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  1. Briles passed on UT last year and has a 10 year contract paying him over 4 million a year. Even if he wanted to come to NU his buy out would be a deal breaker.
  2. Though I am very scared of an NFL guy I think with the right attitude and aproach they could be successfull. I think Mike Shanahan is a realistic candidate at NU.
  3. Pat Hill coached OL for the Falcons 2012 and 2013. He is 63 and out of a job. I would not consider him a candidate.
  4. Jim Tressel is currently the president at Youngstown State University. That is a big deal, and I think he has moved on from coaching. If he would come to coach at NU, I am all for it.
  5. Pat Narduzzi. I know we don't want a coordinator, but if we did we couldn't do better.
  6. I will always remember you and your team that night in Dallas. What an incredible D, and your fire brought a spark to a program that had lacked hope for a long time. "The BCS, that's why they make that call." That is a classic quote. There were better days, and I don't regret this ride. Good Luck Bo.
  7. Jordan Cornish would be a huge get. The fact that he wants to visit represents that NU is getting looks from higher level recruits. Not to put down this years class, that is not yet full, but guys I like such as Smith and Deng are not too highly rated. Next years class could be the ones with higher ratings who are giving NU a longer look.
  8. Hawkins suprises me. He seemed like he could get some minutes next year.
  9. My bad thought he was a senior for some reason.
  10. I knew he played in New Jersey and could guess it was a higher level, but I learned more from your post. I was just star watching, and looking at what I feel is a bigger need with Rivers leaving.
  11. We have a big guy in Hammond who I really like and a point in Smith who I am not crazy about. That leaves one more scholarship if I am correct. I know Deng has been offered, and Miles has taken a hard look at the big guy in Sioux City, Okimbaze sorry about that spelling. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could haul in a transfer like the Kane kid at ISU. A player like that on this team could win the B1G next year.
  12. CBS likes us more than ESPN. Has us as a 10 playing in St Louis opposite 2 seed ISU. That would be nice.
  13. Witicha St won the Valley, that's good. Some one could steal a bid out of a power conference also, the SEC has some history of an unexpected winning the conf tourney.
  14. Ya but when minnesota_husker posted his weaknesses it sounded like Sergej 2.0. But he must be better if he's going to Zona. Washut also thinks we are looking for a D1 transfer. Time to offer the big man in Sioux City.
  15. I agree with 2 wins, but a first round tourney win wont do much for NU. If we split next two we need a 2nd round tourney win.
  16. Okwarabizie - 6'10" 245 Center from Sioux City, IA Iowa is after this kid also, havent offered yet. He needs be at Wisky game.
  17. Does anyone think he could improve the team if we only had him for one year? If he is on the team for one year and then goes in the first round, yeah he probably helps the team. If Arizona wants him NU should want him.
  18. A few things. Parker and Webster on the court together with Ray on the pine. I dont want to cut Ray out completely, but our overall gaurd play has been bad if you consider Petteway a 3. Too many times we dont move the ball well and Petteway bails us out by making a tough shot. I would like to see more easy buckets that come from good gaurd play. Get the ball into the post more. This is hard because Smith is our only post player and when he is out of the game there is no one who will post up, but Petteway or Shields are gaurded by a smaller player a lot of the time and could do something in the post. Probably too late in the season for a change like this. Dont change a thing on D.
  19. This team has built a lot of monentum, but for them to win 11 conference games in a row would amaze me, I dont think any team in the B1G could do that. I hope NU can go 2 out of the next 3 and make that Wisconsin game the biggest NU basketball game in about 15 years.
  20. I think you nailed it. I had a little more hope until hearing from the experts. We need big wins, and that means beating Wisconsin and getting 2 conference tourney wins, with one vs top 25. Not impossible, but tough.
  21. Gallegos hasnt done much all year. I would like to see Tai at the 2 or anyone else.
  22. I think we got to get to 20. 5-1 with 1 con tourney win or 4-2 with 2 tourney wins, and one against the top 4 in conference. I assume you werent counting the tourney wins. 19 wins dosent usually get in, but it would probably get 5 or 6 in the B1G. Its just fun to be talking about it.
  23. 10-8 and 18-10 with two conference tourney wins has us in the discussion.
  24. I have changed my tune on Benny. He wont do much on O, but this team dosen't need that from him. He is getting more minutes than Tai, who I would like to see getting some of Gallegos's minutes.
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