they played in a bowl game. But that's partially because Nebraska fought through the Big 12. Nebraska has to deal with a season of getting beat up, overcoming injuries, etc etc on a weekly basis. Boise State plays 1 big game like Texas will be, 1 game about like Washington will be, and then a bunch of Western Kentucky's. Of course they'll be able to give any BCS conference team a good shot when they can sit their starters in the 2nd half for 10/12 ga
  13. I agree and same thing if it was Nebraska. Boise State plays a weak schedule/conference and people want them playing in the BCS title game if they go 13-0 over a 12-1 Alabama, Ohio State, OU, Nebraska, Florida, etc. teams You act like Nebraska is playing some rugged schedule this year, Texas is the only team on that list that probably won't end the year with 4+ losses. Boise still has to play Oregon State, Utah State (who pushed OU to the limit), and Fresno State (handled a Cincinatti team coming off back to back BCS games). We play 5 or 6 teams that won't make a bowl. Do you th
  14. For those others of you who are sentimental about the loss of the option at Nebraska (and still hopeful for its eventual return), Navy's offense is marching down the field on Maryland right now. (on espn)...
  15. I like how you laid out 3 possibilities, and then just completely ignored one of them. "The reports on Zac Lee would have to be completely off base for '1' to be the case. That leads me to '3.'" WTF happened to #2? What we've heard all camp is that all 3 QB's improved, but Martinez passed the others up. This would basically be your #2 possibility, which, for whatever reason, you simply chose to ignore (i.e. reality shopping).
  16. Are the points we're trying to bring up seriously flying that far over your head? Take a deep breath, take a step back, and then think this "An unproven redshirt freshman starting over the now #3 senior QB who played hurt all last season and was still better than Green? Hmm, that's weird" If TMart really is that much better then Green or Lee, then fine, whatever. Obviously we all want the best players on the field. No one is saying he's entitled to the position, and competition blablablabl, it's just that something about this just doesn't seem right. Half this board seriously
  17. There's a difference between criticizing a decision, and flat-out making stuff up in order to validate your own views and stroke your own ego (Not accusing you specifically, as I'm sure you've gotten your information somewhere else. But thus far I have not seen any real evidence that this was anything other than a more athletic freshman beating out a more experienced senior for a spot. I've only seen hearsay).
  18. Great Attitude Read through his quotes in this article, and I don't think you'll worry too much. Great kid.
  19. Idaho's defense has been pretty poor the last few years, and Washington has been in the PAC-10, where I'm not sure they even play defense anymore. I don't think we'll learn much about our offense until we play KSU or Texas. We will see how Martinez handles the elements a loud stadium brings to the table when we go to Seattle though, and that'll be worthwhile... That said, I think we'll learn more about our defense each week. Idaho's offense has been solid for several years, they have one of the best NFL QB prospects in the country. Obviously we'll learn even more about our defense at Washi
  20. I don't see Turner competing with the South schools in the little 12 for years to come. He's a great coach in my mind, but I think he'll have a lot of 8-9 win seasons, but never anything more. It'll be super hard for him to recruit the talent that the southern schools pull from their local neighborhoods. Don't forget he's a Texan, though...
  21. Journal Star article says he's expected to be on the practice field this week. Link
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