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  1. If Taylor plays, we need to use the QB run game the way we did in the first quarter against Northwestern. That's what we should have been doing against Minnesota. If Taylor's healthy enough to do that, I'd play him. Ron doesn't have the QB run game (which I think we need right now, as beat up as we are), while Tommy has thrown 6 interceptions in his last 8 quarters. Meanwhile, over the next two weeks, we're not facing Minnesota and Northwestern, we're facing Michigan in The Big House and Michigan State, who arguably has the best defense in the country. If Taylor can be effective, I k
  2. Take a look at the 1st Qtr stats vs the rest of the game, you might get a different opinion on how well the Blackshirts played today. Agree. The defense played about as well as you could hope for the final 40 minutes. Here's the drive chart: http://scores.espn.g...ameId=333060158
  3. Some of it is that, but some of it is recognition. That last interception, he wasn't trying too hard to make a play, he just flat-out misread the zone blitz. He'll get better.
  4. Obviously, RKIII and Westerkamp are going to receive a ton of votes. However, the defense deserves major props for shutting Northwestern down in the second half, scoring a defensive TD of their own, and holding Northwestern to a field goal after TA's interception in the final minutes. Ameer Abdullah also saved the game on a fantastic individual play on the 4th down conversion on the winning drive. If we're going to win games going forward, we're going to have to lean on him even more, in the running game and the passing game.
  5. Without a healthy Taylor, I'm not sure we're gonna be able to cross the 50 yard line against Michigan State.
  7. Quincy with two gigantic mistakes on this last drive… the kickoff, and that drop.
  8. So if we get the ball back here, who goes in at QB? RKIII or TA?
  9. I don't mind calling a pass play. But how about getting it to your best player in space? A HB screen or a shovel pass or something to Abdullah, which could work great in the face of all these blitzes Northwestern is bringing.
  10. Don't think he's hurt or anything. Westerkamp is just shining. He's gotta be hurt… Bell's too much of a playmaker to keep him off the field when healthy. Nice catch by A Moore there.
  11. Michigan State TD to take the lead with 23 seconds in the first half.
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