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  1. I don’t think it matters who they replace him with. Obviously a big is needed, but just add talent. This is good in my opinion.
  2. This is exactly what I was going to post. we are already at the bottom. No where to go but up. The longer he sits at the bar, the better she looks.
  3. I could see where some of the activities that they were asked to do could be considered pretty lame. I'd probably would have been in that camp at his age. Now that I see (I think) what they are trying to do, which is build team chemistry, I think you better be on the train when it leaves the station. Besides having bad football coaches, the lack of team chemistry/culture is the biggest problem. We can talk X's and O's all day, but it's meaningless until that's addressed.
  4. Just don't see them replacing Walker. For the most part, prior to emergence of Tominaga, if Walker struggled, then so did the team. Beating the teams that we should beat, hanging with the ones that we should hang with and still getting blown out by the ones that are where we'd like to be doesn't make me confident going into next year. The Creighton win was nice, but I'm glad we played them during their 6 game slump. I know very little about basketball, but I watch almost every game. I wish we could just get into the top 3rd of the conference.
  5. The good thing is we'll find out. I'll go out and say we are again in the bottom half of the league next year. No dance. No NIT. I suppose the portal could help that, but I doubt it.
  6. At 6’5” and a ton of speed?? sounds like a payday to me
  7. You are without question the most valuable member of Huskerboard….in my opinion. What I know about recruiting is largely because of you. The happenings and current status of team you are all over. I very much appreciate it. You and I share a different perspective on this one. And that’s ok. I’m tapping out. Got an anniversary to celebrate and then Usman is on. Have a great evening sir. edit: I guess Usman is next week. Anniversary was ok.
  8. Sometimes. I could cherry pick games he didn’t for argument sake.
  9. View how you want but you’re doing the exact same thing I am from a different perspective. Ignoring 3 games to then call his stats into question doesn’t seem fair, but whatever. His stats before he joined one of the worst offenses in the country seemed decent. 32 sacks last year. 92nd in the country.
  10. Could he play defense or tight end? seems like a waste at QB.
  11. We’ve had 3 straight 3 QBs that can’t hit a crossing route or throw to the flat. Is Thompson going all conference?….no. Was he pressured significantly?….yes. Did he have a running game?…..no. Was there much depth at WR?….not really. We are a lot better with him than we are without him. I’m glad he’s here. You realize you’re saying “pretty much every QB can do it” and then saying the other QBs are not that good right?
  12. I’ve found these “challenges” to be extremely impressive. I think it’s been strange over the last few coaches that, in general, the players don’t celebrate the achievements of their teammates. On defense especially. A guy would make a huge play and then there was no high five, head slap or chest bump. It has been odd. They were not “brothers”. They didn’t have a vision or shared direction. I think this stuff is going to pay huge dividends.
  13. Dude was throwing deep outs money when he had time and people were open. They were a different team when he didn’t play. Way worse. I don’t think stats do his performance justice.
  14. It’s neat to win a few games. Sometimes in a row. I don’t see much reason to believe anything will be different next year. Little bit too much excitement generated by a few wins and the play of Japanese Steve Kerr. Lawrence appears to have some upside, but after that it looks like the typical big red basketball.
  15. I don’t disagree with you. I think the perspective depends on what you’re expecting for an outcome. You looking for a Natty, conference champ or bowl eligible team. The fact that they’ve lost 274 games by one score can’t be ignored. They are not far from bowl eligible.
  16. I see it the other way around…. If they are not going live, that’s not on Riola. An easier example is tackling. You absolutely have to practice it. Just based on what we saw when Joseph took over, the team, in general, got a whole lot better at the basics. And that was during the season. You can’t become a complete O lineman doing drills. This is my speculation, but I think it was the soft practice and culture.
  17. Had to look up Rob Sand. From Decorah. Attended law school at Iowa. This guy would be a gangster if he got Barta fired.
  18. I wasn’t able to watch this game either, but one thing I like about Lawrence is how quick he is. Looks like he was a bomber today, but he gets the the hoop in a hurry when there’s an opening.
  19. I swear one of the factors is attendance. Given half the B1G teams make the dance I gotta believe the Huskers are in the NIT.
  20. In the real world, there are many worthless things HR does. I’d rank “exit interviews” right near the top.
  21. I think this is a Korean game show on Netflix. Also, part of me would love to see someone try to take that ball from a 21 year old Lawrence Phillips.
  22. Pretty impressed with the hustle the entire team is showing. MSU shooting is horrendous. Need to keep up the pace.
  23. It's also doing whatever it takes, within reason, to be successful. Have you done everything that you can do to win? Also, the cliche statement about what you're doing when no one is watching. I bet Rhule puts his shopping cart in the cart corral.
  24. 1985? They had to play it longer than just that year. I drive past Altoona several times a year and this jingle goes through my head EVERY SINGLE TIME.
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