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  1. I see a lot of people calling for Armstrong. Am I the only one who wants to see RKIII?
  2. My question is why haven't we run any zone read? Martinez is still hurt and can not execute it. If he can't run the ball, take him out.
  3. Thad Randle got pushed back 3 yards on a QB sneak.
  4. Serious about .. ? I said put it on his body = easy TD. Polar said if he did it would have been an easy INT. Only point I'm trying to make. Ah. You might be right. Hard to tell without seeing it in real time.
  5. Ball is at the top of the screen, next to the goal post. Who was going to catch it again? lol, you can't be serious.
  6. He should put his facemask on the ball, not the crown of his helmet.
  7. I don't really know what jaws is saying - if he's saying it was dirty, I disagree... But I do agree with the idea that it was poor technique. Eyes down, didn't wrap up. If he had his eyes up and wrapped up, he makes the same play, no penalty. Even if he kept his eyes down, but wrapped up and drove his body through the opponent, I bet he avoids the flag.
  8. Nobody was "happy" that Tommy struggled, but there were a number of posters on this board stating that they believed Taylor should never start again - that Tommy was the better QB and that it was clear-cut. Then there were those of us who argued that we hadn't seen enough of Tommy, that he was a redshirt freshman who would have his ups and downs, and that people were hasty in abandoning a 5th year senior in favor of a "new, shiny toy." That latter group isn't "happy" that TA struggled, but we're at least feeling validated.
  9. I can see the Targeting penalty, just not the disqualification. I don't think this call was made because SJB made helmet-to-helmet contact. This was called because he led with the crown of his helmet, which he did - he's gotta keep his eyes up.
  10. There were probably three other possible targeting calls in our game today that I noticed. The difference was that all three of those were between the tackles, where it never gets called.
  11. Armstrong was 6/18 for 43 yards and 3 INT's. RKIII was 10/13 for for 141 and a TD. Don't know how you can look at that and come to the conclusion that the WR's are the reason the offense struggled today.
  12. Throw was way behind. TM would be blamed for that pick had he thrown it.
  13. Man, Enunwa really has put on some speed this year. Lookin' good.
  14. Armstrong is a redshirt freshman. He's gonna have his ups and downs, and this is the first defense he's faced that has had reasonably good coverage on our WRs. Not too surprised that he's made some poor decisions - he'll learn from them and grow.
  15. Man, do we have no confidence in our kickers?
  16. Man, at least 3 passes where Armstrong is not on the same page as his WRs.
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