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  1. Are you speaking generally, or are you talking about "Underground?" I would agree generally, especially regarding his last two albums. But if you're talking about "Underground," - Dre produced that track.
  2. What's really sad, is there's probably some people out there that actually think that...and that remedial math uses really hard equations..and finger painting is the toughest form of expression to master...But seriously..You got any examples? I didn't think they even sampled anything very sophisticated... To be fair...I recently saw one of those drummers that regularly play one of the late night Jimmy shows (Kimmel or Fallon) who I guess I'd only seen play hip hop before..But he was actually showing some promise playing something with Elvis Costello IIRC You are so right H37 and as for, "if y
  3. Let's be real. The truly big news on Twitter today was that Bo has seen that picture with the cat.

    1. zoogs


      What'd he think?

    2. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      He's trying to figure out who leaked it.


    3. CornHOLIO


      the dog did..mistook the cat for

      a fire hydrant

  4. Not sure if serious, but if you want to have a serious musical discussion, rap is actually one of the most rhythmically sophisticated genres of Western music...
  5. My bad. I had it in my head that they were 5-7. Actually, they were 6-6 in the regular season. My point remains the same.
  6. Nebraska needs to be patient. It's hilarious to me that people are comparing this season to 2003 to make the argument that Bo should be let go. If anything is to be learned from 2003, it's that programs like Nebraska need to be patient before they throw away all that is good about what they have. Nebraska should take a page from Michigan State. They won the division two years ago. Last year, they didn't even make a bowl game. However, they stuck with their coach, they kept doing what they believed in, and here they are - division champs again, and 8-1. This isn't to say that some cha
  7. There's nothing wrong with winning at least 9 games every year. When people talked about Osborne's streak, they didn't say, "He wins 9 games every year." They said, "He wins at least 9 games every year." 9 win seasons were bad seasons, not the norm. Imagine the meltdown at Oregon or Alabama the next time they only win 9 games….
  8. Can any of these injuries be attributed to S&C? Maybe Kenny and Jamal need to be told to stretch more, I don't know. Other than that, can you train OL to not get rolled up, not to tear ligaments, or not to dislocate shoulders? Don't know the answer to that. I do know that the more fatigued you are on the field, the more likely you are to play with poor technique, and the more you play with poor technique, the more likely you are to get injured.
  9. But what about teams who want to use their QB in the run game like Nebraska does? It'd be interesting to know how much contact Braxton Miller has in practice, or even Phillip Nelson at Minnesota. I'm fairly certain that back in the Solich/Osborne era, the QBs didn't have a green jersey, and those teams had a lot of full contact in practice.
  10. Is the recruiting front office needed in order to identify better recruits, or simply to lighten the work load of coaches on the staff? Or both? And if you make someone soley the special teams coach, who takes on more duties? Does JP go back to coaching a position on defense, and then does Bo go back to being more hands-on DC? How should those dominoes fall?
  11. I'm not sure I've ever actually heard a fan blame a coach for when a guy gets hurt at practice. Obviously, that would be a concern, but maybe it's worth the risk. I mean, our starters didn't have great ball security either, and when their backups played for them today, they still moved the ball - but it was turnovers that did us in. Our injury bug is another issue that I didn't mention in the OP that probably needs to be addressed. Fans were questioning our strength and conditioning even before our rash of injuries this season. Definitely needs to be looked at, though I don't know what sp
  12. The defense has come a long ways this year. Pelini and his staff successfully addressed the pass rush, a huge area of need in the offseason, by landing Randy Gregory (identified by Chris Spielman today as the best pass-rusher in the country). The play of the interior line has improved over the course of this season as well. Pelini also made some philosophical adjustments by using the safety much more in run support and blitzing far more often than we've seen during his tenure, and as a result of all of that, the defense has actually started to look like Blackshirts again. Meanwhile, the of
  13. I was behind the coaching staff at halftime. Beck lost me in the second half. The call to pull the guard at the goal line was one of the worst play calls I've ever seen.
  14. No. Nebraska is clearly the better team, aside from beating themselves. They played so poorly they've managed to lose.
  15. The last time we blitzed on 3rd down, we gave up a TD. It's not play calling, it's execution and beating the man in front of you.
  16. Take away the TOs and he is pretty good. Don't take away the TOs, and he is awful. Is there hope with proper coaching? lol. Take away the TO's and Taylor Martinez is the greatest QB in the history of the universe.
  17. If we're just going to throw every play, where is RK3?
  18. Ball game. That's why you don't just blitz all the time.
  19. Secondary has gotten killed on those rollouts today.
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