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  1. Yup. Raiola is going to be HURTIN after tomorrow's practice.
  2. I don't think there is one... I think this is the ultra-competitive, stubborn, proud side of Suh. I think that he thinks (with good reason) that he was the best player in the draft, and he knows the Lions think so (because they said as much), and he wants them to show him every ounce of respect that he deserves. While people may see that side of Suh as a flaw, it's also what makes him great. Right now though, I'm with Raiola. If they're offering him 40 million or more, just sign the deal and go out and try to make your team better.
  3. Suh's definitely losing the battle in the press. Not only has the head coach expressed impatience, but former Husker and current Lions center Dominic Raiola just called him out. "Just sign the contract already" If players, coaches and fans keep getting ticked, Suh better just sign. If he looks bad and the organization looks good, he's not going to get more money, he might actually get less.
  4. Coming in at 36th was Florida vs. Florida State from 1994, when FSU came back from 28 points down in the 4th quarter to tie the game. The difference between Bowden and Osborne: Bowden kicks the PAT and takes the tie on their final score. Osborne goes for the win. In the deed the glory.
  5. Nebraska's had plenty of painful losses, but the 1984 Orange Bowl loss was by far the most painful. Not even the 94 Orange Bowl loss comes close.
  6. As much as I'd like to blame the agents, Suh is the boss. If he doesn't like what the agent is doing, he can fire him.
  7. I don't really look at Texas as a rival, I just HATE them.
  8. must.... refresh.... faster....
  9. Hey folks, long-time lurker, first-time poster... I think Missouri is going to be a good team this year, and I think they'll be a tough test for Nebraska. I don't really care that they're targeting Nebraska - that's how it's always been. However, I do get tired of hearing about how Missouri doesn't get the respect they deserve, or that Nebraska is overrated in their eyes. And the reason is that the last time we saw these teams play...: Nebraska 33 - Arizona 0 Navy 35 - Missouri 13
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