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  1. I think it's going to come down to: Washington, Bell, Bradley, Miles Jones, Spielman, Lindsey with Bryant, Wilbon, and Ozigbo being given a chance, but I just don't think they'll be good enough all over the field. But, could be wrong.
  2. If it were me I’d do, 389/130... 2.99lbs lost of fat. Then 436/130... 3.35 lbs gained of muscle its certainly misleading to think that they’ve only gained 1/3 of a lb. closer to a 6lb improvement than 1/3...
  3. They definitely do make fun of man boobs. A lot of those dudes at the beach wearing shirts are doing so because someone has made one too many comments about 'moobs'. I do, however, agree with the rest of your post. Women get tons of unwanted, unsolicited, and often critical comments not only from the media, but there peers as well, both men & women. Hell, some of the most hurtful things I heard back in high school were when 2 girls would get mad at each other. Nipple type/shape is another one I've heard frequently discussed.
  4. 1) Would be considered a major failure on Moos' part letting the 'Nebraska guy' else where, especially if it were related to money. Money will not be a problem, if anything we will overpay for many of the reasons people have listed above. Hot candidate. Nebraska guy. Fan base wants him. Track record of success and building a culture. Moos isn't going to start off that way. 2) Moos feels that this program is fractured. He feels the fan base is fractured. He knows this is IT. This hire has to be on the MONEY. He also knows that the fan base has to be unified, and we overwhelmingly want Scott Frost as head coach. This would go a long, long way in uniting the fan base & rebuilding the culture and spirit that is Nebraska football. This alone is worth overpaying for as it relates to #1. Moos stated that he listens to the fans. The fans have made it clear what would make them happy. The media has proven this by repeatedly asking questions about Frost as well as fans showing up at UCF games. Moos sees this stuff. Frost is the guy and has to be the guy.
  5. Great hire.. Hopefully translates to the football field. Straight from the horses mouth.. s & c is picking up, finally
  6. Darlington, Bush, TA in that order. Would've liked to see Darlington against the top D, like Bush though. Bush looked terrible but avoided numerous sacks.
  7. I think we don't have a starting qb as of today or else he would want to get the leader the most reps with the 1s, would he not? Mike Riley proved he wasn't past benchING ppl with Cody Vaz and Mannion
  8. going forward more QBs will get a look against the top defensive unit, Mike riley sites it as 'fair'. first step in dethroning tommy?

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    2. strigori


      I think it means that no one has shown enough to Riley that says they are 'the guy' just yet. Given this was spring practice #9 with a new system, this is to be expected.

    3. macroboy


      Maybe this is just a smart head coach being smart. If you come out of spring with everybody believing they are in it then they will all work harder over the summer.

    4. The King

      The King

      Tommy is injured, but going forward he wants more people to get reps with the 1s. I think that's a clear sign he is at least opening the job up to others after what he saw from them today.

  9. I'd say 3/10 smoke.. Didn't some player get busted with another for smoking in a park or some sh#t a while ago?
  10. He ain't the only player on thin ice for burning the ganj. And you can bet he wasn't smoking alone for the last two years. I really believe that all these players failing tests are because a) the college they went to babies them or were lenient, b) NFL teams don't really care THAT much if you're THAT good. c) personal belief, weed isn't heroin. Let it go but follow the rules. D) if Tyrann Mathieu can make it, he can. He is also being mentored by Herm Edwards.
  11. Piersen El and Westy sat today. Mosley picked TA 3x 1 a pick 6. Tommy didn't look good today, worst ever. our DL looked great. Cross and Wilbon first team rBs.
  12. No Nick Gates in the 'depth' chart would be surprising IMO, think most of his work has come at T and C
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