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  1. This idea that Frost is only "OC-in-name" is just flat-out incorrect. He's the offensive coordinator. He's calling the plays, not Helfrich. It's a fact.
  2. There's no doubt that Frost would be an extremely risky hire. You'd have to decide whether his star potential is so great that it's worth the risk. He'd have to decide that too. If he takes a HC job before he's ready, or if he takes the wrong HC job, he could go the way of Turner Gill (who was the last rising star coach that everyone thought would be Nebraska's HC). I don't know if Frost would be the right hire or not. It would be risky. But I think he would bring a lot of good energy to a program that right now appears apathetic. I think he could recruit, I think he could run the offense,
  3. The thing people don't understand about Frost is that he's already in a significantly better OC job than the one we could offer him. He has no reason to leave that position for any other OC job in the country. At this point, the only way he comes back to Nebraska is as a head coach.
  4. Rumors are that he does not anymore. Can't find a link, but the rumors are that he doesn't. Regardless, when you cover up the name on his resume he is nowhere near qualified to be our HC. I have no clue where those rumors are coming from. There are no such rumors here in Eugene, where everybody loves Frost, and every article I've seen written about it clearly implies that he's calling the plays. Like this one written after the Washington game, which was just a couple weeks ago. Musberger and Herbstreit even talked about it on the broadcast last night.
  5. It's easy to say that 9 wins is the benchmark. It always has been at Nebraska. But success at Nebraska shouldn't be measured simply in wins and losses. There are expectations that the fans have that everyone can see plain as day on any given Saturday. 1. Nebraska should always be tough, mentally and physically. 2. Nebraska should always be in excellent physical condition. 3. Nebraska should play hard every single Saturday, regardless of the opponent. 4. Even when Nebraska loses, they should be competitive against any opponent, with the rare exception of being blown out once every few ye
  6. Really depends on how you look at it as I believe it has been mentioned before that Zook and Stoops were both offered the Co-DC job and chose other opportunities; Zook, to expand upon the business he does in South Florida, Stoops to coach with his brother. The popular candidate to be the HC at NU was also offered a Co-OC position with Tim Beck and his offer was pulled. If that is "blowing it" fine. But the thing people like to believe on this board was the Tim Beck and JP were Bo's only choices. Which is just flat out not the case. That's the first time I've heard that Zook or S
  7. The idea that Bo isn't coaching for his job this November is absurd. Does he have to win a conference championship? No. He can scrap his way to 8 or 9 wins and live to fight another season (if he wants to... listening to his presser today, it wouldn't surprise me if he left at the end of the season, even if it wasn't for a great job). If he can only get to 6 or 7 wins, it'll get dicey. If they lose out, see ya.
  8. I honestly don't care who starts at QB. Martinez, Armstrong, RKIII, it doesn't make a difference. They can all be successful, but Beck has to put them in position to succeed. If Martinez starts, how about using the read option? Martinez went 35 yards on his first designed run of the game today. He may not be 100%, but he's healthy enough to hurt defenses with his legs, and that's the whole point of having him in the game. Yet even in the fourth quarter, when we desperately needed points, we didn't call a single read option. If you don't think Martinez is healthy enough to run, but you
  9. Yeah, I think there's something wrong with our conditioning. BR Overreaction was also talking about how some of the guys have just put on unacceptable amounts of weight the over the last month or so.
  10. You know, we say this, but I'm not sure it's reflected in NFL prospect rankings. According to CBS sports, Quincy is the 40th rated WR for the 2014 draft. Kenny Bell is rated 18th among WR's for the 2015 draft. They're good, but not elite.
  11. Time to fantasize about what our offense would have done to UCLA had we hired Scott Frost 3 years ago...

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      Time to fantasize about a threesome

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      Count 'Bility

      Of course had it been Oregon, it'd be 8-0, so we'd a have that going for us.

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  12. Hey may not be 100% right now, but he can run. He showed that in the 3rd quarter. But that was the first designed QB keep of the game, and they never ran any read option. If they're not going to run him, then put the backups in. But I do think he's capable of running the ball right now, and they just didn't do it. But that's the whole damn point isnt it? He also showed twice (the only two opportunities) that he can throw downfield too. But we never attempt that either. if it's an issue of having confidence enough in him to put him in those situations, then we need a qb we do have the co
  13. Hey may not be 100% right now, but he can run. He showed that in the 3rd quarter. But that was the first designed QB keep of the game, and they never ran any read option. If they're not going to run him, then put the backups in. But I do think he's capable of running the ball right now, and they just didn't do it.
  14. I disagree with this. People are very conveniently forgetting the WR drops that Tommy Armstrong experienced at Purdue, and his 3 interception performance in that game. What I don't understand at all is why you would play Martinez and then not use the QB run game. It makes ZERO sense. What the hell is our offense supposed to be? Is it a running offense? Then why don't you get the RB, who's averaging more than 8 ypc, more than 20 carries? Is it a dropback passer offense? Then why is Ron Kellogg III, who is EASILY the best passer on the team, on the bench? Is it an option offense? Then why do
  15. Taylor made a nice move to escape pressure on that 2nd down blitz, but if he had seen the seam route on the left side, it was a touchdown.
  16. same here. and if he wants a pocket passer QB, RKIII should be playing every snap. If he wants a QB run game, USE IT.
  17. But Tommy hit the guy in the hands.... and the guy was tripping over himself. So which is it? Taylor throws a bad ball that hits the guy in the hands but its the receivers fault and Tommy throws a decent ball into a guy tripping over himself and its Tommy fault? lmao That entire drive has nothing to do with throwing the ball. It's about being committed to the run game, and right now, Nebraska needs the QB run game to do that. If Taylor can do that (which he just did), he should be in the game. I just don't know why they waited to use it until the end of the 3rd quarter.
  18. Man, the way it looks right now... We're not just going to lose, but we're going to get blown out.
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