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  1. Wonder how long it's going to take the Lee posse to just GET OVER IT. Trust me, it'll be a more enjoyable season the sooner you do.
  2. Kansas wasn't going to get Tommy Tuberville. That was as crazy as the KU fans who thought they should've gotten Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. Kansas needed Turner Gill as much for image as they did for football. When you're in the middle of a players-selling-tickets scandal and your previous coach was a tyrant, you need someone like Turner Gill to come in and save the image of the program. You won't find a better guy. He still has to prove himself as a big-time college football coach. He will. It's just a matter of whether he does it at KU, or if you guys screw yourselves over by firing
  3. T-Magic. Defer to the players. That's what they call him.
  4. Yeah, that was a brutal way to start his BCS coaching career... Still, give him time. And if he ends up on Pelini's staff in a few short years...? I wouldn't mind that at all (Comparing QB coaches, Watson's had Zac Taylor, Joe Ganz, and Zac Lee... Gill taught Frazier, Frost, and Crouch).
  5. Most of us are bad enough at evaluating talent on the field... Do we really need to also perform psychoanalysis on a 19 year old?
  6. Wow. There really are people here who think they know more about the game then Pelini and Watson. I feel for Lee. I really do. But I also have to think that even he would be a little ticked off at this thread. I highly doubt that Lee is questioning the decision of his coaches, or the play of his teammates. Zac Lee is a class act. He's going to be a huge part of this offense's success whether he's on the field or not. And, if he remains the backup, he's not going to go around feeling sorry for himself and tell others that the coaches "screwed" him out of his spot. That kid is a heck of a l
  7. I think you could be a little off the mark here with 'nobody knows anything.' Well, I don't. But it doesn't mean that there aren't people who might. Heck if I know how they know, or if they know. It's a judgment call here. And knowing some details, does not mean knowing every little detail about the QB race - and knowing every detail, does not mean an obligation to share it (indeed, it'd be inappropriate to, probably). As far as knowing 100% for sure who's starting, I think for a day or two it has been pretty certain. Not even based on "insider" claims, because every single sign is pointi
  8. He could also be the worst passing QB we've had since Lord. I don't get why we only focus on one aspect of a QB's skillset. If a RB has great hands, but can't run worth a lick, does he start at RB? Jammal Lord also got creamed by Texas, even with a Pelini defense. If both players make mistakes, but Taylor is better at a secondary skill while worse at the primary skill of a QB, why does that justify his starting? I'd be open to the idea. It's Taylor Martinez being the challenger I'm real skeptical about. I mean, let's say we had a redshirt freshman Tyler Gabbert, or
  9. In your five points above you make it seem very clear to me that your opinion is that we should go with TMart, but then in the next three paragraphs you tell us not to pick sides. You also state some things about Lee making it appear that you are blaming all of the offensive issues on him last year, but then proceed to say that people get all over him even though he played hurt. If you would have posted the bottom couple of paragraphs it would have been okay, but the first five points don't mirror what you said in the last three paragraphs. The first 5 points were more about defend
  10. This seems fishy... Where are all the quotes about Pelini needing to be "nicer and show some respect?"
  11. 1. Martinez would be the best running QB we've had since Jammal Lord. 2. Jammal Lord nearly single-handedly beat Texas, even with a Craig Bohl defense. 3. Zac Lee couldn't get a TD on Texas even when Niles Paul gave him the ball at the 10 yard line. He only got a TD on Oklahoma when Prince gave him the ball at the 1 yard line. 4. Martinez will make mistakes. So will/did Lee. But Taylor can make plays with his legs that Lee simply can't make. The jury is still out on making plays with his arm. 5. The offense last year was terrible. It was beyond terrible. It was one of the wor
  12. Remember the other day, when Bo Pelini said he wasn't announcing a starter because he didn't want it to become a circus? This is what he was talking about.
  13. I'm going to go ahead and steal the 2nd comment on this video from YouTube. "The black plague. The holocaust. Cross-Atlantic Slavery. The potato famine. Scott Stapp. ....all of these tragic and terrible. But only one of them continues today."
  14. Wow. There must have been some maneuvering on our part to get the easier conference schedule rotation for 2013 when we play non-con Wyoming, Southern Miss, and UCLA. Can you even imagine that non-con with that conference schedule? Pretty elite strength of schedule there. Next year's non-conference schedule is Fresno State, Wyoming, and Washington... That's not exactly a walk in the park either. Next year's schedule might be the toughest we've ever had... Play the true freshman this year. We're going to need them ready to go.
  15. Very interesting picture on the home page, but does it actually say that the pics reflects the new divisions? Or is it just a bunch of helmets on a table? Pretty sure it's just a bunch of helmets on a table. Those divisions make less sense then the ones ESPN reported.
  16. I don't think it's a sign of weakness, or really even indecision. I think Bo knows who the guy is, but he's been saying over and over again, "We compete every day, the depth chart is fluid, no spot is safe." If he comes out a week or even a couple days before the game and says, "___________ is the starting QB," then he is directly contradicting the philosophy that he champions.
  17. Nebraska and Oklahoma played each other twice in one year in 1978. Nebraska upset OU, and then the Orange Bowl decided to have a rematch. Osborne wasn't a fan. I understand wanting to keep the Michigan OSU game the way it was... But you can't. It's not possible. The conference is changing, and everyone in it will have to adapt. They could have kept OSU-UM at the end of the year and in the same division, or end of the year in opposite divisions, or they could have moved the game. But they can't be the last game on the schedule, and they can't always play each other for the Big 10 title. Th
  18. Next, assuming Michigan does get back to being a top 10 team(probably will, look at us), wouldn't it be great to be able to avenge a loss if both teams were undefeated when the meet the end of November? No. That is the worst. It is The Game, singular. Not The Game(s). It is once a year at the same time every year. It is what makes the rivalry special and part of the fabric and traditions of the region. Two games would cheapen the rivalry. This isn't a rivalry of the dress rehearsal. It is one shot that each team, each fan base prepares for every year and endures 364 days fo
  19. Bo seemed pretty friendly on the Jungle with Jim Rome today. Maybe our reporters should take a page out of Rome's book. Or... maybe it's just that Rome only pesters Bo once or twice a year.
  20. Oh, COME ON. Everybody wants to see T-Magic. You know it. I know it. Don't try to hide it.
  21. Rittenberg Post Apparently, protected crossovers include Michigan-Ohio State, Wisconsin-Minnesota, and Illinois-Northwestern. This leads me to believe our crossover will be Penn State.
  22. I don't think so, it will probably be Wisconsin. Or at least I hope so. Not sure... As badly as Wisconsin wants a rivalry with Nebraska, I'd guess their fans would rather try to keep their rivalry with either Minnesota or Iowa alive.
  23. Don't worry, Manhattan. Bo Pelini will make sure Michigan and Ohio State only happens once a year.
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