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  1. Yeah no way this team gets to seven conference wins
  2. Few things to note... he also beat a Kansas team that was 2-10, they also beat Penn State and Pittsburgh. He’s seven wins away from being Ohio’s all time winningest coach, led them to their first bowl game win, they’ve gone to bowl games 10 out of the last 11 years, including five in a row while winning the last three (bowl game stats do not include 2020). Oddly enough the last time Solich won a CCG, so did Nebraska. He’s been a nice little coaching hire for Ohio. Not great but extremely solid as stated. Just didn’t appreciate the negative context everything else was put in. Nobody will ever truly know if it would’ve worked out for Solich here at Nebraska. The odds were certainly stacked against him. He was 42-9 before that 7-7 season in 2002. They had a nice bounce back year going 10-3 in 2003. Why was firing him justifiable in 2002? Because of one poor season compared to the success of his predecessors?
  3. I agree. Kevin Warren is a known reptilian. Very suspicious
  4. So does this mean just the regular 9 conference games or moving to a 12 game big ten slate?
  5. Visceral reaction is I’d rather get a home game with every B1G school than the s#!t I have to go watch in November and December. Assuming we play 31 games that gives us five non-conference games.
  6. Nice boost to my net pay not having to pay social security payroll tax my last two paychecks of the year. 

  7. yes it did back in the Doc era and then a season or two into the Miles era. They used to never get it when Doc was coaching and the when Miles came in, they always got it. Then Runza quit doing it by points. So do you not need a ticket this year for the 75+ points? There’s nothing on the back of mine.
  8. Couldn’t the P5 just dump the NCAA and form their own governing body?
  9. Need to add a little John Tesh - Roundball Rock to that playlist.
  10. How do they determine the home team for this? Seems like we’ve been the away team three or four years in a row.
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