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  1. Speaking of, is it just me or does the return of SF seem like a fitting time for the return of oldschool Herbie?
  2. Too bad that Syracuse Orange costume is too small for Mangino.
  3. I do two or three for people I know/the right county on their plate, one for everyone else.
  4. Or maybe his wife is a supportive lady who wants her husband to succeed and doesn't care about the paycheck.
  5. I'll sign this too, but earlier I signed a petition put forth by a Minnesota fan: https://www.change.org/p/save-the-5-bits-of-broken-chair-trophy
  6. I didn't really care about this when it was happening in other cities, but two or three students in our rural area saw clowns along county roads last night. Someone's going to end up shot by a farmer.
  7. I don't think it has to be, but in many cases I'm finding it is the case that people who claim to be against the method are really against the cause, but don't want to be forthright about it. I just don't think it's realistic that a protest won't be divisive. The fact that a protest of a societal problem is necessary is because a high percentage of people are either part of the problem or in denial of the problem (or both). It follows that those people would be in conversations with others on the topic and find themselves divided on the subject. Heck, Husker nation divided itself over Taylor Martinez. I guess I just don't see fan unity as a reason not to follow your principles.
  8. MRI did get a collective clap from fans, at Saturday's game. I don't think he's the one who needs to learn a lesson from this. Protests aren't meant to unify the public. They're meant to point out a flaw. Would it be great if everyone were on the same side? Yes. But then either the protest would be useless or there would be no reason to protest.
  9. Good god, I stopped reading that at "like most women." Moraine's clearly a thicker skinned woman than me.
  10. So the thread has derailed because people have moved from talking about the protest to talking about the reason for the protest?
  11. Without looking it up, I believe it was "you can have whatever opinion you want as a private citizen, just don't sign your letters 'Ron Brown, 1 Memorial Stadium Dr.'" So, playing devil's advocate, is that any different than having the players do what they did in uniform? I don't have a problem with it, but they either allow it, or don't. /shrug Brown was an employee and possibly gave the impression he may have been speaking for NU as an employee rather than as a private citizen. Student-athletes are not considered employees & the players got prior approval anyway. This was my interpretation too.
  12. Without looking it up, I believe it was "you can have whatever opinion you want as a private citizen, just don't sign your letters 'Ron Brown, 1 Memorial Stadium Dr.'"
  13. There seems to be a lot of confusion about institutional racism vs. structural racism. There seems to be an argument that protesting during the anthem is not proper because the US Government (for which it's being assumed the flag is a symbol) is not enacting racist practices. While the government isn't taking part in any overt institutional racism (i.e. segregation laws) there is a case, as Landlord points out, that the government has taken part in structural racism, which is where a policy by a governing body substantially effects one group over another. Another example of this would be the Vietnam War draft boards, which were preferential to educated, wealthy (almost solely white) young men, while those without an opportunity of an education were drafted first. The government wasn't saying "Let's send the poor black kids first" (which would've been institutional racism) but what their policy ended up doing was sending the poor black kids to war first. I would also like to make the admission that I judge people by their appearances all the time. I try not to let a stranger's race, their clothing, their socioeconomic status, effect how I treat them or think of them, but I would be lying if I said that this didn't effect my thinking. (The goal is to recognize these biases so one can consciously not act on them.) I'd venture to say that anyone who says this is not the case for themselves is naive, and being indignant about the idea that minorities do not suffer as a result of that judgement seems to be where a lot of backlash from this protest is coming from. I just don't think saying "I'm not racist and none of my friends are racist and the government isn't doing anything racist, also these kids are overreacting" is not made better if you add "...but yeah, racism is a thing. I hope it goes away some day tho."
  14. I find it crazy how people can't wrap their minds around the idea that maybe sometimes Bo is stressed out and angry and sometimes he isn't. Are you always in the mood to have a friendly conversation with strangers? Like, 100% of the time? If not, does that mean you never ever feel like being cordial to people? Yeah, Bo probably has an anger problem. Even the Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner sometimes. *edit* Not speaking specifically to anyone in this thread, just something I noticed about people's opinion on the man.
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