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  1. Just thought I'd drop in and provide a little information on the type of workout they were doing. Forgive me if this is all a bit vague and jumbled, but it's been a while since I've done anything with S&C and am typing this on the quick. It's called a metabolic circuit. Google "metabolic circuit huskers" and the first result will be a pdf that explains it in pretty good depth, with a full breakdown of the lifts and work:rest ratios. It was developed and used by Nebraska in I believe the 90s, and continues to be the foundational program used by coaches belonging to the Epley/Arthur coaching tree. It is the "strength" component in a split program, which I'd wager coach Duval is using and looks essentially like this ("Heavy" and "Light" just means % of 1Rm used for weight): Monday Light "Power" (e.g. Clean shrugs, Hang Clean; plyometrics and speed work on the field) Tuesday Heavy "Strength" (e.g Metabolic circuit; agility on the field) Wednesday Off Thursday Heavy "Power" Friday Light "Strength" It is a KILLER workout. The intensity of the lifts combined with the W:R ratio makes you feel like you are going to die. The closest thing I could compare it to is like the feeling after running a really hard 400 or 800 when you're not properly conditioned, only worse, for about 35 minutes. If you are in less than excellent shape you will not be able to complete it. Even guys who are in "good" shape will really struggle with it because of the unique and particular stress it imposes on the body. I believe at one point they wouldn't allow athletes to do it without first being in the S&C program for two years, and even after that they had to do a month's worth of preparatory workouts which were basically metabolic circuits-lite (2x10 vs 3x10, working at lower %1RM). With all that said it will get results. It's almost like a cheat code for really jump starting physical development. Also, while it is akin to physical and psychological torture initially, you adapt to it pretty quick. I believe coach Duval said something to the effect that guys would be in survival mode at first, then later being able to really grab the reins and push it. That's a pretty accurate description of what the athletes will experience
  2. Just gonna reiterate what most have said. Newby get's what his blocking gives him, and NOTHING more. He rarely, if ever, makes the first guy miss or breaks a tackle. He also has no burst (a trait sorely and sadly lacking by all the backs we seen this year). He's the definition of average, except as a pass catcher, where he is pretty savvy and has some nice hands.
  3. Not make the play. As is, it was a fantastic player b Gerry and one of the worst calls I've seen in a while. Inexcusable that he was ejected.
  4. Tommy misses wide open crossing routes with no pressure about 50% of the time. His accuracy is laughably bad, in college, in a system conducive to easy throws, with good wide receivers. I'm not even sure if he is even an above average college quarterback.
  5. In the words of Bo Pelini, "he did some good things" on Saturday. He still has to be better and more importantly consistent if he ever wants to take this team anywhere. If he even hit 10% more of his passes this offense would be on a different level. Just gotta hit whats there.
  6. Ya idk why he's been playing basically the free. He'd be a ridiculous box/strong safety and will be in the NFL, but he lacks the fluidity and burst you want from a FS. Like everyone in this secondary, his ball skills suck hardcore, but with some good coaching that can be fixed.
  7. Word. For his inconsistent and sometimes poor play, he's been far and away the best player in the secondary.
  8. Where's the Cockerill thread? Imo he's about the worst safety I've seen since Damion Stafford. Probably worse.
  9. No. As for Stevenson, goodbye. Never really that impressed with him anyway.
  10. That is such a ridiculous and unfounded proposition. Doesn't surprise me much. While fun to listen to, the USC guys are not the most knowledgeable bunch. Constantly contradicting themselves.
  11. This team has talent. Easily enough to win the division. Glaring issues are in the secondary and quarterback, and to a lesser extent along the lines. Probably not enough talent to say they should compete for anything more, but with the right coaching anything can happen.
  12. Let Fyfe start. Seriously, what are they out? Good opportunity to let Tommy heal up and take a step back from things. Also, who knows, maybe Fyfe will be a spark.
  13. That would be surprising if it was true. For the most part they are moving people. Every yard Newby has gained has come as a result of blocking. If he had any burst of toughness we'd be creasing them. The line aint pipeline good but they're just fine.
  14. In regards to the demands placed on our db's being a reason for struggles against the pass, I really haven't seen too many blown assignments. That shows they know what they are doing. What they really struggle with (and I mean REALLY STRUGGLE, like worst I've ever seen) is with their ball skills. Coverage is usually pretty good to excellent. Just bat it down man. Just bat it down... (looking at you Jonathan Rose and Cockerill)
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