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  1. it hit him in the hands? Barely… Was way behind him, would have been a really tough catch.
  2. This right here is on Beck. Running the ball, picking up first downs. 2 throws later, it's 3rd and 11.
  3. There ya go Imani! Best play of the season! I take back what I sad about the offense stalling with Cross!
  4. More pressure, on every down. Feed AA the ball and then play action off of that. <img class="UMSRatingIcon" id="ums_img_tooltip" /> ^^^^ This. Except it doesn't work when AA can only play two snaps in a row. He gets two good runs, then Cross is in for 2 plays, and the offense completely stops. To be the kind of offense we had in the 90's (Run a bunch, play action our way to 50 points), you have to have two things at RB - better depth, and better conditioning.
  5. Eliminate the turnovers, we're probably up 17-7 or so.
  6. What? This has been perhaps Beck's best game plan, in my opinion. They've been able to move the ball consistently. But we have zero depth at RB, and all the freshmen playing due to injuries are making unforced error after unforced error.
  7. Well, the freshmen are killing us in this game. Fumble by Newby. Fumble and interception by Armstrong. Fumble by Westerkamp. Can't ask the defense to play for 20 minutes in a half and turn the ball over 4 times in our own territory.
  8. This QB will throw a pick if we keep bringing pressure, but he is good when given time. Gotta be ready for them to move the pocket on a roll-out. They've been doing that a lot...
  9. MSU offense playing harder than NU defense right now. This is the real effect of those three TO's in the first quarter. Defense is gassed.
  10. Looking tired. They were on the field way too much that first quarter. Hopefully this end of quarter time out gives them enough gas to get off the field here...
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