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  1. 247: https://247sports.com/Player/Eteva-Mauga-Clements-46097169/ ESPN:
  2. Two Nebraska players enter NCAA Transfer Portal
  3. The WR issue along with the offensive line woes in the first half were part of it, but something also was not right with Martinez all season. Watch all of those bad passes, his indecisiveness, his inability to throw the ball away and looked much slower and not too good running the option (most of the time), lots wrong compared to last season.
  4. Probably dreaming but a pipeline from there to Nebraska would be pretty sweet.
  5. https://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/news/national/eteva-mauga-visit/html_a7d7a524-bd19-5af3-a8ba-1064784d2467.html
  6. This is a really pleasant surprise, for sure thought he was going to Wisconsin or Minnesota.
  7. He's 100% committed to Misery, but if something better comes up he will be 100% committed to them.
  8. All wins including national championship!!!
  9. We are looking at anything between 3 - 9 and 5 - 7 (the two T's are tossups). The offense will be better especially due to the better offensive line play that we saw at the end of this season. The defense will likely regress due to the loss of experience (not too much of a loss in the talent area). Now, looking forward a few more seasons: The offense and defense will be a LOT better as the starters will have experience (being juniors and seniors) to go along with their talent. Yes, we are still looking at two to three more seasons to really winning division or conference titles. I hope it is sooner but I just don't see it turning around as quickly as many of us want.
  10. And against an easier schedule. Next season is going to be brutal.
  11. Adrian had so many issues this season I just don't believe he can ever come back. - He looked slow, perhaps from being overweight - His throwing ability has looked really bad this season; how many overthrown balls or underthrown balls did he have this season? - He was indecisive, never looked to more than one receiver when another receiver would be wide open, would never throw the ball away when a play would break down (wish someone had stats on how many yards he lost and drives he killed due to not throwing the ball away). Unless there is some kind of miracle, I just don't see him improving. As for the defense, we are losing nearly the entire starting D! Even though they were Riley players, who is going to replace them? This is why Frost and Co. are s#!tting bricks and grabbing so many Juco's right now. I think we actually digress in the defensive aspect next season especially due to a much tougher schedule. Hope I'm wrong, will be rooting for us to win every game as always!
  12. One can only hope, but I am not too hopeful.
  13. We are experts at giving games away, even with the refs trying their damndest to help us as much as possible. Martinez sucks more than he doesn't and Luke had a better game than he did with only one pass attempt. Offensive line looks good and will be a strength next season. Mills is a man, reminds me of Oz at the end of last season. Frost needs to stop being cute with his play calling, just go with what is working. The defense was very good except for the first quarter when they were absolutely terrible. Likely going to be a weak spot next season even though we lose the Riley players. Holding Stanley to under 50% completion percentage (drops didn't help him at all) and under 100 yards passing is pretty sweet. This: Nebraska Comp Att Pct Yds Y/A TD Int Sack YdsL QBRat 2 Adrian Martinez 10 18 55.6 50 2.8 0 1 2 12 67.8 7 Luke McCaffrey 1 1 100.0 39 39.0 1 0 0 0 757.6
  14. So sick of moral "victories". If special teams doesn't give up that TD, we win. If the defense doesn't give up the long run, we win. If Martinez doesn't throw so many s#!tty passes, we win. If Frost doesn't call so many passes in the flat and bubble screens and stick with Martinez, we win. It was a total team effort to lose that game.
  15. There is no competition for next season, it is AM as evidenced by yesterday's game.
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