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  1. It's probably a lot like that movie Johnny Be Good (1988)
  2. Saying there's no good talent coming out of Cali is just wrong (our starting QB?). How about we focus on where the good kids (both on the field and off) are and who also want to be here no matter where they are from. https://nflmocks.com/2017/07/05/10-greatest-nfl-players-state-california/
  3. Any other targets or is this it for the class? Good class, still need another (or two) before we are "back".
  4. This is nuts and we have to play them most seasons:
  5. Really shocked by this one, great pickup by the staff. Keep up the good raiding on the citrus state.
  6. Seen great 4 - 3 defenses and great 3 - 4 defenses throughout my time watching college and pro football (since '82) so I don't think either is really better than the other. What makes either great is having great players and a great coordinator, right now, we know we don't have the former and the later is still to be determined (need the great players).
  7. 247: https://247sports.com/Player/Eteva-Mauga-Clements-46097169/ ESPN:
  8. Two Nebraska players enter NCAA Transfer Portal
  9. The WR issue along with the offensive line woes in the first half were part of it, but something also was not right with Martinez all season. Watch all of those bad passes, his indecisiveness, his inability to throw the ball away and looked much slower and not too good running the option (most of the time), lots wrong compared to last season.
  10. Probably dreaming but a pipeline from there to Nebraska would be pretty sweet.
  11. https://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/news/national/eteva-mauga-visit/html_a7d7a524-bd19-5af3-a8ba-1064784d2467.html
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