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  1. r06ue1

    RB Darvon Hubbard

    Decommitted from Ohio State (they are after bigger fish after his injury, scumbags).
  2. What would have been really funny is if some school actually sent the kid a offer.
  3. r06ue1

    2019 Season Prediction Thread

    Last season I picked 8 - 4, this year I'm keeping it real and going with 7 - 5. If we exceed it then great, if not, I won't be too disappointed like last season.
  4. r06ue1

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I'm not a fan of our legal system, too many criminals get off free when they are guilty and too many who are innocent get locked up. I am a fan of justice and natural law. Ignoring everything outside of Maurice's control (being in the video, making the video, etc...) and only focusing on Maurice's actions alone (keeping the video, sending it to the girl) is more than enough in my court of what is right and what is wrong with this world for a conviction. I don't care how good or great a football player you are, you simply do not do that as a decent Human being and that is certainly not the case with him as he has proven with his actions. I don't care about the legality of it all, he is guilty in my book and should be immediately expelled from the school.
  5. r06ue1

    RB John Bivens

    How ouch would it be if we don't land any pass rusher? I'm thinking it won't be good.
  6. I think the Big Ten has minimum requirements set so my guess is he doesn't meet the league requirements.
  7. r06ue1

    RB John Bivens

    I would take that to close out the class.
  8. r06ue1

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    Don't get me wrong, it is a great class, just not a good start to 2019 is all I wanted to point out, hope it turns around.
  9. r06ue1

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    This doesn't seem to be a good start to '19.
  10. A bit nervous about the NT position after this season.
  11. r06ue1

    WR Charles Njoku [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Heard he likes palm trees.
  12. r06ue1

    CB Tavian Mayo [West Virginia - Signed LOI]

    He was our third option correct?