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  1. Nice tackle by Santos. Would rather get a turnover here than watch our punt return unit...
  2. THERE! Right back in it. Great throws from TA on that drive.
  3. If the fumble was recovered in the immediate play following the whistle, i.e. there wasn't a noticeable break in the action between the whistle and when the fumble was recovered, they can overturn it.
  4. Can Abdullah not carry the ball more than twice in a row? What the hell?
  5. This game is NOT on the coaches. Nebraska has completely out coached MSU so far this game.
  6. Well, if Tommy's the world-class leader people have been raving about, he needs to lead a TD drive right now.
  7. I think we should just try to block every punt, and have nobody back to return.
  8. Not sure he was down. Wonder if they're reviewing it...
  9. I'm not saying every play, but when things work, stick with them until they don't. Everything was working on the first two drives except for the players making unforced errors. I'd rather see the play calling stay like that. And there was a third unforced error. Can we please get a punt returner.
  10. That's why we can't just run the ball every play. We're against the #1 rush defense in the country and we have a horrendously beat up offensive line. Beck's game plan on the first two drives looked brilliant, but the guys have to make plays.
  11. Can't put it on Beck right now. Every play call has put players in position to succeed. That option to Newby could have scored. The short pass to KB had him wide open for a first down. Players gotta execute. Freshmen gotta execute? Yes.
  12. Can't put it on Beck right now. Every play call has put players in position to succeed. That option to Newby could have scored. The short pass to KB had him wide open for a first down. Players gotta execute.
  13. I am worried about their offense. They're a power team, and the last two times we played power offenses were Minnesota and Wisconsin of last year. Look for Michigan State to use the same blueprint.
  14. It's interesting that all of your questions are about the offense. We are pretty beat up there, and inexperienced at QB… Abdullah is pretty much 100%, but you shouldn't have any trouble holding us below 20 points this year. On the other hand, the interesting matchup for the day will probably MSU's offense vs. Nebraska's defense. Nebraska's defense has gotten a lot better, but MSU is more committed to the power run game than Michigan or Northwestern, and their coaching staff is smart enough to do what Minnesota's staff did - use the Wisconsin tape from last year to build a game plan. I
  15. In 2011, they abandoned their run game in favor of throwing jump balls into double coverage all game long with Kirk Cousins. They know who they are on offense now, and they will commit to the running game, like they did last year. In 2012, the only reason we won that game was Taylor Martinez. They shut down every other part of our offense. The only thing they couldn't shut down was Taylor's legs, and we don't have that any more, not to mention the other offensive starters who are missing.
  16. We have a long snapper on scholarship, right? Maybe we need to offer a designated punt returner...

    1. Hercules


      2010 we were 14th, but that was helped by Eric Hagg's 95 yard return for a TD against Texas.

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Special teams have been subpar for two years. KR has been unimpressive, PR has been downright bad, and punting has been erratic. Only good thing is most kickoffs are unreturnable.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Wester's muff was not the only problem. The 69 yarder into the wind that was not even attempted to be fielded. Newby was way too shallow even considering the wind. ST does need some attention.

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  17. Frost isn't going to Michigan as an OC. He's already got a better OC gig than that.
  18. I agree here. We've had a lot of success attacking defenses at the boundaries with the speed option. Also agree, but don't think that's going to be there for us this weekend. We've lived on that play the last three weeks, and Michigan State has had a bye week to prepare for it. I don't know how exactly they'll defend it, but they're going to have a plan to take away that speed option where we leave the DE unblocked.
  19. I'm kind of on board with the Frazier/Berringer metaphor here. If we could have a healthy Martinez for the Michigan State game, I'd take him in a heartbeat. A healthy Martinez is probably the only guy in the conference outside of Ohio State that Pat Narduzzi's defense is actually scared of. However, Martinez isn't healthy, and isn't going to be anytime soon. If he gets healthy and gets his timing with the receivers back - then yes, you disrupt the "chemistry," and you play the best player. Just like Osborne did with Frazier in the bowl game. Armstrong had a great game-winning drive yes
  20. Westy and Moore will both be good, but where's Taariq Allen? Still injured?
  21. Abdullah looked fine to me, and he carried the ball 5 more times than he did against MN (which makes no sense, but that's Tim Beck for ya…). I think the offensive line is a far more limiting factor to our running game right now than AA's health.
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