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  1. Jee willikers this is awesome he is
  2. Sure, just like Clarett did. i didnt say that he was going pro in football
  3. I think he willl shock the world by saying he wont play college football and will instead go straight to the pros
  4. Voted... individual performance T-Mart did a lot better than Newton
  5. I think one of the things that makes him really special is his ability to open up a play when there is a blitz coming like we saw at the end of the game. no one wats has coached has been able to do anything close to that it was fun to watch
  6. kid looks explosive when he goes to the ball i am very impressed with his tackling ability. he might be able to make an immediate impact on our team next year with the move to the big 10
  7. i think that niles is going to break out again and gain all of our trusts then go back to his usual ways just my thought
  8. ya that makes sense if he was just trying to get out of the way and not get hurt - which i am glad hes not im looking for him to have a huge game against k-state
  9. When T-Mart threw the interception and he went to tackle the defender i thought that he was going to light the guy up but he just stuck out an arm. Im just glad hes not playing safety
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure how sitting in a car and driving constitutes a sport. I drive to work everyday, but I guess because I don't drive around in circles at high speeds it doesn't count? I don't know, I don't like soccer but it is definitely a sport. I don't like NASCAR and I will never call it a sport, because it's not. Do you sit in your car for 3-4 hours at a time driving between 170 and 200 mph while dodging road rage crazies of the world(kyle busch)??? Im guessing no, the fact these guys train all year round and the season last 9-10 months of the year. Yes thats right they work on cardio and strength training help their endurance while driving a manual transmission. When they have an off week they race something else, some guys 2-3 races a week based on series and location. The drivers lose about 10 pounds during the race, in which they where firesuit(it helps protect in case you catch on fire). The cars dont have that high quality air conditioning were used too on our everyday drive, they have a single hose that blows cool air into a helmet that they where during the race, you know incase they crash. Their also STRATEGY involved, just like in FOOTBALL. The pit crews are actually ATHLETES, many of them are former college/nfl/hockey players that get hired on because they're ATHLETES. It is much TEAM SPORT as any other, some guys even drive for the same owner making them TEAMMATES, plus that have to rely on the pit crew to help them get the car better during the race. Yes I watch NASCAR, but I follow other forms racing too. I grew up around it, had family directly involved for some years on the local level. The 4th grade explanation was justified because you obviously live under a rock. Maybe turn on the Speed Channel every once in a while, it might give you better perspective. Not saying you have to like it, but atleast respect. I dont like soccer, but I respect the athletes that play it, same goes for the WNBA. You lost all credit with the WNBA part
  11. I think that bo has improved in controlling his temper in just two seasons And as long as his teams keep improving i could care less how he gets his players to perform as long as he doesnt go all Mangino which i do not ever see happening
  12. i think that gomes is going to be playing where o'hanlon played PJ smith is going to be playing where Asante played with west and thenarse rotating in
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