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  1. For those that do not believe power running game can win these days, I offer up to you the final in the Ohio State (27) vs Michigan (42) game where Michigan used a power running attack to the tune of 41 attempts for 297 yards. What Nebraska ran in the past (50% power run, 25% option, 25% pass) can work again today. For those looking for more pass happy offense, maybe Bill Callahan is available, give him a ring.
  2. Which is all I am asking for, a 'run the ball a lot' offense. There are a lot of variations on the triple option; the classics, wishbone, veer, i, and the newer versions ran by Paul Johnson, Urban Meyer, Ken Niumatalolo out of different formations. RPO is also considered a triple option offense.
  3. Also, Navy nearly beat Wisconsin this season with a triple option and look at their recruits (mostly 0 stars). When was the last time we were that close to beating them?
  4. There's a big difference between asking for a return to triple option (which has many variations, including modern one's) and asking for a return to the I-Formation which we ran in the 70's (the latter would never work today). You can in fact run the triple option from many sets, TO used the Pro Set for much of his. What I refer to is the more modern variations of the triple option that are being utilized today.
  5. Also, for all of those that believe the triple option cannot work because there's too much team speed and other teams will just stack the box, consider that was also what many analysts were saying about Florida's defense before the 1995 National Championship game and how that turned out.
  6. Does anyone have the clips from the 2019 game against Ohio State where Frost brought out the triple option for one series (and it was working before Martinez overthrew the receiver for an Int)?
  7. List of possible OC targets from Corncrazed: I'm still in the triple option camp, look for a bit more passing than Army does (Brent Davis is in the list), sick and tired of seeing spread offenses and no way want to see West Coast or Air Raid. A 60 (run) and 40 (pass) would be fine with me.
  8. Triple option, never going to change my mind on this. Running the ball eats clock, keeping your defense fresh, wears out the opposing teams defense and opens up the deep ball. I have always hated spread offenses and pass first offenses.
  9. I knew years ago when I saw this schedule that it was going to be rough but who knew that many other opponents were going to be that good too. What is inexcusable is losing to teams like Illinois, Minnesota and Purdue; these are not teams we should be losing to, but we are. AM is a problem, if he ever has a perfect game, we probably would beat a team like OSU, but that just seems a dream. He has his great moments and his awful one's and that is just who he always will be.
  10. Frost knows how to run an option offense, but he won't do it, and I don't see things getting back to Nebraska style football until someone does.
  11. 20 years ago this season, that's really the last time this program was relevant. Callahan left a stain on this program that just will not go away.
  12. This team is close, they win 6 or 7 games. Harbaugh is still a whiney *****.
  13. It's probably a lot like that movie Johnny Be Good (1988)
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