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  1. 8. The QB won’t hang onto the ball and hit receivers on the break.
  2. I went to the Nebraska basketball game at NC State and I was pretty impressed with variety of food they were offering. It didn't appeal to me because I'll eat whatever, but I could see where that could be something people may complain about.
  3. I'd put decks/platforms in at least part of the south stadium. That's where I'd sell the booze. You could have sections that are reserved like a boxes, and other sections for the common folk peasants. The rest of the stadium I'd make the seats wider. Take the capacity down to about 70-75 while improving the atmosphere. Make a gastric bypass candidate section where the seats are 4' wide. Motorized cart access like Walmart. Would also need locations to abandon the carts when you're done.
  4. Yant is a load and avoids contact. It’s tough for me to watch. I want him to be good, but I don’t see it.
  5. She missed two point blank shots. I’m not say that as a knock. She moves so well and she’s going to be a force.
  6. Iowa just didn’t miss. I find the fact that the Huskers were even in this game, let alone leading in the second half, encouraging. Id be more concerned about the drives that led to fairly easy lay ups. Overall I was impressed with the hustle and effort this team showed.
  7. I live in Lincoln. I have nothing to add.
  8. Jojo is extremely underrated and I’d really like to see the D Line do a better job of controlling the line of scrimmage.
  9. Not sure how you can’t be excited about what’s been done in the last few months. Now we hope it works. Offense is going to have to score because the defense won’t be as strong.
  10. This is hilarious coming from you. 75% of your posts are telling people they are wrong. Whoever made you an expert is the obvious answer.
  11. Can you just buy tickets to  the game in Ireland?  All I see is trip packages.

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    2. gobiggergoredder


      Thank you sir, I have a dump truck full of flight and hotel miles and I'd like to make this happen.

    3. teachercd


      Worst case, just go.  You will get tickets once you are there without a problem.

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      If it’s anything like a game against Miami, don’t buy through the university. Wait for the second hand sites to drop their prices to $25, instead of paying $90

  12. The LBs names weren't even called the last 2-3 games because the line was getting blown off the ball. Can we look at that?
  13. Not sure why there are so many "laughing" at this. I agree.
  14. I can't wait until they expand it to 84 team. Play off bound baby!
  15. There's currently 93 pages. I would hope something is correct.
  16. The guy has turned around several lousy programs. I still remember when Brian Kelly was at Grand Valley State.
  17. McGowens is special, but he’s not good enough to be a 1 and done. That shot at the end of OT 3 was weak. He needed to force it and get to the line. Instead he tried finesse. It wasn’t the time for it. im looking forward to his future. Lot of upside.
  18. I think next year is shaping up to be real bad. I think there are two things that will have to be figured out to salvage a bowl team. 1. Find a QB good enough to overcome the line play. 2. Figure out special teams. There are several red flags that I just don’t think will be corrected soon. 1. Why are we so soft at RB? Yant is huge and doesn’t delivery a blow on contact. 2. The D line was man handled the last two games. Not sure why there is so little talk about it. 3. Our O Line and special teams are embarrassing, but we all know that.
  19. Some of us are A holes. The fan base in general is really good. There is a danger in lumping everyone together. It’d be like calling all Iowans inbreeds because your parents are related. We know very few Iowans are inbreds. GBR!
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