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  1. This is going to turn, it kind of already has, into a rando transfer portal announcement thread.
  2. It's more about pushing a narrative that either sells magazines/clicks/subscriptions than "reporting" the news. I'm not trying to get into politics, but that's one reason why many consider main stream media an unwatchable commercial.
  3. There's more than one way to do a screen. That one hasn't worked for sure.
  4. The one for me is the routes the receivers run. You can't tell me there is nothing that can be done to get our athletes wide open. (Picks, Crossing, Screens....etc).
  5. poor leadership at all levels of the university. some not even at the same time, but the have fed off each other to get us to this point.
  6. I think a lot of these coaches are going to need to be selective on what jobs they take. Unless they just want to get paid (which is still reasonable). If you don't have a strong NIL program compared to those in your conference, I have to believe you're going to be in trouble. I think NIL will turn the lower P5 jobs into a paycheck rather than a proving ground. You're simply not going to win. The proving grounds will be the lower paychecks in smaller conferences. It could also change how coaches are evaluated.
  7. 3 more QB threads for Chumbawamba to start. They all seem pretty decent.
  8. There's two other threads talking about this news that broke yesterday afternoon. Thanks for making it 3. Welcome.
  9. If Nebraska is really wanting Howard there’s no way Pitt has anything to offer from an NIL standpoint. Howard is from PA but that’s about it. I think being in the B1G is nearly equivalent. Also, I have to believe part of the Nebraska sell is we are a turnover machine away from 8 wins. Wanna be a star?
  10. I wonder about this too. I remember a play where he step right into the rush. Then I watch that true freshman at Virginia. I don’t remember his name. But it’s like he’s been doing it for years. Im fine with Purdy, but we HAVE to bring in someone else for the QB room.
  11. Sinnott is pretty good, but I don’t see any reason Fidone can’t get there. I think Fidone can be better. But to your point, Howard found TEs a lot.
  12. What happened to Chief Borders? He was on all the accolades in fall camp and he hardly made the field at all. Given they played so many people on D, that can't be a good sign for him.
  13. This is dead on. I think it'd help maybe secure one decent lineman too. Hopefully we got of this mess soon and we don't have to worry about the portal. Of course it'll always be there, but I think we are at the point where we "need" it. It'd be nice to get away from that.
  14. Record at Panthers becoming a little more justifiable? Panthers owner David Tepper mad after loss before firing Frank Reich (nypost.com)
  15. The prices go up once the conference start usually. Probably also cheaper because of holiday.
  16. This is an intriguing possibility. When he’s on he’s on, when he’s off he’s still better than what we have. I follow K state a little bit just because I have a kid that goes there. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of respect, in general, for what Howard has accomplished. Many want the true Freshman kid out there.
  17. I don’t think that’s right. He’d just have the Covid year I believe.
  18. I’m watching UCLA vs Cal. It’s 57 degrees and a lot of players have long sleeves and head gear. Imagine USC or UCLA playing in B1G country in November.
  19. Seemed liked the 3-5 false starts a game have gone away
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